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Kierstin & Andy • Published

Glamorous Golf Club Wedding on Style Me Pretty

Picture this: years from now, a twenty-something young girl with the last name Saldana, flipping through a wedding album, looking picture by picture at the day her grandparents said “I Do.” She saw more than just a bride in a white dress and a groom in a black tuxedo. She saw two people, so radiantly in love, so joyful to have found the one made for them. And in that …

Photos by Katelyn James • Lavender Fields, South of France

Our Vow Renewal

“Oh, man,” Michael said, a little choked up. “This is going to be harder than I thought.” He wiped away a tear with his left hand, as he held our vows in his right, the same ones we’d written and recited seven years earlier. At the tender ages of twenty-one and twenty-two. In the packed foyer of our church. Filled with family from all over the country, friends from all …

Our Traveling Adventures • Paris, Bordeaux and The French Countryside

Visiting France

Happy Wednesday, friends! Yesterday we shared our photos from the first part of our trip in Italy, and today we’re sharing photos from our first three stops in France: Paris, Bordeaux and the tiniest little town out in the French Countryside. When we booked Ashley and Troy’s ten-year anniversary in Italy, we soon found out that some of our best friends from Virginia, Katelyn and Michael, were …

Our Traveling Adventures • Florence, Trevinano and Orvieto

Visiting Italy

Happy Tuesday from Switzerland! We’re driving back to Paris (but really just the airport) to start to make the long trek home, which means we have plenty of time here in the car to start sharing all the highlights of our European adventure over the past two weeks with you! We aren’t travel experts by any means, but we always love to share our experiences in case it helps someone …

Troy and Ashley • Part 2 • Orvieto, Italy

Italy Anniversary Photos in Orvieto

Happy Monday, friends! We’re actually writing this from the car in Lake Como, Italy as we head to one of the final stops on our European trip: Switzerland! We’ve been pretty quiet on the blog throughout this trip because we wanted to be really intentional about being present while we’re here, and it’s been so fulfilling to have this the time to unplug and soak in this time together. These last …

Ashley & Troy • Trevinano, Lazio - Tuscany Region

Italy Anniversary Session

So, there we were. Standing together. Next to a villa. On a high hill — on what felt like the top of the world. Looking out. At a three hundred sixty degree view of the Italian countryside. It felt like we’d been painted onto the cover of an Olive Garden menu. But it was real life, even though it felt like a dream. The fog that’d spent the night in the valley had started …
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