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Jen & Aaron • South Carolina

Historic Charleston Anniversary Session

We’re not typically people at a loss for words (evidence: this blog), but we started at a blinking cursor on a white screen longer than normal while preparing this post. Why? It’s simple, really. Summarizing how two people you didn’t know less than one year ago became two you couldn’t imagining living without in a few hundred words is, well, no simpler than the challenge we gave ourselves, either. You see, this spring, …

January 25 - 26 • Scottsdale, Arizona

AJ Workshop Seats Are LIVE

Happy Black Friday, friends! Seats to the January 25 – 26 AJ Workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona are LIVE! Here’s the link to register right now: https://amyandjordan.regfox.com/ajworkshop-01-2016. Seating for the AJ Workshop is limited to 16 attendees to provide an intimate learning environment for all. Last year, seats sold out within minutes, so if you’re not able to snag  a spot to this workshop, …

Thanksgiving 2015

10 Things We’re Thankful For

She walked around the room. Her hands held lightly behind her back. A warm, approving smile on her face. She was barefoot. Because it was the end of the day, at the end of the week, and her feet were tired from balancing in high heels on the playground and at afternoon pickup. Even still, she glided gracefully from one desk to the next, as only the Mrs. Demos could do, …

New Dates Announced • January 25 - 26 • Scottsdale, Arizona

AJ Workshop 2016

We’re announcing something exciting today! But first? Ryan. You really need to know Ryan. This is Ryan. You gotta hear her story. Last year, for reasons beyond her control, her business flatlined. She walked in the door with zero weddings booked. Her goal was to book 10 weddings and make $25,000 …

Featured on The Perfect Palette

Coral El Chorro Wedding

One of the best parts about seeing our work get published is getting to relive wedding days we wish we could do over again and again! And this is definitely one of those weddings! Haley and Tom are such a special couple to us, and we loved every minute of their beautiful coral El Chorro wedding day! It’s such an honor to see it featured on …

Andrea & Cody • Scottsdale, Arizona

Country Club at DC Ranch Wedding

They met in college. In the days of newfound freedom and dorm life, in the days of late nights and early mornings. They were just friends. Andrea was a nursing student, and Cody was an athlete. He always had his eye on her, but when Andrea left their school in Washington to pursue a prestigious nursing program in Arizona, it just seemed like fate had other …
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