The end of the year always ends up being a really reflective time for us. A chance to look back at where we’ve been and figure and where we want to go next. What we want to do. And what we’re thankful for.

Six years ago, when we got married, before we’d ever held a professional camera in our hands, and before being photographers had even crossed our minds, we thought we had our life alllll figured out. Amy would teach elementary school while Jordan got his law degree. Then Jordan would get a job at a law firm, Amy would quit teaching and we’d start a family. We’d live separate lives from 9-5. A simple, quiet life of “stability.”

In hindsight, how thankful we are that God’s plans are so much better than our own. Because our own plans would’ve meant missing out. On this. On a family we could’ve never seen coming, but are so glad did. One at a time. Over time. The AJ Bride and AJ Guy family formed from nothing… into something.

AJ Bride_0028

Something we cherish.

This Sunday, we continued a tradition that we started last December: having an annual AJ Bride Christmas Party for our brides and grooms past and present. And just like last year, it was awesome. Unlike last year, this one was even bigger. Shooting forty weddings this year has grown our #ajbride (and #ajguy) family to almost double it’s previous size — and we couldn’t be more grateful. For each face in this first photo and those who couldn’t be there, too. (Especially the guy in the top center making the funny face. Who happens to be related to us. Because he married our one and only little sister earlier this fall. Take a look. A good, long look. Oh goodness… THAT’S part of the gene pool now. At least we’ll get some height out of it, right Austin?)

One of the most common questions we’ve been getting lately is: “So, what do the next five years look like for you guys?” Our response? We don’t know exactly, but if it leads to anything half as good as this, we’ll consider ourselves blessed.

Because we already are. Beyond measure.
AJ Bride_0029 We can never get together without sneaking in some time for some updated photos! Everyone needs a good Christmas card photo by a cactus, are we right?!

AJ Bride_0002
AJ Bride_0003 AJ Bride_0004 AJ Bride_0005 AJ Bride_0006 AJ Bride_0007 AJ Bride_0008 AJ Bride_0009 AJ Bride_0010 AJ Bride_0011 AJ Bride_0012 AJ Bride_0013 AJ Bride_0014

A special thanks to Kathleen and Aaron for opening up their home to this huge crew and being such sweet hosts! Another special thanks to our #ajbride, Vanessa, who is also a photographer! She and her husband traveled from their home in Texas (which. made. our. year.) and snapped this photo for us!

AJ Bride_0015 The AJ Brides!
AJ Bride_0016
The AJ Guys!AJ Bride_0017After the photos were done, we played our favorite group game, Fishbowl, around the bonfire. The charades round is obviously Jordan’s favorite. AJ Bride_0018It was a lotta laughs at first…AJ Bride_0019 AJ Bride_0020 AJ Bride_0021But let us tell you… things got COMPETITIVE between the girls and guys as it got down to the final round.AJ Bride_0022 AJ Bride_0023 AJ Bride_0024

AJ Bride_0026 AJ Bride_0025

When it was all said and done… after three long rounds… the girls won. By a point. Because the guys aren’t fools! #happywifehappylife
AJ Bride_0027The whole crew! We’re pretty proud we fit everyone in this photo without one chair!  We might just need a wider lens for next year’s party if we double again, because forty times two is… a lot! We are so thankful for each and every one of these faces (and the ones who couldn’t make it too).

And our 2015 AJ Brides post just wouldn’t be complete without the video that has Amy crying EVERY time she watches it. This is one of the most special parts of our new website, and it felt like the perfect way to end this post!

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    Love this idea so much!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks so much, Elizabeth! We first got the idea from our friend, Katelyn James!