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We fell in love in high school. When there was nothing more important than the homecoming dance. When a driver’s license was a commodity. When passing notes was an art form. We were young little pups ready to take on the world.

Today, we are a husband and wife photography team based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are passionate about marriage and blessed to do what we love together. If you would like to know more, visit our website using the link above.

Comparison: The Thief of Joy

We remember the first time we held cameras in our hands and had clients on the other end. Do you? The exhilaration of it. The sheer terror of it. The I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing of it. The I’m-scared-out-of-my-mind-but-putting-on-a-brave-face of it. It’s not easy what we do. It’s the beaten path for sure. And if there’s one thing we’ve maintained from the beginning, it’s that no one — no one — comes out of the womb as a photographer. Yet, when we waded into these waters years ago, we assumed everyone else did. We’d see other photographers at all different stages of business and think, That’ll never be us! because their success seemed like a birthright instead of what is was: a labor of love. And, of course, like we all do, we let comparison steal our joy. We’d purchase a new lens… and then feel jealous of the photographer we followed who had one more. We’d hear others talk about how many weddings they’d shot the previous season… when we’d only booked a few. We’d finish a session knowing we’d done our best work yet, only to get home, open our laptops, look at someone else’s blog, and see how far we still had to go.

We let comparison steal our joy. We allowed someone else’s tenth year in business make our first year feel small. And, if we’re all being honest with each other, we all still do. We spend too much time comparing our beginning to someone else’s middle, our middle to someone else’s end, or our middle to someone else’s beginning — and we shouldn’t — because apples aren’t oranges and oranges aren’t apples, and the minute we start comparing ourselves to others is the moment we stop celebrating both of us. Isn’t that so true? Let’s use the people ahead of us as lighthouses so we don’t hit the same rocks they did, and as horizons so we know the direction of our course, while always remembering that neither are the finish line. Because there isn’t a finish line, because growth never stops. It never ends. It’s never finished. You’ve never “made it” because there’s not a final destination. “Made it” is just a mirage. We’re all in a constant season of refining.

In the classroom, we never measured one student against another. How could we? Each child walked into our classroom as a unique individual with a distinct set of life experiences and circumstances (some within their control, but most outside of their control) that made them who they were in that moment. The best thing we could do, for them — and for us — was to measure their success based on their growth from the beginning of the school year to the end, taking into consideration their capabilities, obstacles, and life challenges (or even life advantages).

As adults, looking at children, that makes sense. We know that. It’s easy to understand. So why don’t we believe that the same idea applies to adults. To photographers. To us. The single mom’s not in the same position as the husband and wife team without kids, right? We can all agree on that. There are thousands of other factors that affect where you are and what you’ve done up until this moment in your life, and although those shouldn’t be used as excuses or crutches to avoid the hustle it takes to make it in this business (because it takes hustle… a lot of it), give yourself permission to use them to celebrate what you have achieved… and what you still can. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned in this business, in any business, (heck!) in life, it’s that there’s not a finite amount of compliments, happiness or encouragement in this world. There’s an unlimited amount, and it’s ours for the taking. But as important as it is for us to take some for ourselves, it’s more potent and powerful when we share it with others.

So, we’ve got a challenge for you today, friends, whether you’re a photographer or not, and here it is: choose two people, one who’s where you were and one who’s where you want to be, and send them an encouraging message. You never know how much it could mean. And, while you’re at it, go back to your first ever shoot and spend a few minutes looking at your first images. Feel proud of how far you’ve come, but never forget how your felt then, because someone who’s there now might need you to be their lighthouse to guide them to where you are today. Cheers to you and cheers to joy!

Photographers, if you’d like some weekly encouragement & education written just for you, sign up for our free Monday Minute here, and kick your week off to the right! We hope this can be a blessing to you and your business!

El Chorro Wedding_0023

Kathleen & Aaron

Engagement Session | Limerick, Ireland

We met Kathleen and Aaron for the first time over coffee just a few months ago. It’d be fair to say it was friends at first sip. We’d get to swapping engagement stories and chatting about wedding details soon enough, but within minutes of sitting down, we discovered there was something special we all had in common: we were all going to Ireland this summer. Kathleen’s half Irish, so for her and Aaron, it’d be a pilgrimage to meet her across-the-pond family members before their wedding next year. For us, it’d be the first leg of a five-year wedding anniversary European adventure. It didn’t take long before Kathleen and Aaron settled it. They’d plan their trip around ours so we could do their engagement session in Ireland.

We arrived in Dublin on a red-eye a few days ago. Sleep-deprived and groggy-eyed, we dragged ourselves from the plane to baggage claim, past immigration and through sliding glass doors, looking up just long enough to see two people waiting for us on the greeting rail with breakfast and smiles: Kathleen and Aaron. They’d woken up before sunrise to drive from Northern Ireland down the eastern coast to give us a proper Irish welcome – and how welcomed we felt.

We spent the wee hours of Saturday morning with them, driving from the east to the west on the winding back roads of Central Ireland through dairy farms, crumbling ruins, and the greenest of green rolling hills. By the time we realized we were lost, we didn’t even care, because we were exactly where we wanted to be. In Ireland. Together. With them. We spent all day Saturday in the back seat of their car, driving the countryside and the coast with the sunroof open, letting the cool air and warm sun fall on our faces, and letting the bumps, twists, and turns lull Amy in and out of sleep in Jordan’s lap.

As the sun started setting, the light started softening, so we ventured to the chateau-inspired manor of a former Irish Earl and began Part 1 of what we came to do, and, with Kathleen and Aaron dressed in quintessential European style and draped in classic love, we did.

Later this week, we’ll share the second half of our time with them, which includes the manor’s sprawling grounds, and one of the first engagement sessions ever done on the ruins of a certain 12th century Catholic church.

Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0001

Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0002

Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0003

Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0004

Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0005

Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0006

Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0007

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Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0009

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Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0019

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Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0021

Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0022

Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0023

Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0024

Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0025

Irish Castle Engagement Photographers_0027

the GEAR USED for this SESSION…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 70-200 2.8
Entire Gear List

Our Anniversary Gift for Each Other

A Professional Photo Shoot in Europe

Happy Monday, friends!

Can we just say that we’re over-the-moon excited?! This is our first blog post to EVER go up while we’re on a different CONTINENT! Ahh! It still doesn’t feel real! We’ve been in Ireland the last two days (more on that coming soon!) and it’s even more beautiful than we imagined. Our weekend was one for the books and we can’t wait to share all of our photos with you! Don’t forget that if you want to keep up with our trip in real time, you can always follow along on Instagram at @amy_demos and @jordan_demos to tag along on all of our adventures! We’d love to connect with you there!

We’re celebrating five years of marriage this summer, so this trip is really special to us. Our marriage is the greatest blessing of our life, and even when we don’t think it’s possible, every year together just gets even better. The photographs that we have of each year of our relationship are so precious to us, and that’s why we love doing anniversary sessions for other couples, and why we make it a priority to get our own anniversary photos taken every year. As soon as we started planning this trip, we knew we wanted our five year anniversary photos to be in Europe, but we didn’t know where to start! We have photographers we know and love all over the country, but the world? That’s another story.

Or so we thought!

Enter Annamarie Akins.

Annamarie is an extremely talented photographer based in Virginia, and she and her sweet husband, Ryan (we call him Hercules, because he’s super buff), have become personal friends who we love dearly. We clicked instantly at the Connect Marriage Retreat in Georgia this spring, and they even did photos for us while we were there that we absolutely love! We’ve been dying for an excuse to see them again, so when we discovered that we were both planning trips to Europe around the same time, we did whatever we had to do to make sure we could get in front of Annamarie’s camera again! We couldn’t be more excited to share that Annamarie will be shooting our anniversary session in… wait for it… wait for it… VENICE!! What?! Is that real life?! Venice!! We die. We have it scheduled right at the end of our trip, and can’t wait to share them with you! We feel SO blessed to have her!

We share so many core beliefs with Annmarie and Ryan, and just like us, they’re passionate about preserving a couple’s relationship to help create a legacy of love for each couple they work with. They also believe that this extends far beyond the wedding day, and that each year of marriage is something to celebrate.

We couldn’t agree more.

Right before we left for our trip, the sweetest surprise showed up on our doorstep that had us feeling like giddy children. As if an anniversary session in Venice wasn’t enough, Annamarie sent us a gift that couldn’t have been any more sweet or thoughtful. It was so fun to get this package in the mail, and we can’t wait to fill our new picture frame with a photo from our upcoming session. We love that Annamarie cares so deeply about marriages. The theme of her gift is, “The best is yet to be…”

We couldn’t agree more.

Annamarie's Anniversary Gift_0001

Annamarie's Anniversary Gift_0002

Annamarie's Anniversary Gift_0003

Annamarie's Anniversary Gift_0004

Annamarie's Anniversary Gift_0005

Annamarie's Anniversary Gift_0006

Annamarie's Anniversary Gift_0007

Bon Voyage!

Look Out, Europe, Here We Come!

When we got engaged six years ago, Amy’s uncle handed us a book that changed our financial future forever: The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Since then, we’ve become total Ramsey fanatics and we don’t care who knows it! His book was revolutionary and such a blessing for our marriage. Dave teaches that we should live on less than we make, sacrifice, plan, and save for the future so that we can be truly generous with our money, make significant impact, and have a little fun with it, too. Our favorite quote from him is, “If you live like no one else, then later you get to live and give like no one else.” So, over the past five years, we put intentional plans in place and have been focused on doing exactly what Dave teaches. We’ve lived on far less than we make, put every dollar down on paper, on purpose at the beginning of each month, saved for a rainy day, invested for our future, given to our church and charities with all our heart, and set aside a little extra each month in a special account for a very special trip that’s been 1,825 patient days in the making. But who’s counting, right?

We’ve dreamt of seeing the world. Together. To experience the culture and the history and the incredible creation all around this world. Side-by-side. Hand-in-hand. Together.

While Jordan’s had multiple chances to see several parts of Europe and Central America before we were married, Amy’s never been out of the country. But she’s always wanted to see Europe. To stroll among the hills and castles of Ireland. To walk through the bustling streets of London and take in Buckingham Palace in person. To see Paris at midnight and stand in awe underneath the twinkling Eiffel Tower. To experience the richness of everything this world has to offer. Together. Yet, when we set our dream in motion, it still felt like just that: a dream. Because, to be honest, in the back of our minds, even though we’d saved, in spite of the fact we planned, there was a little devil on our shoulder (like in the cartoons) telling us it wouldn’t happen. That our dream wouldn’t become a reality. That our calendar would take over too many of our days. Or we’d be too scared to leave our business. Or we’d be, at the end of the day, unwilling to spend what we’d worked so hard to save. Oh, we had doubts that this trip would ever happen. And fears, if we’re being honest with you, that we’d just let life keep going without going to life.

So, we only whispered about our dream, mentioned it to a few people quietly, in private, as something we were thinking about but wasn’t definite, just in case it didn’t happen. To try to avoid the inevitable disappointment. But God used those people to give us the courage to pull the trigger, the lever, and every other metaphor that you can pull. We’d whisper it to them, and they’d scream encouragement our way. Do it now. And we’d whisper it to someone else. Do it young,they insistedAnd our whispers started to get a little louder. Do it before you have kids, they demanded. And our whispers grew into voices. Your only regret will be not doing it! they told usAnd our whispers weren’t whispers anymore. We were shouting from the rooftops, too. We’re going to Europe! 

This morning. It. is. happening. It’s really happening!

We’d love to have you join in on the fun and follow us through Europe in real time on Instagram: @amy_demos and @jordan_demos

We’re leaving for an extended vacation, a dream vacation to celebrate our five year anniversary, and our ten years together, that’ll take us to seven countries and over eighteen cities by land, sea, and air. From the rolling green hills of Ireland, bustling streets of London, and romantic nights in Paris, to the beaches of Spain, the Italian peninsula, historic Turkey, and all the goodness that is Jordan’s family’s homeland of Greece. We’ll be in and out of airports, train stations, taxis, and hotels, through countrysides, city centers, castles, and cobblestone streets. And, with our cameras over our shoulders, we plan on making memories, lots of them, in the places we’re planning on going.

But, from our life experience, the most important ones we’ll make won’t be at the destination, they’ll be somewhere, and everywhere, along the way…

Amy and Jordan People Magazine_0003

Photo Credit: Melissa Jill

People Magazine: 1 Year Later

A Very Special Throwback Thursday

We’re avid Instagram users. We love being able to stay connected to our friends all around the country, especially the ones we don’t get to see in person as often as we’d like. We love feeling like we get to be a small part of their travels, their families, their adventures, and, heck, we even get to know what they’re eating for breakfast. We also just love the pure fun in Instagram. The double tapping, the hashtags, the trends. One of our favorite trends, of course, being #TBT, or Throwback Thursday.

And this Throwback Thursday is a special one for us.

So much has happened in the last year. So much. We’ve been blessed in more ways than we can count. But this moment stands out more than most: getting our work published on the home page of People Magazine Online. We’ll never forget getting an email from People Magazine and wondering if it was real. We’ll never forget sitting on our living room couches, hitting refresh on our computers, waiting for the photo to appear. Every time a new photo posted and it wasn’t the photo, we got a little more anxious. We knew more about what was happening in Hollywood that day than on any other day of our entire lives. With every click you could hear us discussing important world matters like, Did you know Adam Levine got engaged?! Oh! Look! Jennifer Lawrence is on the set of her newest movie! Dang you, George Clooney and your perfectly chiseled face, get off the screen! We don’t care what kind of groceries you got, Jennifer Aniston, just show us our photo! After an entirely unproductive morning of browser refreshing, we could’ve been considered experts in celebrity gossip. But, by the afternoon, we saw four words that we’ll never forget:

Give me a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! 

Those were the first four words of not just an isolated photo, but an actual article that featured one of our photos on the most highly trafficked celebrity news sites in the world, with an average of 8.6 million unique users each month and 653 million pages views. Wow. Talk about a moment. One of the coolest parts? They quoted Amy. Photographer Amy Demos tells PEOPLE… Check that off on a list of five words we NEVER thought we’d hear in this order!

We don’t have the time or space here to explain the full course of events that led to this featured image (it’s a LONG story!), and we don’t need to, because, at the end of the day, regardless of how it happened, even though the “photo credit” belongs to us, the real credit, like with everything in life, belongs to God, and if we take the platform He’s given us to promote anyone else but Him, then we’ve forgotten where our voice came from in the first place.

Here’s to a very special “TBT” anniversary and an exciting milestone in our career. Happy Thursday, friends!

Amy and Jordan People Magazine_0001

Amy and Jordan People Magazine_0002


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