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We fell in love in high school. When there was nothing more important than the homecoming dance. When a driver’s license was a commodity. When passing notes was an art form. We were young little pups ready to take on the world.

Today, we are a husband and wife photography team based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are passionate about marriage and blessed to do what we love together. If you would like to know more, visit our website using the link above.


Desert Mountain Senior Session

What do you get when you combine golden Arizona light, lush overgrown foliage, and a high school senior who dresses like a star and holds herself like a model? You get Carolyn’s senior session — and we’re slightly obsessed. From the moment we snapped the first frame, we started giggling to ourselves, because we knew it was gonna be a GOOD DAY. Plus, there’s just something about high school seniors these days. Can we get an amen? There’s something in the water. It’s like the opposite of that scene in Willie Wonka, where Augustus Gloop drinks from a river full of chocolate, falls in, and gets sucked into the fudge room. You remember that part, right? For these seniors, it’s more like when Achilles’s mom dunks him in the River Styx and makes him invincible. Our question? Where’s this magic river, ladies? Because you’re all swimming in different water than we did in high school. Is it a potion? Two drops of gorgeous… a pinch of fabulous… a spoonful of style… If it is, send us the name of your dealer, because we wanna get hooked!

Carolyn, from the minute we met and hugged, we couldn’t wait to start working with you. We smiled every time you did, because how could we not? It’s infectious, girl. Good luck in college this fall. We hope that your future is every bit as bright as you are in these photographs. Here’s a little sampling of our afternoon together…

CONTEST UPDATE: Thanks so much for everyone who participated in the Closet Candy Boutique giveaway! We got an awesome response, and are so happy for our two winners, Beth A. and Lexa C! Congratulations, ladies! We can’t wait to see what cute looks you have sent your way!

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0001

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0002

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0003

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0004

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0005

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0020

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0007

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0008

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0009

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0010

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0011

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0018

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0013

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0014

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0015

Desert Mountain Senior Photographer Scottsdale AZ_0016

Gear Used for this Shoot: Canon 5D Mark III | Canon 50 1.2 | Canon 70-200 2.8 | Entire Gear List

Featured: The Learned Bride

Engagement Session | University of Arizona

Happy Thursday, friends! We’ve got some exciting news! Erikka and Bryson’s engagement session at The University of Arizona is featured on The Learned Bride today!

When Alex, the fabulously talented and ever so tasteful editor-in-chief of The Learned Bride, contacted us last month and asked to showcase these two cuties as the FIRST engaged couple on her BRAND NEW blog, we couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear! We L-O-V-E the concept of an engagement and wedding blog featuring college campuses across America and the love stories forged on them. With so many gorgeous universities in this country, we seriously can’t wait to start following this blog every. single. day! We also love it because we met in high school and spent all four years on a college campus falling more in love with each other, so we can totally relate with all of the couples who remember what it was like to eat in the cafeteria together and cheer on the school’s football team! Three cheers for unlimited soft serve ice cream, right?! You remember those days! We know we do…

To check out the feature on The Learned Bride, click here! Be sure to leave lots of comment love for Erikka and Bryson (because they’re amazing!) and let the editor know what college campuses YOU want to see featured next!

University of Arizona Engagement_0002

University of Arizona Engagement_0001

Learned Bride Screenshot_0001

To see Erika & Bryson’s orignal engagement session posted on this blog, click here.

Gear Used for this Shoot: Canon 5D Mark III | Canon 50 1.2 | Canon 70-200 2.8 | Canon 100 2.8 | Entire Gear List

Closet Candy Boutique

The Sweet Life | 2014 Spring Lookbook

It’s official! Spring is here! We can pack those big, heavy winter coats away, clean out our closets, and celebrate the brightest, happiest season of the year with fresh looks that match the warm feeling we get this time of year… and it feels SO good!

We’re so excited to share the images we shot for Closet Candy Boutique’s spring lookbook at Boojum Tree Hidden Garden with you! We had so much fun on this project and have been dying to share these photos with you since we shot them last week – and now we finally can! Their Spring 2014 line, “The Sweet Life,” is being revealed today, and if these clothes are half as fun to wear as they are to shoot, Closet Candy customers are in for a real treat!

If you’ve never checked out Closet Candy before, proceed with caution! This shop is highly addictive and way too much fun. Consider yourself warned! Every day, Amy’s closet is looking more and more like an ad for CCB, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Enjoy the fun, and if you spot a look you can’t live without, click the photo and it’ll take you directly to the online store. Have fun, friends!

Wanna win a $50 shopping spree to CCB? We’re giving away TWO and there are TWO ways to win!

Head to our Facebook page and like, comment, and share the contest post.

1. Save your favorite photo from today’s blog post and re-post it to Instagram.
2. Follow and tag @amy_demos and @jordan_demos and use the hashtag #ajccb

Winners will be announced and contacted tomorrow! Have fun, friends! Good luck!

Closet Candy Boutique_0001

Closet Candy Boutique_0002

Closet Candy Boutique_0007

Closet Candy Boutique_0006

Closet Candy Boutique_0009

Closet Candy Boutique_0008

Closet Candy Boutique_0026

Closet Candy Boutique_0004

Closet Candy Boutique_0005

Closet Candy Boutique_0025

Closet Candy Boutique_0028

Closet Candy Boutique_0012

Closet Candy Boutique_0021

Closet Candy Boutique_0015

Closet Candy Boutique_0014

Closet Candy Boutique_0027

Closet Candy Boutique_0010

Closet Candy Boutique_0017

Closet Candy Boutique_0016

Closet Candy Boutique_0019

Closet Candy Boutique_0018

Closet Candy Boutique_0020

Closet Candy Boutique_0022

Gear Used for this Shoot: Canon 5D Mark III | Canon 50 1.2 | Canon 70-200 2.8 | Canon 100 2.8 | Entire Gear List

The Mantons

Family Portrait Session | Scottsdale, Arizona

We love shooting weddings. With all of our heart and soul. We live it. Breathe it. Can’t get enough of it. Why? Because there’s nothing like the feeling we get when we push that button. Nothing like knowing that in that instant, a family’s history was made, and we were the ones entrusted with making it happen. But a family’s history — and legacy — doesn’t end with the wedding day, right? It’s not the finish line. It’s the starting line. It’s  the launching pad. It’s just the beginning. And, if we’re being honest with ourselves, and you, for as much as we love weddings (and that’s a lot), we love marriage more. That’s what we’re passionate about. That’s why we’re doing this. Because for as much happiness as we get taking a family’s first photos (of two) on their wedding day, we get just as much joy helping couple who’ve been married for decades record what their love stood for when that photographer, on that day, in that moment, many years ago, first pressed that button: a generational legacy of love.

The only thing better than celebrating a decade of marriage? Celebrating three marriages. Three legacies. Three families, ten lives, all connected, all because two people uttered two simple words, “I do.” Mr. and Mrs. Manton, we were honored that your family gave us the chance to be play a small part in your family’s legacy. We had so much fun with your family, and we hope these photos mean as much to you as they do to us.

Scottsdale Family Photographer_0001

Scottsdale Family Photographer_0002

Scottsdale Family Photographer_0003

Scottsdale Family Photographer_0004

Scottsdale Family Photographer_0005

Scottsdale Family Photographer_0006

Scottsdale Family Photographer_0007

Scottsdale Family Photographer_0008

Scottsdale Family Photographer_0009

Gear Used for this Shoot: Canon 5D Mark III | Canon 50 1.2 | Canon 70-200 2.8 | Entire Gear List

The Monday Minute

A FREE Weekly Newsletter For Photographers

Happy Monday, friends! If we’re going to be honest, when we began this crazy photography journey, we had no idea what we were doing or what we were getting ourselves into at first.

We just knew that we loved it.

We were so hungry to grow, serve our clients well, and soak up as much wisdom as we could.

If you’ve ever felt that way, too, you’re not alone! Nobody comes out of the womb knowing how to shoot a professional camera and run a full-time successful business! One of the best ways we learned how to become the shooters and entrepreneurs that we wanted to be was by learning from others who’d walked the same path, been in our shoes, and could provide hope that, with enough hard work and the right information, we could make our dreams a reality, too!

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know that before we were full-time photographers, we were full-time elementary school teachers, and that even though we aren’t in the classroom anymore, teaching is still a huge passion of ours.

So, about six months ago, we decided it was time to combine our passions and pay it forward for those who’d taught us and inspired us along our path, and we started a FREE email newsletter full of photography business tips and tricks with YOU in mind, designed to help photographers improve in every area of their life and business in order to serve clients well. It’s called The Monday Minute.

When we were teaching full-time and running our photography business at the same time, Mondays were the hardest for us. We were exhausted all the time, and it took every ounce of energy we had to go into our week with energy and enthusiasm, and if we’re being honest, sometimes we felt like we had a bad Case of the Mondays.

This is where The Monday Minute comes in! Sometimes, we just needed a few minutes to help us refocus, recharge, and get our hearts and minds in the right place to kick off our week, so we created The Monday Minute to do just that for other photographers. Each Monday, you’ll get to hear from us and what we’ve learned in our journey that”ll help empower and encourage you to be the very best you can be, from shooting suggestions and client relations, to blogging strategies and finding a good work-life balance, and more! If you’re not signed up for our newsletter, please SIGN UP TODAY! We’d love to connect with you on a regular basis with ideas that’ve shaped us as people and professionals and revolutionized our marriage and business forever. Our hope and prayer is that this newsletter would be a blessing to you at the beginning of each week, so that instead of dreading Mondays or getting the Monday Blues, you’ll look forward to an email from people who care about you and want to make you better so that our industry can continue to grow and thrive in a healthy way!

Wanna kick your week off right and commit to never having a Case of the Mondays again? Sign up below!



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