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Justin and Mary • A Desert Mini-Shoot

Photographing Other Photographers

A few years ago, we visited our sweet friends, Justin and Mary Marantz, at their home in New Haven, Connecticut for our first real, authentic New England experience. Complete with a Yale football game, a visit to the town Gilmore Girls was based on and lots of good food (especially mashed potato pizza!) and better conversation. You can read all about it here. At the end of that visit, …
Happy Wednesday, friends! If you want to know how to photograph fireworks at a wedding, today’s post is for you! As a wedding photographer, certain parts of the day aren’t super stressful, because they’re predictable. You do them at every wedding. You can practice them at home. Like ring shots, for example. Here’s a post on how to nail those if you’re curious. The stressful parts …

Jamie & Louis • Paradise Valley, Arizona

Desert Sanctuary on Camelback Wedding

Oh, where do we even begin with these two? From the minute we met them, we had an instant connection. For a lot of reasons. First, Jamie and Louis are both doctors. No, that’s not the connection. Because we’re not MDs. We’re WebMD’ers. BIG DIFFERENCE. And Jordan always has a terminal illness. Just ask him. But Jamie and Louis DO work together. At the same practice. Which is a lot like …

Marriage advice for improving your relationships

Marriage Mess-Ups

Let’s get real this morning. We’re speaking at the Connect Marriage Retreat near Atlanta, Georgia this week and we wanted to give you a little preview of our talk and practical marriage advice you can improve your relationship with your spouse. But really any relationship. A spouse, a child or even a business partner. It starts with recent a story where we messed up.

Sabrina & David • Published

Montelucia Wedding on Strictly Weddings

We jumped for joy this week as one of our favorite spring couples was featured on one of the most popular national wedding blogs! Reliving Sabrina & David’s Montelucia wedding on Strictly Weddings was a strong reminder of something David said in his vows. He told Sabrina that his vows weren’t a promise, but a privilege. And that’s exactly how we feel and felt about capturing their wedding …

The Small Things That Colored Our Week

Friday Fun | Edition 16

Happy Friday, friends! If you’re new to Friday Fun, click here to read the first one before you get started! And if you’re already familiar with Friday Fun, welcome back! Here’s a recap of some of our favorite moments from the week, the small little things that may or may not matter, but nonetheless colored and flavored our week! — It’s been three …
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