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We fell in love in high school. When there was nothing more important than the homecoming dance. When a driver’s license was a commodity. When passing notes was an art form. We were young little pups ready to take on the world.

Today, we are a husband and wife photography team based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are passionate about marriage and blessed to do what we love together. If you would like to know more, visit our website using the link above.

5 Gear Essentials for Traveling Photographers

Happy Wednesday, friends!

We just wrapped up two days of teaching classes for photographers in Seattle and Vancouver, and we’re spending today exploring British Columbia with a few of our Canadian friends before heading home to Arizona tomorrow. More of that on the blog next week!

We’re in a season of life right now that’s got on us on the road as much (if not more) than it’s got us at home. It’s exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. We’re so thankful that God’s blessed us with the chance to see the country and the world together. It’s caused us to seize every minute and squeeze as many memories as we can out of each place we go. To be intentional about looking up long enough to see things with our eyes and also documenting them with our cameras (and not just our iPhones), so that we can look back years from now and remember what a fun ride we had.

With that in mind, over the next two weeks, we’re sharing our top tips for traveling (both abroad and nationally) with camera gear, and we hope that what we’ve learned can help you make the most out of your memories, too, whether you’re a professional photographer or just getting started! Up first is Part 1: 5 Gear Essentials for Traveling Photographers.

1. Bring the Right Bags
When we’re traveling, we take every preventative measure to keep our gear safe and make it as easy as possible to lug around all that extra weight. In Europe, there are lots of regulations about how many bags you can take on a plane and how heavy they can be, so we had to be strategic about what we were going to bring. The bag we used to transport our gear on airplanes, trains, and buses is the LowePro Flipside 400 which allows you to store your gear safely in the back of a backpack that can only be opened when it’s off your back, which prevents pick-pocketers from easily getting anything out of it without you noticing. Plus, it fits great underneath the seat in front of you, so there’s no chance they’ll ask you to check it if the overhead bins get full! When we were sight-seeing, we only brought one camera and one lens (Our 5D Mark III and the 50 1.2), which we stored in our Kelly Moore bag. It looks like a regular purse, can easily be worn in the front of your body in sketchy areas, and doesn’t scream “Expensive equipment in here!”

2. Invest in a Travel Battery
The HyperJuice 222w battery is the best thing to ever happened to traveling creatives who need to work on the go. This puppy has so much juice it can power our MacBook Pro for 8-10 hours without access to an electrical outlet — even while we’re running energy-sucking programs like Lightroom! It’s a significant investment (around $500) but it’s a total lifesaver when you’re flying for more than a few hours. It also has two USB outlets, so we can power our phones and our computer all at once. It’s about the size of a Harry Potter book, so it’s big, but easily fits in a purse or travel bag.

3. Don’t Forget Power Adapters
European outlets are completely different than American ones, and they vary country to country! When you’re traveling abroad, make sure you buy the right adapters for the countries you’re planning to visit, so that when you get to your hotel, you have the ability to charge your camera batteries, use your laptop, and do everything else you need to do to with your electronics. Power comes out of European outlets at 220v, while power comes out of American outlets at 110v. In the past, you needed to plug your outlet into an adapter so that your American plug would fit in the wall, but you also needed to connect it to a converter to bring the voltage down from 220v in the wall to 110v in your device to avoid blowing fuses, destroying electronics, or causing fires. Fortunately, we found out, most of today’s major U.S. power cords convert the power automatically! Big win! So, for example, you Apple computer charger just needs to be plugged into a European adapter to fit into the wall, because the big white box part will convert the electricity and make sure you’re good to go.

4. Get a Good on-the-go Card Backup Solution
We all know how important backup solutions are when shooting professionally, but when you’re traveling and capturing once-in-a-lifetime personal memories, it’s just as important! We knew there was a possibility that we could get mugged or robbed, and while our gear is insured internationally, no amount of money could bring back the photos we would lose on the cards inside our cameras! Every night when we got back to our hotel room, we transferred the photos from the day onto our laptop, which remained in the hotel during each day and also used our HyperDrive ColorSpace on-the-go backup drive as a secondary external backup solution. We were able to stick the cards directly into the drive each night, back them up, and then store them in the safe in our hotel room or on the cruise ship, or bring them with us, since a second copy was stored safely on our laptop. We took every precaution to keep our images safe. We never ran into a problem of any kind, but we felt so much peace knowing if something happened to our cameras, we’d still have the photos!

 5. A Wide Angle is a Must! 
We made the mistake of traveling to Europe without a wide angle lens! We were trying to pack light and eliminate weight, but in hindsight, it would’ve been worth the extra weight now knowing how tight the side streets and how tall the buildings and monuments are. We wish we would’ve had a 24mm for all of our sight-seeing. The streets are NARROW in Europe and even though our 50 1.2 did fine in most situations, a lot of times we were stuck shooting only part of building or landmarks because we couldn’t get far enough away to fit the whole thing in. It wasn’t the thing to make or break our images, but it would’ve been nice to have the option to pull back in those tight spots.

Amy and Jordan in Italy_0016

We hope these tips help you on your future trips, friend! Next week, we’ll share our top five shooting tips for traveling photographers! Until then, if you want more FREE photography and business tips and tricks that you can’t find on our blog delivered straight to your inbox every week, we’ve gotcha covered! Click here to sign up for free for The Monday Minute, our weekly newsletter for photographers.

Lindsay & Feddy

Engagement Session | Sedona, Arizona

He told her to pack a bag. For an adventure. Together. So, they boarded a plane bound for the East Coast… and were off. She loved the mystery of it. He loved surprising her. And as the spires of Cinderella’s castle came into focus, she knew exactly where they were. She just didn’t know why. He, on the other hand, had it planned for months.

As evening fell over The Magic Kingdom, Feddy escorted Lindsay up the spiral staircase to the restaurant. Everything was falling perfectly into place. The maître d showed them to their table reserved for two and, after a romantic dinner, the waiter told Lindsay that her prince had a surprise for her, brought a platter to the table, removed the silver dome covering, and, there, underneath, waiting for Lindsay, in true princess fashion, was an engraved glass slipper. Before she could say anything, Feddy got down on one knee and did what men in love do, he asked his princess to marry him, to be the queen of his life.

As they thought about where they wanted to take their engagement photos, their hearts were drawn to Sedona, the place where Feddy first asked Lindsay to be his girlfriend. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect spot for this sweet couple, and we’re so excited to share their images with you today!

Lindsay and Feddy, from the moment we met you both, we felt infected with your joyous smiles, contagious laughter, and unfiltered happiness. We loved every minute of our engagement session with you, and we couldn’t be more excited for your wedding this spring! Here’s a little sneak peek of some of our favorites!

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0001

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0002

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0003

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0004

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0005

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0006

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0007

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0008

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0009

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0010

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0011

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0012

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0013

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0014

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0015

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0016

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0017

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0018

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0019

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0020

Sedona Engagement Photographers_0022

the GEAR USED for this SESSION…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 70-200 2.8
Entire Gear List

Making Memories in the Mediterranean

Our European Adventure | Part 6 | Greece & Turkey

We’re officially home and back in action after the trip of a lifetime! After taking a few days to recover from major jet lag, we spent our first weekend in the states shooting two engagement sessions in the beauty of the Sedona red rocks, and it just felt so good to be home. We can’t wait to share those with you soon! Today, though, we’re actually heading back out on the road again to do some teaching in Seattle, and will even sneak out of the country one more time to speak in Vancouver this week, so our #demosinvasion continues in full force! If’ you’ve been following along with our European adventure, we’re sharing our final (and hottest!) leg of the trip today: Greece and Turkey!

We cruised through the Mediterranean channeling our inner Mama Mia! and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in the Greek Islands and later Athens. Since Jordan has a substantial amount of Greek blood running through his veins, this was a special stop for him. We spent an afternoon walking through the whitewashed island town of Mykonos, exploring narrow side streets, and soaking in the warm sun and cool water of the Mediterranean Sea. Mykonos doesn’t have as many blue domes as some of the other Greek Islands, but it’s got beautiful blue doors, shutters, staircases, and bannisters that pop against the white walls and cobblestone streets. Natural reflectors, galore! A photographer’s dream! Jordan couldn’t stop taking pictures of Amy every time we turned a corner because the light was just too good!

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0001

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0003

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0004

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0005

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0006

We would’ve been remiss to go all the way to Greece without seeing the capital Athens and the world famous Parthenon, so we made the hike in the sweltering (and, yes, very sweaty) summer sun to the top of the acropolis, the highest most central point in the entire city. The Parthenon was even better in person than we expected. More commanding. More impressive. Perhaps even more striking than the ruins, though, was the view. Almost no matter where we were standing on top of the acropolis, we had a 360 degree panorama of Athens, from the olive groves and mountainsides to the city center and the sea.

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0002

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0025

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0008

We took a sightseeing bus tour around Athens to get a taste of the highlights, which meant a stop at the original Olympic Stadium… which also meant Jordan got to climb up on the original medal stand! The stadium was reconstructed from the remains of ruins for the first official Olympic Games in 1896. It’s the only stadium in the world constructed completely from white marble. It’s simple but STUNNING! We were in complete awe of all the Greek achievements.

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0009

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0010

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0011

After Greece, the next and final country on our adventure was Turkey!

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0012

Our first stop was Istanbul, the capital of Turkey and one of the largest cities in the entire world. It’s called the place where East meets West because it’s the only city in the world that’s part of Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus Straight divides it in half, so when you’re on the water, you’re actually seeing two CONTINENTS at the exact same time! Here’s Jordan floating between the two continents on our tour.

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0013

In addition to our boat tour, we visited the two most historic and recognizable buildings in Istanbul. Hagia Sophia (lower left) is one of the oldest and largest churches on Earth.

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0014

We also visited The Blue Mosque (below) which meant that Amy had to wear a head covering in order to go inside. She came prepared with a pink scarf and had Jordan in disbelief that she could even make THAT look cute!

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0015

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0016

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0017

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0018

Our second stop in Turkey was our favorite and the most special to us: Ephesus. Ephesus has been on our bucket list because this is the place where Paul preached, was imprisoned, and he wrote The Book of Ephesians in The Bible to the people of this city. We had the chance to tour the remains of St. John’s Basilica (lower left), where Jesus’s disciple, John, wrote The Gospel of John, which was one of the highlights of our trip, as well as ancient Ephesus, one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire.

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0019

We also got to see the Library of Celsus (below), the second oldest library in world history!

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0020

St. John’s Basilica! So cool!

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0021

The three photos below show three different perspectives of the ancient amphitheater where Paul preached to 20,000 Ephesians. The hillside in the upper left corner is where he was hauled off in chains and imprisoned for telling people about Jesus. It was the most special and sobering stop for us as Christ-followers to stand where the man who wrote the majority of the New Testament stood. So powerful.

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0023

And to cap off this post, we have a very RARE photo of both of us together on this trip! We found a really nice American who had some general knowledge about working big cameras like ours! We had anniversary photos done in Venice, and we’re so excited to share those when they are finished, but until then, we’ll leave you with this sweaty, tired, but oh so happy photo from a fellow tourist!

A and J in Greece and Turkey_0024

To see more from our European adventure, click the links below!

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For those who’ve asked, we been photographing our trip with the Canon 5D Mark III camera and Canon 50mm 1.2 L-Series lens. In hindsight, a wider lens would’ve been helpful! The European streets are tight, the buildings are tall, and the tourists are plentiful! If you need gear recommendations, you can view what’s in our bag by clicking here.

Larger Than Life

Turning Digital Memories Into Tangible Ones

We love this digital age we’re living in. It’s so fun for us to get to be a part of people’s everyday lives through mediums like Facebook and Instagram. We love being able to Skype with photographers and friends all over the country with just the click of a button, and we love being able to deliver professional digital images to our clients quickly and securely through beautiful online galleries. Digital files are the fastest, easiest way for our clients to share their images with the people they love most, and we wouldn’t trade living in this digital world for any other time period. Period. Because while every once in a while we romanticize about living in the Roaring 20′s or the 1950′s, we look around and realize life has never been better than it is right now.

With that being said, nothing makes our hearts happier than when we see our clients take those digital images and DO something with them! Order a custom album, hang a wall canvas, print gifts for their families or do anything else to incorporate their precious memories into something tangible. Something they can walk by every day and remember exactly how they felt at that very moment. Something that preserves that raw, unfiltered, joyous, emotional state and is a constant reminder of the blessings in their lives. Which is why we were practically drooling over what we’re about to show you!

A few months back, we had the honor of traveling to Nashville and taking the first official family photos of Zach & Jody with their precious son, Jaxon, and even though we were extremely nervous because these two are such incredible photographers and educators in their own right and have been such an influence on us and our business, we ended up loving every minute we got with these three in front of our cameras. They’re just absolutely adorable together, and we still melt a little every time we look at one of Jaxon’s big, sweet, gummy smiles. So when they told us they were going to order some massive canvases for the walls of their brand new beautiful home, we couldn’t wait to see the final product!

This is our personal favorite from our shoot with them, and we were so happy to see it ended up being theirs, too! We wanted to give them something that really captured the warmth and joy that these three have, and we just love the idea that Jaxon will be able to grow up looking at this photo and have a constant reminder of how much joy he brings to his parents and how much love is wrapped up in this cute party of three.

View More:

The rest of the images in this post were taken by Zach & Jody, with both their iPhone and their professional camera. We’re hoping to take some ourselves one day, but mostly just because it would be a really good excuse to go back to Nashville and see them again!

When we got this picture from Jody after the canvas they ordered was delivered, we almost fell out of our chairs! She’s such a cute little tiny thing to begin with, but this shot really gives you some perspective of just how massive these prints really are. Love it so much!

Zach Jody and Jax_0002

As they unwrapped the canvases, Little Jax put his stamp of approval on Supersize Jax.

Zach Jody and Jax_0003

And ta-da! The final product hanging up in all it’s glory! This room has so much gorgeous natural light pouring into it and we just love how the color pops in the cool neutral tones of the space.

Zach Jody and Jax_0004

Here’s the sweet fam posing with their larger than life canvases!

Zach Jody and Jax_0005

And this shot may be our favorite one of all!

Zach Jody and Jax_0006

After they finished their front room, they decided they wanted another grouping of photos that guests will see as soon as they walk upstairs. On their blog, Jody talked about the thought process behind choosing and placing images, and we loved that they wanted their relationship as husband and wife to be the center focal point of this grouping. This was definitely our other big time favorite from the session. So much joy!

View More:

They also chose two photos of them as a family, as well as a photo of each parent individually with Jaxon. How cute are they?!

View More:

View More:

View More:

And here’s the final product hanging in their home! Love it!

Zach and Jody_0005

Zach and Jody_0006

You can read more about Zach & Jody’s decorating process, as well as find out all the specifics for ordering canvases like these ones on their blog by clicking here!

We’re Announcing Three Cities!

Join Us For a Free Night of Community in a City Near You and Learn About How to Get Published More!

Happy Thursday, friends!

We’re so excited to announce some of our FREE upcoming teaching dates! If you’re in one of these cities and able to make it, we’d love to see you! In all three cities, we’ll be sharing our 5 Practical Steps for Getting Published More.

At the end of 2012, we’d had our work featured in a grand total of ZERO national publications. In 2013, we set a goal to be published on at least one national blog and put a strategy in place to make it happen — and we did. By the end of the year, we’d multiplied our goal by fifteen. That’s right, we went from 0 to 15 in one year. Here’s the good news: you can, too, and we’re excited to show you how!

Here are all the details:

5 Steps to Publication_0001

Monday, August 18 at 7:00 p.m.
Click here to join the Seattle Showiteers Facebook group and RSVP!
* This event is for current Showit users

Tuesday, August 19 at 7:00 p.m.
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Thursday, September 25 at 6:30 p.m. at Studio East
Click here to join the Shoot & Share Phoenix Facebook group and be sent an event invite to RSVP when more details are available!
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Hope to see you all soon, friends!

Amy & Jordan


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