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We fell in love in high school. When there was nothing more important than the homecoming dance. When a driver’s license was a commodity. When passing notes was an art form. We were young little pups ready to take on the world.

Today, we are a husband and wife photography team based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are passionate about marriage and blessed to do what we love together. If you would like to know more, visit our website using the link above.

Adorable Flamingo Themed Birthday Party

"Let's Flamingle" - Makena's 2nd Birthday

In the mood for a little pick-me-up to brighten your Thursday? How does some fun, summer-inspired eye candy sound?! You’re in for a treat today, friends!

Have you ever wondered what happens when one of the best in the industry throws her daughter a backyard birthday party?! Well THIS is your answer! Cuteness to. the. max!

Now, of course, we specialize in photographing weddings and engagements, so we typically don’t photograph things like this, but when our sweet friend Lindsey (who runs one of our favorite venues in town, El Chorro) asked us about to be a part of this event, and explained her idea for her daughter Makena’s backyard flamingo themed soiree — a “flamingle” if you will — to celebrate her turning two, we just couldn’t resist! And with some of the best of the best designing the paper products (Idieh Deisgn), the florals (Carte Blanche), and the desserts and treats (Ruze Cake House), Makena’s birthday party quickly became one of the most amazing birthday parties we’ve ever attended! It was so fun to spend time with friends, watch the kids indulge in a sugar-overload and photograph all the cuteness, which we just had to share with you today! Enjoy!

Flamingo Party_0001

Flamingo Party_0002

Flamingo Party_0003

Flamingo Party_0004

Flamingo Party_0005

Flamingo Party_0023
Flamingo Party_0007 Flamingo Party_0008

Flamingo Party_0024
Flamingo Party_0010 Flamingo Party_0011

Flamingo Party_0012

Flamingo Party_0013

Flamingo Party_0014

Flamingo Party_0015

Flamingo Party_0016

Flamingo Party_0017

Flamingo Party_0018

Flamingo Party_0019

Flamingo Party_0020

Flamingo Party_0025

Flamingo Party_0021

Flamingo Party_0022


Paper Products & Backdrop: Idieh Design
Desserts & Treats: Ruze Cake House
Floral Design: Carte Blanche
Linens: La Tavola
Event Design: Lindsey Rendon
Pineapple Cups: Oriental Trading
Flamingo Skirt: Chic Wish

the GEAR USED for this SHOOT…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 100 2.8
Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT
Entire Gear List

Editing on the Road

Why We Love Building Smart Previews

Happy Wednesday, friends!

It’s no secret that we’ve done a lot of traveling in the past few years! Just in the last two months alone, we’ve been in San Diego, LA, Nantucket, D.C., Richmond, Fredericksburg, Virginia Beach, Nashville, Denver and we’ve taken five separate road trips for work up north to Sedona or Flagstaff! Phew! That’s a whole lot of traveling! Which is why it’s no surprise that we get asked all the time how we edit on the road. So, today, we thought we’d share some of our favorite tricks to make that happen!

Here’s how we:

1. Stay Charged Up

Whenever we know we’re going on a road trip, taking a flight, or spending a lot of time in a rental car, we never leave home without a portable charging system for our laptops and phones. If we’re going to be car bound, we use the Bestek Dual Outlet Car Charger, which allows us to plug into the car’s power adapter and charge two laptops with both of the three-pronged outlets as well as both of our phones with the two USB outlets all at the same time.

When we’re going to be in the air, we always pack our HyperJuice External Battery for MacBook Pro, which is strong enough to keep our MacBook Pro running for up to eight hours AND can simultaneously charge both of our phones! It’s definitely bulky — and it definitely wasn’t cheap! — but we can’t even tell you how many hours and hours this thing has SAVED us! As business owners, we know that time is our most valuable asset, so there’s really nothing we hate more than wasting it during flights, layovers or delays because our laptops are dead and we can’t get to an outlet. Every since we got the Hyperjuice, we’ve been free to use every minute the way we wanted to without stressing about batteries, outlets or dying devices. So, in our minds, this battery was worth the investment the very first time we took a coast-to-coast trip!

2. Edit Anywhere

We’re SO privileged that there are two of us every time we travel, and we always try to remind ourselves to never take that for granted, because we know that not everyone is in a situation like ours, but for anyone who travels with a spouse, business partner, second shooter or friend, we love to use that road-trip time in the car effectively so that we can enjoy quality time together when we get to our destination. This means one person drives and the other edits in the passenger seat. The problem we ran into early on, though, was that road trips during the day were so hard for editing! The bright sun would pour into the windows, hit the screen, and make it nearly impossible to edit for correct skin tones. After contemplating all kinds of ghetto-fab solutions (including wedging a shirt from our suitcase into the car window to make a “curtain” until we realized we’d be blocking the side mirror view!) we realized that we like using our soft box the most! It pops around our computer and blocks direct light from hitting the screen, and it’s also flexible, foldable, and easy to transport. There are companies that invented products specifically for this purpose, but we’ve found our soft box works great and that saves us money! Plus, as we always say, we’d rather be profitable than cool!

3. Go Cordless (Build Smart Previews in Lightroom)

In order to keep our working drive (the one in the laptop) running at its best capacity, we store and edit all of our files on external hard drives. When we’re traveling (or even just sitting on the couch at home!) we hate being connected to a bunch of cords, though! It’s like a hospital bed for your computer! They’re cumbersome and make airplanes feel even smaller! Back in the day, we didn’t really have a choice, though, because we had to be plugged into our external hard drive (where all our RAW files are stored) to be able to make any edits to our images in Lightroom.

Our world was rocked when Adobe released Lightroom 5, which for the first time offered the ability to make a new kind of preview! The “smart preview!” The reason we always build smart previews upon import is, once they are built, we can make any change we want to the images WITHOUT having to be plugged in to anything!! Without having to be plugged into anything!! It’s so freeing! In previous versions of Lightroom, you’d see a big question mark if you ever tried to edit an image without being plugged into the original file and you couldn’t edit anything until it was plugged in. But not with smart previews! Smart previews are also super small files, so we can store them on our working drive without taking up a ton of space, and it means we can go cordless on planes and in cars! We can even export edited images from our smart previews for web (like a blog post for example). The only trick is remembering to plug our external drive back into the computer when we’re exporting the final images for the clients, so that we’re exporting the big, original files. Be careful with this part!


If you’ve never built smart previews before, and you edit on a  laptop, you’ve got to give this a try! When you first import your photos into a Lightroom catalog, make sure your external drive is connected to your computer, and then just go to the top right-hand corner of Lightroom 5 under “File Handling,” and you’ll see a small check box towards the top of the import module that says “Build Smart Previews.” Check it before you click import, and then do something else while it’s building your previews (we build standard previews too, so that there’s no rendering lag time between each photo). Once it’s done, you can safely eject your external hard drive and feel free to move about the cabin! You can make any kind of edits you want without being connected to the source! When you’re done editing the job, just plug your external hard drive back in so it can export the biggest, original size files! Boom! Freedom!


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Adventuring Through Europe

in Ten Minutes or Less

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Who else ever dreams of a little mid-week escape?! A month long excursion on your lunch break. A fun trip without ever leaving your desk. Well, we’re excited to share ours with you today! Prepare for photo overload (and a whole lot of images that have never been on the blog before!)

Exactly one year ago this week, we embarked on a trip of a lifetime. Over the first five years of marriage, we saved up for a big almost-month-long European adventure to celebrate our five year anniversary, hitting seven countries and countless cities, eating our weight in pizza, baguettes, gelato and crepes — and we even blogged about it all while we were on those long train rides! What we never shared here before though, are some of the live in-the-moment photos that we Instagrammed (yes, we’re definitely making that a verb!) while exploring the city side-streets and historical ruins across the pond. So, why  share them now? Well, we were reminiscing about this trip together this week and remembered a conversation we had earlier this year about how we know social media will come and go over time, but this blog is here to stay! In a lot of ways, this blog has been a running diary of our life, and we want to be able to look back on this when we’re old and gray, like in The Notebook, and be able to read and recall and remember our greatest adventures. It’s been so special for us to get to share the things that are most special in our life with you, so thank you so much for journeying with us!

For anyone who wasn’t following along last summer, or for anyone (like us!) who just loves to travel down memory lane, we want to invite you to take the next few minutes and travel back in time, to run away with us, to escape and sneak away, just for a few minutes, to re-live some of the best moments of what will undoubtedly be one of the best summers of our life. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your next big adventure! And just in case, we have some of our best travel tips at the bottom of this, just post for you!! Bon voyage, friends!

(Tip: You’ll get more a lot more fun out of these if you read the captions!! If you’re reading on your phone, flip it wide!)





Europe_0021 Europe_0022







Europe_0009 Europe_0010 Europe_0011

















Europe_0034 Europe_0029



























Awwww, such great memories! Thanks for coming along with us! We hope this post has you dreaming of a future European adventure of your own, which is why we’ve included all of our best travel tips for you here! Enjoy, friends!

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Kelly & Nate

Desert Engagement Session | Phoenix, Arizona

Happy Monday, you guys!

So… let’s just say it. Summer is hot in Arizona. Like really, really hot. We have six beautiful months from November through April, but around May, the oven starts its pre-heat, and by July, it’s reached cooking temperature. Most days, it’s between 100 and 109 and no one really complains (including us) because (as us locals love to say) it’s a DRY HEAT. Seriously, though, there’s something to that. When we were in Virginia last month, it was close to 100 degrees one day with humidity — which should be a four-letter word by the way! — and we couldn’t breathe. It felt like we were swimming sinking in our own sweat. Talk about H-O-T. That’s a whole different universe.

All that to say, people in every other part of the country are always shocked to find out that June, July, and August is considered our “off season” here in Phoenix,  but it’s true. There are very few “June brides” in the desert southwest. (Although we did have a few brave ones this year!) Instead of one wedding season like everywhere else in the country, Arizona’s wedding season is really more like two. Just like a school year essentially: spring and fall semester. September through November is super busy, things lighten up a little bit during the winter and holiday months, it picks back up again heavily in March, and then trails off again at the end of May when the temps start to hit three digits.

So what’s the point of all this weather talk? Well, when we got home a few weeks ago, we had a string of engagement sessions scheduled, because if we waited until it cooled down, our couples would have to wait until NOVEMBER. That’s a long time when you’re trying to get save-the-dates out to your families and friends. So, we’ve been braving the heat for lots of engagements, but like we tell our brave couples: it’ll feel warm, but the camera can’t tell the difference between 75 and 115!

Enter Kelly and Nate.

These two! They’re both from small towns in Nebraska. Think 1,000 people small. When they told us that, our reaction was this: There are more people than that in our condo complex! You know we’re big Gilmore Girls fans, so we’ve always loved the idea of small town life a la Stars Hollow. People you saw and instantly connected with. And that’s what we saw in Kelly and Nate the first time we sat down for coffee together a few months ago. Do you have friends like that? The ones who make you feel comfortable right from the start? That’s them. Nate and Jordan connected over a mutual love for Dallas Cowboys football, although neither of them are from Texas. Then, when we found out they were cat people, that sealed. the. deal! And not just any kind of cat people, awesome cat people. Because… wait for it… they TRAVEL with their cat. They. Travel. With. Him. A real life TRAVEL CAT!!! Their cat us also also named Cosmo, which we just think is incredible, because, let’s all be honest, half of what makes a pet cool is its name. Back to the point, though: Friends, there are few things in life that would bring us as much happiness as taking Mr. Carson and William Wallace on the road. Dream the dream, right? We can just picture them on leashes or in strollers at conferences with us! Bonnets might be too much, but we’re not ruling them out. And #DemosSandwiches with them aren’t out of the question either! We might not sleep tonight with all the possibilities swirling around!

Kelly and Nate, we feel SO blessed that we met you and we’re super excited for your wedding next spring at the Omni Montelucia with Sam from Imoni Events, one of our favorite Arizona planning teams. We hope that you two are having the best time back home with your families and soaking in that small town goodness to bring back to Arizona with you! But leave the humidity among the husks, if you please! We love you both tons and tons and are so excited to share your engagement photos today!

p.s. Thanks for hiking into the oasis and braving the wind with us. It was SO worth it!

Desert Engagement_0001

Desert Engagement_0002

Desert Engagement_0003

Desert Engagement_0004

Desert Engagement_0005

Desert Engagement_0006

Desert Engagement_0007

Desert Engagement_0008

Desert Engagement_0009

Desert Engagement_0010

Desert Engagement_0011

Desert Engagement_0012

Desert Engagement_0013

Desert Engagement_0014

Desert Engagement_0015

Desert Engagement_0016

Desert Engagement_0017

Desert Engagement_0018

Desert Engagement_0019

Desert Engagement_0020

Desert Engagement_0021

Desert Engagement_0022

Desert Engagement_0026

Desert Engagement_0023

Desert Engagement_0024

Desert Engagement_0025

If you liked Kelly and Nate’s engagement session, we think you’ll love Mai and PJ’s too!

Makeup: Arielle Rondeau | Creme de la Makeup

Pink Dress: Banana Republic
White Dress: Nordstrom

the GEAR USED for this session…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 70-200 2.8
Entire Gear List

Jamie & Louis’s Sedona Engagement

Northern Arizona

The night sky was illuminated by nothing more than a few faint stars, the warmth of distant city lights, and the rectangular glow of a big, white screen. Popcorn popped. Candy crunched. Cars and trucks lined up like lemmings. Seats back and tailgates down. It was a classic date. A throwback. A drive-in movie. Jamie and Louis knew each other from their medical residency program, but they’d never dated before. To make things even cuter (and it can get cuter, believe it or not!), Jamie brought her new puppy with her. HER. NEW. PUPPY. We told you it could get cuter! And they’ve been inseparable ever since. All three of them!

There’s so much we love about Jamie and Louis, we don’t even know where to start! First of all, one of Jamie’s favorite movies is The Holiday, a staple at our house around Christmastime. There’s just something about watching Jude Law as a single dad playing games with his little daughters that melts our heart every. single. time. Now, we’re not doctors. Jordan thought he wanted to be a doctor for one semester in high school, but then he saw blood — and that was the end of that. HOWEVER, we do what we love together, and even though they don’t practice at the same location, these two practice the same type of medicine and have the same schedule so they can spend time together. As two people who vowed in high school to do everything we could to spend as much time together as possible, we approve!

The thing we love most, about these two lovebirds — other than Jamie’s fabulous dress choices from Rent the Runway and the fact that they’re working with one of our favorite local wedding planners, Whitney from Some Like It Classic at a venue with some of the most stunning views of Phoenix, The Sanctuary on Camelback — it’s this: they’re some of the kindest, sweetest, most fun people we’ve met. It’s no wonder that they’re family doctors. Who could not fall instantly in love with these two?

Jamie and Louis, from the moment we sat down with you for coffee, we had the same thought: These are our PEOPLE! It’s  couples like you and all of our #AJbrides that make what we do such a pleasure and a privilege. Thank you for all the laughs during our time in Sedona — and for running in heels up the hill so we could catch the golden light! We love these images because we think it shows the happiness that you bring to each other, and everyone you encounter in everyday life. We can’t wait for your wedding next spring!

Sedona Engagement Photo_0001

Sedona Engagement Photo_0002

Sedona Engagement Photo_0025

Sedona Engagement Photo_0004

Sedona Engagement Photo_0005

Sedona Engagement Photo_0006

Sedona Engagement Photo_0007

Sedona Engagement Photo_0008

Sedona Engagement Photo_0009

Sedona Engagement Photo_0010

Sedona Engagement Photo_0011

Sedona Engagement Photo_0012

Sedona Engagement Photo_0013

Sedona Engagement Photo_0014

Sedona Engagement Photo_0015

Sedona Engagement Photo_0016

Sedona Engagement Photo_0017

Sedona Engagement Photo_0018

Sedona Engagement Photo_0019

Sedona Engagement Photo_0020

Sedona Engagement Photo_0021

Sedona Engagement Photo_0022

Sedona Engagement Photo_0023

Sedona Engagement Photo_0024

If you liked Jamie and Lewis’s engagement session, we think you’ll love Kristen and Luke’s too!

Hair: Demi Walsh | Theory Hair Design
Makeup: Michaela Ford | SALT Salon

Pink Dress: ML Monique Lhuillier
White Dress: Trina Turk

the GEAR USED for this session…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 70-200 2.8
Entire Gear List


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