On January 1, we made a resolution to exercise. Together. Three times per week.

And guess what?

We went to the gym together for the first time this year… LAST NIGHT.

Yep. Today is February 11.

You see, we’re really good at planning and researching. Exceptional at spreadsheets and organizing. Fantastic at analyzing and evaluating. So much so, in fact, that we could tell you all the latest workout plans. Their positives and negatives. The benefits and drawbacks. P90X versus Insanity. Cardio versus weight training. Thirty minutes versus sixty. We’ve had all the information. The whole time.

So why didn’t we get going? Why didn’t we start?

To be honest, it’s because sometimes it’s easier to talk than walk (pun intended). To have ideas, opinions, and theories but not real-world experience. Call it information overload. Say it’s paralysis of the analysis. Explain it however you might. It’s not good, because it meant that while other people were forty days into their fitness goals for the year, we were experts in something we weren’t even doing.

If we’re not all careful, can’t business be like that, too? We think we need an entire client management system… before we have clients. Or we agonize over the buffet of products to sell… before we’ve sold one. Right now, we’re at the salon (together, of course!) getting our hair done for our VACATION next week (wahoo!) and our stylist and friend who just launched a church this year said something so on point to this conversation that we have to share it with you. Keep in mind, too, that the church that she and her husband launched has only been open one month (and they’d originally planned to wait to open it six months to a year from now). Here’s what she said, “You know, we don’t have it all figured out yet. I’m sure there are some spreadsheets we need and things we just don’t know. But we’re learning as we go and doing one new thing each week to get better. Over time, it’ll all add up.”

Is that so true, or what? Can you imagine if Monica and Chris had waited until they had a full worship band before they held their first service instead of a soloist? Or enough room to separate the kids by grade instead of two rooms of older and younger ones? Or a big enough congregation to pack a stadium?

We can tell you what would’ve happened: a hundred people wouldn’t be showing up every Sunday, having people smile, welcome them, hug them, say their name, and tell them, “You are loved. You belong.” A hundred people — every weekend — would’ve missed that chance to experience God’s goodness through His people.

Because of decision paralysis. Spreadsheets and research. Or the fear that we’re not good enough yet. And what a shame that would’ve been.

Now, you might not be a pastor, but odds are, if you’re reading this blog, you’re a photographer, or creative small business owner, or someone who’s thought about doing something new and big and brave, but maybe you haven’t started yet. Like us, maybe you’re waiting for the “perfect” time. Or you feel discouraged because someone else is farther along.

Why not start today? Instead of trying to have your business organized like a Fortune 500 company before you’ve made five hundred dollars. Instead of hiding behind the fear and excuse of “having everything figured out.” And instead of sitting on the sidelines one more day — like we did with the gym — being experts on physical fitness from the couch.

Just jump. Just start.

Because the will to succeed has to come before the way.

According to research, the number one factor of people who retire wealthy is this: they save. It’s not the rate of return on their investment. It’s just the fact that, month after month, they do something that most people don’t do, because all the information about stocks and mutual funds doesn’t do any good if you don’t put your money on the table and get into the game and actually invest. The greatest rate of return in the world doesn’t matter if you waited until retirement age to finally invest.

Last night, we went to the gym. For an hour. It wasn’t perfect. We didn’t run like marathoners or do every lift in the world (much less technically correct). The sit-ups were a little rough and the stretching was short-lived and painful. We probably could’ve burned more calories, but most of the time, we were just trying to catch our breath. And everyone in the gym was better than us at something.

But we started. And we’re glad we did. Because this morning, we’re actually a little lighter (and sorer!) than we were the day before. And that’ll make it easier to go back tonight.

The details? We’ll figure those out along the way. Because we broke up with perfect. We just wish we would’ve done it sooner.


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    Glad we are all getting in shape for our trip! ha!! Great job you two! And even if you were 45 days into your workout routine like I am, it's still TOUGH. I did the hardest workout in my program on Tuesday night and it still hurts to turn my head today. We got this guys! xoxo

    Amy & Jordan

    Haha the struggle is real!

    Jacqueline Simmons

    Yesss. Love that your posts are so relevant to anyone in any industry, not just photography! This is totally what I needed to read as I start to venture out with my Yoga business ????

    Amy & Jordan

    So glad it was helpful! We can't wait to see you kill it in that Yoga industry!


    Oh my this was such a great read for me today! I am just about to launch a small business (online clothing store) something I have dreamed about for years but never knew when to take the plunge. Well now I am ready to launch the site and sitting here thinking about all the things I should do first to be better prepared, before I have even sold a single item. You are so spot on.

    Amy & Jordan

    We're so happy it was helpful as you embark on your new adventure! Good luck, we can't wait to see how it goes!