Sea salt air. A light mist of rain. A warm cup of coffee and our coziest sweaters. Mmmmm, yes. This is the way we’d like to start every Friday morning, please! We’re writing to you from the b-e-a-utiful San Diego, where we’re spending a little time  before we head up the coast for our L.A. wedding tomorrow! (We can’t wait to share more about that wedding soon, but for now, let’s just say it’s going to be extra special for us!) We came into town yesterday, and just can’t believe it’s only sixty degrees here. In MAY! This is straight-up winter weather for us desert dwellers, so needless to say, we’re loving every minute of it.

It’s crazy to think that this week kicks off almost six straight weeks of travel for us! In the next six weeks, we’ll be in San Diego, L.A., Boston, Nantucket, Richmond, D.C., Fredericksburg, Virginia Beach, Sedona, Flagstaff, Nashville and Denver! PHEW! We’ll have just a few days home here and there in between those cities to finish up our last four weddings of the season, and with all that’s on our calendar, we’re looking for little windows in our schedule to sneak in some recharge time. We feel so incredibly thankful to be busy doing what we love, but we also have learned that we’re so much better at our job when we remember to build in time that is rest and fuel for the soul. The days that leave us feeling refreshed and re-energized. So we snuck those into our calendar the next six weeks whenever we could, and yesterday was one of those days for us!

We strolled hand-in-hand exploring Balboa Park, a beautiful part of San Diego we’d never seen before, and we had this surreal moment where everything seemed to hit us all at once. It was just two years ago when we were teaching in next door classrooms, dreaming of what our life might be like when we could finally say goodbye to our day jobs. Two years ago, our Thursdays were full of routine. The same thing every day. We loved those kids, but we were feeling drained there. We felt so called to this business that we spent every spare minute we had pouring into our dream. We were determined. We were hustling. We were sleep-deprived. And while our current to-do list is never-ending, and the work load is just as demanding as we imagined it would be, now our Thursdays are different. Every day is different. This business has brought us so many gifts, invaluable relationships and incredible life experiences, ones better than we ever could’ve dreamed up for ourselves. And so here we were, hand-in-hand on a Thursday admiring the gorgeous architecture and unique greenery of San Diego. We drove down to the bay and watched the sun set over the ocean. We got caught in a rainstorm on our way to Little Italy, snagged two cozy, dry seats at the bar and ordered handmade pasta (two different dishes to share). We finished the night at a dessert shop that sandwiched ice cream between fresh baked cookies, a recommendation from one of our best friends on the planet, and as we drove back to our hotel, we were just overwhelmed with thankfulness. It can get so easy for us to get caught up in the calendar and the inbox and the to-do list and miss what God has blessed us with, all the gifts right in front of our noses. But yesterday, we got to slow down long enough to stop. And breathe. And take it all in. And we are just so thankful. So, we wanted to ask, what are the gifts that are right in front of your nose? Do you ever take them for granted, too? We encourage you, friends, to join us in slowing down this weekend, just long enough to take it all in.








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    Wow, what a beautiful place to be, and it is wonderful that you have sometime to enjoy the trip just to yourselves. I enjoyed the "tour"!
    I am so looking forward to being in your class in Virginia Beach in June !!!!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks so much, Judith!! We CAN'T WAIT for June!! So excited! See you there!! :)


    I think I know what wedding you were there for (I was searching one of my favorite magazines for your names this weekend!!!)...I cannot wait to see the photos!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Did you guess right?!?!?!