Goodness! Where do we even begin with these two? We met Liz and her hilarious mom at the El Chorro “I Do” Experience earlier this year, and amidst the hundreds of brides and grooms walking through the boutique open house, we spent an entire hour just talking with them. And laughing. A lot. It was no different the first time we met Herb for coffee one evening after work. Or when we got together for their engagement session at Papago Park. There’s no shortage of fun in their life. That we can tell you!

even if they aren’t looking forward to their engagement session at first, they always bring their “A” game for the woman they love

Liz loves sunflowers, too. Like, really loves them. So she brought a small bouquet (and the cutest hat that you’ll see in outfit two!) to hold in her hands. Sometimes small, cute props like that add just the right touch to a session! Something we learned pretty quickly about Liz and Herb is that Herb and Jordan are both trouble-makers together. Two of Amy’s nicknames for Jordan are weasel and rascal — and one of the things Jordan always loves is when we gets himself a part-in-crime while out shooting. And, friends, he found that in Herb!
 But, that doesn’t mean the boys can’t pay attention and get to work, too. Once the cameras went up, Herb turned it on for Liz. That’s maybe one of the things we appreciate and admire most about our grooms: even if they aren’t looking forward to their engagement session at first, they always bring their “A” game for the woman they love. The best part? By the end of our time together, Herb said the same thing all of our guys say, “That was actually really fun!” Of all the compliments we could ever get as photographers, that’s maybe the most touching one.

Liz and Herb, thanks for the laughs, guys! We absolutely loved our time with you and are giddy about these engagement photos. You two are SO cute in each other’s arms and the camera just couldn’t get enough of you! We were already excited for our wedding together next spring, but this put things over the top! We hope you love these highlights as much as we loved shooting them. Let the countdown to next March begin!

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p.s. Photographers, if you want to take your engagement sessions to the next level, check out the Engagement Session Style Guide we send to our amazing brides and grooms, like Liz and Herb!

the GEAR USED for this SESSION…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 85 1.2
Canon 100 2.8
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    Liz & Herb

    Amy & Jordan!! We are in aww of these photos. They are breathtaking!! Thank you so much for capturing these & making this session so fun. We are truly so lucky to have you both apart of this beautiful journey with us :) we are SO excited for our big day in March! We love you both!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! We love you both!! We can't wait!! Hugs!!