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We fell in love in high school. When there was nothing more important than the homecoming dance. When a driver’s license was a commodity. When passing notes was an art form. We were young little pups ready to take on the world.

Today, we are a husband and wife photography team based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are passionate about marriage and blessed to do what we love together. If you would like to know more, visit our website using the link above.

Luck of the Irish

Part 1 | Our European Adventure | Ireland

Happy Tuesday, friends!

As you know, we’re currently embarking on our anniversary trip of a lifetime, and are loving having you join us on our adventures! We are so excited to share each part of this amazing journey with you, both through Instagram, and through this blog. We will be writing a full recap of each of the seven countries we visited, and sharing loads of photos too, starting today with out first stop, Ireland.

It’s sunrise in rural Ireland as we write this post. We’re on a train cutting through the central countryside, from coast to coast, en route to Dublin for our flight to London. Glints of light are climbing over the peaceful green hills and running along the pastures where the black and white spotted dairy cows graze in groups — which, we found out, is why the butter here tastes oh-so good.

It’s been a whirlwind 72 hours, that’s for sure. We left Phoenix on Friday morning, arrived in Dublin on Saturday morning, spent the entire day driving through the farms and back roads of Ireland, and the entire evening (until ten o’clock, because the sun sets later here) shooting an engagement session in a location that dreams are made of: the grounds of an Irish chateau and ruins of a 12th century Catholic church. It was every descriptive adjective we could think of wrapped into one. But, in a word, it was magnificent. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can see both parts of the session using the links above or by clicking here.

We kept a fast pace in Ireland. With only 48 hours to spend and so much to see, sleep came second to sights (as we expect it will for the rest of our adventure abroad), but we saw all things we came to see and did all the things we came to do. We drove the countryside and sat on the edge of the most beautiful Irish cliffs. We climbed to the top of a castle and walked the city center. We drank proper Irish tea in the morning and Guinness with lunch. We went to church together and were surprised at how close we still felt to God (and each other) while we were so far from home. Every moment in this country  took our breath away, and it’s been so fun to share it with you.

If you haven’t yet, we’d love to have you join us on our trip in real time on Instagram! Our handles are @amy_demos and @jordan_demos.

But it wasn’t the things we’d planned to do that meant so much to us. It was everything we didn’t see coming, from the small things that made us laugh, like eating chips (fries) with our Chinese food — because EVERYTHING in Ireland is served with chips! – to the big things that might on the surface seem small, like the warmth of our friends who welcomed two weary travelers into their home our first evening here with hugs, smiles, and piping hot bowls of traditional stew.

Before we came, we’d heard about the luck of the Irish, but now that we’ve experienced the shamrocks for ourselves, we’ve got nothing but a love of the Irish.

A & J in Ireland_0001

A & J in Ireland_0002

A & J in Ireland_0003

A & J in Ireland_0028

A & J in Ireland_0029

A & J in Ireland_0030

A & J in Ireland_0031

A & J in Ireland_0038

A & J in Ireland_0005

A & J in Ireland_0006

A & J in Ireland_0007

A & J in Ireland_0008

A & J in Ireland_0009

A & J in Ireland_0010

A & J in Ireland_0011

A & J in Ireland_0012

A & J in Ireland_0013

A & J in Ireland_0014

A & J in Ireland_0015

A & J in Ireland_0016

A & J in Ireland_0017

A & J in Ireland_0018

A & J in Ireland_0020

A & J in Ireland_0019

Here are a few behind-the-scenes images from our Irish engagement session!

A & J in Ireland_0021

A & J in Ireland_0022

A & J in Ireland_0023

A & J in Ireland_0024

A & J in Ireland_0025

A & J in Ireland_0026

A & J in Ireland_0027

After spending the whole day on Saturday with our awesome clients and new friends, Kathleen and Aaron, we all went to church together the next morning. Our home church, CCV, is passionate about training believers to become disciples, and sending those disciples out all over the world. Our friend, Dermot, a native to Ireland, came all the way out to Arizona to live and be trained at CCV, and has since moved back to Ireland with his family, and started his own church in Limerick. It was so cool to get to see all of their hard work in action, and even better to share it with one of our awesome couples.
A & J in Ireland_0032

A special thanks to Marie and Dermot (and their cute daughters!) for also hosting us in their home for a few nights and showing us around town!

A & J in Ireland_0033

We loved listening to Dermot preach about prayer! Our biggest takeaway was when he asked, “What if we got today what we thanked God for yesterday?” If you’re ever in Limerick and need a church to attend, or if you want to contribute to help them help more local people, visit their website here.

A & J in Ireland_0034

A & J in Ireland_0035

A & J in Ireland_0036

From the moment we stepped off the plane to the moment we boarded our train to London, Ireland completely stole our heart, and was the perfect way to kick off this trip of a lifetime.

A & J in Ireland_0037

For those who’ve asked, we been photographing our trip with the Canon 5D Mark III camera and Canon 50mm 1.2 L-Series lens. In hindsight, a wider lens would’ve been helpful! The European streets are tight, the buildings are tall, and the tourists are plentiful! If you need gear recommendations, you can view what’s in our bag by clicking here.

Featured on Ruffled

Something Old, Something New | El Chorro

A few months ago, our friends at Allure Bridals contacted us because they have a new line of fabulous designer gowns from Madison James, and they’d love to collaborate on another styled shoot with us to introduce them to the world. You may remember seeing the first half on Style Me Pretty in June.

We collaborated with an incredible creative team of both amazing local and national vendors, but this time, we did something that we’ve never done before: we pulled off TWO full-on stylized wedding inspiration shoots in the same afternoon — Are we crazy? We might be! — both complete with separate models in multiple gowns, tuxedos, hair and makeup changes, and gorgeous, over-the-top unique details, ceremony setups, and reception layouts. That day of shooting had the hustle and bustle go-go-go pace of a Hollywood movie set, but the challenge for the whole team to accomplish something so big in such a short amount of time was so much fun, and we couldn’t be happier with the way it all turned out! As we mentioned, the first concept, Clementine & Lemons, was featured on Style Me Pretty and a total dream to photograph. Today, we’re so excited to share the second concept with you that’s featured on Ruffled! Every time we hit Ruffled’s blog, we almost fall out of our chairs and die of pure prettiness, so it’s a huge honor to see these images featured there.

Here’s a summary of the design concept from our talented lead planners Samantha and Rachel at Imoni Events:

“Something Old…. Something New” was inspired by the idea of setting the gorgeous Madison James gowns against rich fabrics, organic florals, natural elements and a hint of structure and metals. Pairing the old and the new created a very intricate landscape for this styled shoot. For the bridal florals, we used a hand tied bouquet featuring amnesia roses, champagne quicksand roses, ivory spray roses, white scabiosa, and scabiosa pods. For the ceremony space, we used an incredibly romantic chuppah adorned with custom gauze flax-colored fabric panels, hand-carved weathered wood geodesic pendant lights and an asymmetrical design of lush floral with large succulent details. Staging this styled shoot at sunset amped up the romance to entirely different level. The bride and groom were accented by the glow of the hanging lanterns. Down the aisle, we wanted an eclectic feel and also to incorporate subtle blue tones against the natural lawn so we used oversized blue recycled glass vases with Dusty Miller foliage, roses, hydrangea, and vintage french Cane Back chairs.For the reception dinner space. We wanted to continue with that old meets new vibe and used a geo-printed linen from La a Tavola with florentine wood candlesticks, multiple glass geodesic terrariums with blue rose echeveria succulents. Our paper products were subtle yet extremely detailed and handcrafted. Page and Mason created clever hanging place cards to accentuate the gorgeous cane back chairs and add an element of surprise. For the cake, we really wanted to showcase the geo print from the La Tavola linen on the reception table, so Ruze Cake House created a gorgeous fondant cake that mirrored the print perfectly!

Ugh! Does that sound like a dream or what?!

Before we get to all the prettiness, we want to say a huge thank you to El Chorro Lodge for opening up their beautiful venue, Imoni Events and The Flower Studio for all their hard work and for bringing these incredible design concepts to life, and our friends at Madison James for contributing the beautiful gowns, as well as the rest of the creative team that we couldn’t have done this without! Hugs and love to:

Venue: El Chorro Lodge
Floral Design: The Flower Studio
Event Design: Imoni Events
Wedding Gowns: 
Madison James
Photography: Amy & Jordan Photography
Bridal Jewelry: Zaida Jewelry
Linens: La Tavola
Paper & Mirror Painting: Page & Mason
Bakery: Ruze Cake House
Makeup: Arielle Rondeau
Hair: Bree Anderson At Salon Surreal
Rentals: Classic Party Rentals Phoenix
Chairs: The Flower Studio

View the full feature on Ruffled here

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0001

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0002

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0003

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0004

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0005

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0006

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0007

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0008

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0009

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0010

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0011

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0012

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0013

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0014

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0015

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0016

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0017

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0018

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0019

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0020

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0021

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0022

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0023

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0024

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0025

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0026

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0027

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0028

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0029

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0030

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0031

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0032

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0033

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0034

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0035

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0036

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0037

El Chorro Wedding Photographer AZ_0038


To view this feature on Ruffled, click here

Ruffled Screenshot


Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 70-200 2.8
Canon 100 2.8
Entire Gear List

Featured: Style Me Pretty

We are so honored to have Erika & Phillip’s wedding featured on Style Me Pretty today! Their gorgeous blush and blue McCormick Ranch wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona was the perfect infusion of their traditional heritage and their beautiful, yet laid-back style. The guys rocked grey suits, matching Vans and blue accents and, which perfectly complimented the blush lace bridesmaid dresses. Their chuppah was breathtaking, laced with stunning florals and kissed with succulents, which provided the perfect home for Phillip’s great-grandfather’s prayer shawl, which was strung on the top of the chuppah. As Phillip stomped on the glass and they became husband and wife, they celebrated the rest of the night away in a room full of swoon-worthy details and plenty of sweet treats. It was a beautiful day filled with laughter and love, and we were so honored to capture it! It’s so much fun to relive it all over again today! You can see the SMP feature by clicking here

Featured on Style Me Pretty_0002

Featured on Style Me Pretty_0001

Featured on Style Me Pretty_0003

Featured on Style Me Pretty_0009

Featured on Style Me Pretty_0004

Featured on Style Me Pretty_0006

Featured on Style Me Pretty_0008

Featured on Style Me Pretty_0010


Featured on Style Me Pretty_0011

Wedding Team
Band: The JJ’s Band | Bride’s Dress: Lillian Lottie Couture/Allure Bridals | Bride’s Shoes: Betsy Johnson | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: BCBG | Cake Artist/Desserts: Dessert Source & Morsels by Marita Benjamin | Ceremony/Reception Location: McCormick Ranch Golf Club | Floral Designer: Designs by Jeremiah | Getting Ready Location: The Scottsdale Resort | Groom’s/Groomemen’s Suit: Celebrity Tux & Tails | Hair Stylist: Courtney Hope Poirier | Makeup Artist: Victoria Zipprich| Officiant: Matt Nathanson | Paper Products: Paper Crazy | Photographers: Amy & Jordan | Photo Booth: Clique Photo Station | Planner: Francine Kades

Gear Used for This Shoot
Canon 5D Mark III | Canon 50 1.2 | Canon 70-200 2.8 | Canon 100 2.8 | Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT | Entire Gear List

Kathleen & Aaron

Part 2 | Engagement Session | Limerick, Ireland

Part 1: Irish Chateau
Part 2: 12th Century Ruins

Happy Thursday, friends! Today, we’re making the journey from London to Paris and couldn’t be more excited to explore the most romantic city in the world together. We’re planning on strolling down the streets under the stars tonight and eating our weight in crepes, cheese and wine. We’d love to have you join us on the rest of our European adventure! Our Instagram handles are @amy_demos and @jordan_demos, and we’re sharing up-to-the-minute photos every day. We hope to see you there!

Even though we’re on a train somewhere under the English Channel, we couldn’t wait to share the second half of Kathleen and Aaron’s engagement session with you from the lush grounds of an Irish chateau and crumbling ruins of a 12th century Catholic church! If you missed the first half of their session, you can make sure to catch up here!

 Cheers, friends! Enjoy!

Ireland Castle Engagement_0001

Ireland Castle Engagement_0002

Ireland Castle Engagement_0003

Ireland Castle Engagement_0055

Ireland Castle Engagement_0005

Ireland Castle Engagement_0006

Ireland Castle Engagement_0007

Ireland Castle Engagement_0008

Ireland Castle Engagement_0009

Ireland Castle Engagement_0010

Ireland Castle Engagement_0011 Ireland Castle Engagement_0012

Ireland Castle Engagement_0058
Ireland Castle Engagement_0014

Ireland Castle Engagement_0015

Ireland Castle Engagement_0016

Ireland Castle Engagement_0017

Ireland Castle Engagement_0018

Ireland Castle Engagement_0019

Ireland Castle Engagement_0020

Ireland Castle Engagement_0021

Ireland Castle Engagement_0022

Ireland Castle Engagement_0023

Ireland Castle Engagement_0024

Ireland Castle Engagement_0025

the GEAR USED for this SESSION…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 70-200 2.8
Entire Gear List

Comparison: The Thief of Joy

We remember the first time we held cameras in our hands and had clients on the other end. Do you? The exhilaration of it. The sheer terror of it. The I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing of it. The I’m-scared-out-of-my-mind-but-putting-on-a-brave-face of it. It’s not easy what we do. It’s the beaten path for sure. And if there’s one thing we’ve maintained from the beginning, it’s that no one — no one — comes out of the womb as a photographer. Yet, when we waded into these waters years ago, we assumed everyone else did. We’d see other photographers at all different stages of business and think, That’ll never be us! because their success seemed like a birthright instead of what is was: a labor of love. And, of course, like we all do, we let comparison steal our joy. We’d purchase a new lens… and then feel jealous of the photographer we followed who had one more. We’d hear others talk about how many weddings they’d shot the previous season… when we’d only booked a few. We’d finish a session knowing we’d done our best work yet, only to get home, open our laptops, look at someone else’s blog, and see how far we still had to go.

We let comparison steal our joy. We allowed someone else’s tenth year in business make our first year feel small. And, if we’re all being honest with each other, we all still do. We spend too much time comparing our beginning to someone else’s middle, our middle to someone else’s end, or our middle to someone else’s beginning — and we shouldn’t — because apples aren’t oranges and oranges aren’t apples, and the minute we start comparing ourselves to others is the moment we stop celebrating both of us. Isn’t that so true? Let’s use the people ahead of us as lighthouses so we don’t hit the same rocks they did, and as horizons so we know the direction of our course, while always remembering that neither are the finish line. Because there isn’t a finish line, because growth never stops. It never ends. It’s never finished. You’ve never “made it” because there’s not a final destination. “Made it” is just a mirage. We’re all in a constant season of refining.

In the classroom, we never measured one student against another. How could we? Each child walked into our classroom as a unique individual with a distinct set of life experiences and circumstances (some within their control, but most outside of their control) that made them who they were in that moment. The best thing we could do, for them — and for us — was to measure their success based on their growth from the beginning of the school year to the end, taking into consideration their capabilities, obstacles, and life challenges (or even life advantages).

As adults, looking at children, that makes sense. We know that. It’s easy to understand. So why don’t we believe that the same idea applies to adults. To photographers. To us. The single mom’s not in the same position as the husband and wife team without kids, right? We can all agree on that. There are thousands of other factors that affect where you are and what you’ve done up until this moment in your life, and although those shouldn’t be used as excuses or crutches to avoid the hustle it takes to make it in this business (because it takes hustle… a lot of it), give yourself permission to use them to celebrate what you have achieved… and what you still can. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned in this business, in any business, (heck!) in life, it’s that there’s not a finite amount of compliments, happiness or encouragement in this world. There’s an unlimited amount, and it’s ours for the taking. But as important as it is for us to take some for ourselves, it’s more potent and powerful when we share it with others.

So, we’ve got a challenge for you today, friends, whether you’re a photographer or not, and here it is: choose two people, one who’s where you were and one who’s where you want to be, and send them an encouraging message. You never know how much it could mean. And, while you’re at it, go back to your first ever shoot and spend a few minutes looking at your first images. Feel proud of how far you’ve come, but never forget how your felt then, because someone who’s there now might need you to be their lighthouse to guide them to where you are today. Cheers to you and cheers to joy!

Photographers, if you’d like some weekly encouragement & education written just for you, sign up for our free Monday Minute here, and kick your week off to the right! We hope this can be a blessing to you and your business!

El Chorro Wedding_0023


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