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Happy Wednesday, friends! We’re here in Nashville, and since we’ve been spending what seems like a lot of our life on planes, we thought we’d share a few things we’ve picked up along the way! We’re going straight to Shark Tank! With summer just around the corner, you probably have a flight or two in your near future; and, if you’re anything like us, flying just makes …

Alex and Kyle • Scottsdale, Arizona

Silverleaf Country Club Engagement

We’ll be honest, the first time we met Alex and Kyle, we just about fell out of our chairs — because it was like looking directly into a mirror! He’s tall and dark with a little Mediterranean flair, like Jordan. Gregarious. Loud. Outspoken. The life of the party and center of attention. But warm and inviting, too. Friendly. Fun-loving. And sometimes (okay, almost always) a little inappropriate. That’s at least …

Liz and Herb • Phoenix, Arizona

Sunflower Engagement Session

Goodness! Where do we even begin with these two? We met Liz and her hilarious mom at the El Chorro “I Do” Experience earlier this year, and amidst the hundreds of brides and grooms walking through the boutique open house, we spent an entire hour just talking with them. And laughing. A lot. It was no different the first time we met Herb for coffee one evening …

A Resource For Photographers

Engagement Session Style Guide

Happy Thursday, friends! We have a HUGE announcement that we’re SO excited to share with you! A few years ago, we realized something: choosing engagement session outfits was REALLY stressful on our brides! We wanted photography to be the most fun (and least stressful part!) of their entire wedding experience. Something to look forward to, not a source anxiety and second-guessing. We wanted their engagement sessions to …

Lindsey & Charles • Phoenix, Arizona

The Farm at South Mountain Engagement

Ohhh, you guys! Do we have an engagement session to share today! Lindsey and Charles are from El Paso, Texas, but are getting married here in Arizona this winter. In fact, they’ll be our first wedding of 2017 — which is the perfect way to kick off the New Year! Charles serves in the military (thank you for your service, Charles!) and he loves the outdoors, too. He’s like the …

Anne and Chris • Rome, Georgia

Georgia Engagement at The Winshape

There’s so much to write about these two, we almost don’t know where to start! Anne came to the AJ Workshop last year and we absolutely fell in love with her quick wit and sweet, soft heart. She’s like a real life Gilmore Girl. We’ll never forget our time at the workshop with her, because she sat in the front row and laughed — or at least pretended to …
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