The sun was setting behind the mountain, tucking away and turning in for the night, all the while giving the desert shore one final golden glow rippling across the water. They sat in the back of his truck. Looking out across the horizon. Dessert and a bottle of wine. The only witnesses to one sweet first date — in every sense of the word.

You see, he loves to fish, but it was her joyful smile, bright eyes and kind spirit that reeled him in, and his steady, stable, strong love for her that kept him.

It wasn’t long before they were back on a shoreline. Another one. In a different place. With pine trees surrounding them instead of cacti — and much cooler air. The winds were so cold and cutting that she bundled up to stay warm and watched from a distance as he put more bait on the hook, swung the fishing pole back and let the line fly into the blue.

Within seconds, he felt a tug. He grabbed the handle tightly. He cranked the reel. The rod bent a little bit. But he kept fighting whatever was on the other end of the line. A small struggle ensued. He called her over to see it — just in case it was a big one. With the wind still whipping, the cold air biting and his girlfriend standing beside him shivering, something small appeared out of the water that he’d never seen before, she didn’t expect, but he knew was coming.

A note. With a ring. And four words written on a piece of  paper: Will you marry me?

Meghan and Mark, thank you so much for sharing your special place with us on the lake and adventuring into new places, too. From the moment we met you for coffee, we knew that God had a special plan and purpose for your life together. Watching you be in love in the place your first fell in love is something we’ll never forget, because it felt like we got to re-live the past, be in the present see your future together all at the same time. We love you both and can’t wait for your wedding next spring. There won’t be a lake, but there’ll be love and, like a famous singer once said, that’s all you need.
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    Jackie Dyer

    I actually have tears in my eyes over how beautiful their pictures are! Thank you Amy & Jordan for capturing the start of a lifelong love between them. Amazing work!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!!! Thank you so much Jackie!! We love these two!!

    Urška Majer

    These are so gorgeous! That golden light, the lake and the gorgeous couple are a perfect match for gorgeous photos :)


    That ring shot is golden!


    Love how the blues on the groom and the pinks on the bride worked with the lake and desert colors.


    Love how the blues on the groom and the pinks on the bride worked with the lake and desert colors. Brilliant.