It’s here! Our favorite blog post of the year! Throughout 2016, whenever we thought about it, we snapped behind-the-scenes shots: the good, the bad and the ugly. In the past, these have been some of our highest-trafficked posts. For the pictures. But also for the play-by-play commentary. So, without further ado, here are some of our (least) flattering moments in review.

It’s no secret we love our job.

Maybe it’s because our clients are the only people who think we’re funny.

Or because they’re always up for an intense game of rock, paper, scissors.

Maybe it’s because they always let Jordan be an honorary groomsman.

Even though what he REALLY wants is to be a bridesmaid.

I mean, he’d be a really great bridesmaid.

He could help you pick out the perfect dress…

And hang it…

Fluff it…

And even keep it dry.

Jordan Demos: basically keeping chivalry alive and well.


I mean, there’s no one more qualified to make sure you look your best in your photos…

That’s because we’re more than just wedding photographers…

…we’re also dancers.

Stop. Hammertime. Ohhhh ohhh. Ohhhh ohhh.

Ohhhhh, we’re halfway theeeerrrreeee…

Tap break. Watch this time step.

Jordan is always up for tapping… into his Greek roots.

But that’s not his only skill.

He’s also willing to team up with our wedding planners when the bride and groom are just too busy to cut their own cake…

Or make their own “thank you” speech…

Or dance their first dance…

And did we mention cut the cake? This one could go right into your album, folks.

This year has brought us to some pretty breathtaking locations.

In all kinds of weather…

But the one thing that never changes in how much fun we have together…

Like when one of L.A.’s top choreographers teaches you how to do “the skinny arm.” You listen. And learn.

Then get on the roof and teach EVERYONE.

Whether it’s climbing a roof, or contorting into LOTS of weird positions, we’ll do just about anything to get the shot…

Like the time Amy thought she could just blend into the background…

But then decided she needed better camouflage…

Amy is kind of like a bridesmaid at every wedding.

She’ll make sure your hair is on point.

That the most important man in your life doesn’t run away.

And that when your intoxicated friend unexpectedly takes her camera, she’ll roll with it. This guy REALLY needs the AJ Shooting and Editing Course

She gets just as excited for the first look as our brides do…

Even when it ends up being not QUITE what he expected.

It’s probably because she’s so beautiful. And graceful.

And is always secretly terrified of being lit on fire.

But she loves our brides.

Our couples are the ones who make it all worth it.

They’re the ones who add a #demossandwich to their official shot list.

We are so unbelievably thankful for each and every AJ Bride, past, present and future. This really has become a family.

Year after year, nothing beats this feeling.

2016, thank you for being the best one yet!

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    Jessica Bulloss

    BEST BEHIND THE SCENES POST OF ALL TIME!!! This is so sweet and hilarious and sweet! I guess Will and I are just going to have to get married again in Arizona because I NEED yall to be there haha!

    Amy & Jordan

    Hahaha!! Thank you!!

    Jesi Peterson

    I love these posts! You always look like you are having so much fun!!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you!! We are!! :)


    Amy you always look so stylish while shooting! I want all of your outfits :)

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! Thank you so much!

    Sabrina Riley

    I loooooove this! I am terrified of wedding photography but the pair of you make it look so easy. Your work is absolutely beautiful.

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! Don't be terrified! You can do it!!


    You make me want to get married again but I've already been married 30 years! LOL

    Amy & Jordan

    Lol!! So sweet!

    Sarah Hill

    Is it weird that I got all teary-eyed looking through these when it was supposed to be a funny post!? I just admire you two and your awesome relationship (personal and business) you have! What an incredible year! Congrats!

    Amy & Jordan

    That's not weird at all!! You're too sweet!

    Sarah Hill

    Is it weird that I got all teary-eyed looking through these when it was supposed to be a funny post!? I just admire you two and your awesome relationship (personal and business) you have! What an incredible year! Congrats!


    You two are incredible! This was be a dream to be apart of a team like yours!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! Thank you!!

    Robin Miller

    What a great post!!! I LOVED it!!! You guys are so cute and do AMAZING work together! Amy I so want all your outfits! You are so stylish! Happy 2017 y'all!! ????

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much!! :) Happy 2017!


    Things I noticed and made me smile: Amys lens hood bracelet, Jordans lens cap always in his back pocket (bc I knew it is a lens cap but since Im from Ga, guys here always carry their dip cans there lol), Jordan not caring that his camera was in the rain as long as the bride was not, Amy always looks SO happy and I could not comfortably shoot a wedding in those outfits Amy.

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! Thank you!! <3

    Michelle Stoker

    Ok, you two are beautiful. Every image is the sweetest!!

    Amy & Jordan

    You're so sweet!! Thank you!!


    This was so great! I loved it, so many moments I see in myself, hiding in bushes, climbing on chairs etc. so true! And nope, nothing does beat that feeling ( I love those sneak peeks too) Great job, Amy &Jordan. I look forward to more! I wish I could be the one shooting all these sideline candid shots for ya. So fun.

    Amy & Jordan

    We're so glad you loved it!! :)


    You guys rock! I found you by chance on Instagram from photography recommendations. Ended up checking out your blog then watched the hour webinar and it was life changing! Thank you❤ Hearing success wasn't meant for the chosen few and your story of leaving "safe" jobs- it spoke to my heart. Thank you for doing what you love but also being a blessing to so many. You provide so much rich education at no cost and I am so grateful! I can't wait to send you my before and after headshot I took for a friend! And I'm saving for the shooting and editing course (thank you for sharing ways to save for it as well). I'm following a dream the Lord has placed on my heart, to capture the emotion and special moments of people's lives for His glory. Thank you so so much! All my best!

    Amy & Jordan

    Wow!! That means the world to us! Thank you so much for being a part of our community, Bree! Hugs!

    Swapnil Shah

    That is such a wonderful post. You guys simply rock. It so clearly shows that you are so much more than just a vendor doing their job to earn money. And it shows so well that no matter how many weddings you do, you feel just like the bride and groom feel, extremely excited about the event. There is so much to learn by just looking at you guys from sidelines

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much!! That means so much to us!

    Deidre Hagerman

    Yes you two make wedding look easy!! I've only shot 1 and I was a super beginner at photography officially(I say that because I have always seen myself as a photographer even though I didn't have a clue lol). It was fun but exhausting! Love all of your photos they are gorgeous!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! Thanks, Deidre!! You're so sweet!


    You were a bridesmaid for a wedding you shot?! I'm doing this this Spring, any tips for balancing those roles?

    Amy & Jordan

    Yes, I was! SO much fun!! Search our blog! We have a few blog posts about how to shoot a wedding AND be in it!! :)