Happy Friday, friends! Just for today, Friday Fun is going to be in a different format! Welcome to Friday Fun: Snapchat Edition!

Like we announced last week in this post, we’re officially snapping on Snapchat! If you haven’t caved yet, hopefully we can convince you to come over to the dark side because we’re having a blast.

We’ve been loving it for a lot of reasons, but here are three big ones:

First, it’s been really refreshing having a no-pressure, just-for-fun type of social media where pictures don’t have to be edited, nothing has to be hashtagged or perfectly captioned and we can just click a button and post. We’ve been loving sharing all the little things in life. It’s like one big version of Friday Fun, just running all the time!

Second, we think about you guys a lot. And talk about you a lot, too. And sometimes we just want to share what’s on our mind and tell you things. Helpful things. Encouraging things. Funny, off-the-cuff, un-curated things. All kinds of things. In the past, we’ve kept a list for a future blog entry, a Monday Minute email, or the right Facebook or Instagram post. A lot of times, though, we’ve just forgotten, ran out of time, or moved on to something else — and we missed a chance to connect with you. We don’t want that to happen anymore. You matter too much to us!

For longer ideas that need the ink, we’ll definitely keep writing. Of course! We love writing. So don’t worry, this blog isn’t going anywhere! But Snapchat will be like an ongoing, everyday conversation full of heart and humor; and even help us help you with what we’re learning in our business and life, too.

If you’re not on Snapchat yet, this week’s Friday Fun is for you! Here’s a sampling of last week’s snaps. We organized them by the four cities we visited in the last week. We won’t post replays on our blog like this often, so make sure to join right now if you haven’t yet and follow us at “amynjordan.” Not and just “n!” Haha! That’s what we get for signing up too late! But since this is the first week, we thought it would be fun to bring Snapchat to the blog! See you soon!

— Video #1 • Thursday
Speaking at the Tide Talk in Los Angeles, CA

— Video #2 • Friday & Saturday
Shooting Two Weddings in Arizona + Flying to Chicago

— Videos 3 & 4  • Sunday & Monday
Speaking at the Reset Conference in Champaign, IL

— Videos 5 & 6 • Tuesday & Wednesday
Visiting Friends in Indianapolis, IN

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    YASS to being nice to servers + everyone in the service industry. You guys just won me over for the billionth time!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! You're the best!! Thank you!


    This is exactly how I got my husband hooked on you guys, in a matter of one week. By getting him to watch your snaps. Then lured him onto your blog. He now uses Expensify and MILEIQ, thanks to you! Cause he wasn't listening to me...lol Now, his like, "Well Jordan said to do this".... Last night he made a comment about how Amy is always so happy, he asked if she's always like that? I said yup! She is! And we love it.

    For anyone else that hasn't gone to the dark side, you should right away! You're missing out!

    Amy & Jordan

    Wow! We love this!! Thank you so much!


    You guys look like you are having so much fun! Love reading your posts!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much!! Gotta have fun!