Happy Monday, friends! We thought about starting this post with capital and letters and exclamation points to share all the details of one of the biggest, most exciting accomplishments of our career that we announced on Friday– and don’t get us wrong, we’re thrilled! — but then we remembered:

  1. Honestly, we ain’t that great. God is. And it wouldn’t be a faithful use of this moment if we didn’t acknowledge that everything we have and all that we are has mostly to do with Him, and little to do with us.
  1. We have a lot of other people to thank…

Starting with our parents and grandparents, who sacrificed in every way people possibly can so that we’d have opportunities that they never did. We will never take that for granted.

To our friends who keep us laughing, our pastors who keep us grounded, our mentors who keep us going, and our brides who keep on trusting.

To our online friends. To you. Yes, you, right there, reading these words on your screen. Thank you, from the bottom of our heart, for letting us share our life with you. For connecting. For caring. Some of you we know. Most of you we’ve never met (in person). But you’ve touched our life with your comments, likes, messages, and emails. And we’ll never forget it. Thank you for being such a big part of this journey with us! You’ll never know how much it means to us!

Okay, now for a deeper look into the the big news…

Our photos are in PEOPLE MAGAZINE! Gah!! Is this real life?!

Last weekend, we photographed Glee’s Heather Morris’s wedding at the Old Canyon Ranch in Topanga Canyon, California, and People Magazine printed three of the photos for an exclusive (that sounds so fancy!) in this week’s edition.

Today, thanks to Heather and Taylor’s willingness to share a little bit more with her fans and our readers (she has a lot more, believe us!), we’re publishing a small sampling of our favorite moments and memories from a wedding that we can’t believe we had the pleasure and privilege to photograph.

Heather and Taylor, you could’ve had anyone, but you chose us. For that, we will be forever honored, humbled, and oh-so grateful. We love you both – to use what seems like a fitting comparison – more than Mr. Shu loves his Glee Club crew.

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0002

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0001

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0004

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0005

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0003

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0006

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0007

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0008

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0009
Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0010

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0011
Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0012

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0013

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0014

Heather Morris Official Wedding Photographer_0015

Los Angeles Engagement_0074 Los Angeles Engagement_0075

It’s hard to believe that it was this month two years ago that we were leaving our jobs as full-time elementary school teachers to make the leap and pursue our dream of running a wedding photography business together. Wanna catch up on our story? You can do that by clicking here, or taking a peek into the Pink Slip Files:

Intro: What Are the Pink Slip Files?
No. 1: Failing Pre-Marital Class & Otter DNA
No. 2: Sink or Swim
No. 3: Turning Off the Lights
No. 4: Leave a Message at the Tone
No. 5: Chocolates, Mystery Shows & Honeymooning
No. 6: Cutting Coupons & Wal-Mart Jeans
No. 7: Paper Chains of Memories
No. 8: Dancing on Bar Tops
No. 9: Man’s Best (Feline) Friend
No. 10: Confessions of a Waffle Fry
No. 11: What’s So Important About Shoelaces?
No. 12: Breaking Records… Like It’s 1924
No. 13: Why We’re Not as Classy as We Thought
No. 14: A Letter to My Only Starbucks Lover
No. 15: The Night We Killed Someone (Kind Of)
No. 16: Lord, It’s a Fire!

To see Heather’s maternity session that we photographed featured in the online version of People, click here.

    Cinnamon Wolfe

    So fun to watch you guys do what you do! Congrats!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks, friend! You're always so supportive and it feels so good!

    very beautiful! <3

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks so much!

    Amanda Manupella


    Amy & Jordan

    Ahh!! Thank you so much!! <3

    Ashley Ziegler

    I can't believe you photographed her wedding!!!! That is SO amazing!!! I love Glee... so very much :) hehe, and BEAUTIFUL photos!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Eek! Thanks so much Ashley!! :)