This week marks Andrea & Ryan’s first wedding anniversary! To celebrate and relive the magic, we’re sharing their full wedding blog post and our favorite  image from their wedding day with an explanation of why we love it so much!

We knew right when we snapped this frame that it was an instant classic. It’s rare to be able to get behind the altar when a moment like this is happening, because we’re both in the aisle getting the bride’s and groom’s reaction as she’s coming down the aisle. Sometimes we’re not able to get behind the altar at all, because of venue restrictions, or the time between the bride arriving at the altar and the handoff happens so fast that we’re not about to run around to get this angle.

At this wedding, though, Andrea’s dad stood at the altar with her for a few extra moments while the pastor made a few announcements and said a prayer, so we had time to capture their reactions coming down the aisle, and then run around behind the altar to capture this moment. Kisses happen so fast that there’s only one image like this one from the entire day, but we think that’s what makes it so special, just knowing that it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime moment that we were able to keep alive forever. Andrea looks so soft, sweet, and content in this image, like she’s truly soaking up the second with the first man she loved for all it’s worth.

From a photographic standpoint, we love this image in black and white, because it draws your attention exactly where it should: through the dark suit jackets of her groom (left) and the pastor (right), and directly to the beautiful bride and her father, making it feel like, as viewers, we’re peering in on a moment through a window in time. We love this image for so many reasons, but above all, it’s special to us because we realize that nobody else had this view or perspective from the crowd, or could’ve from their seat, and we were able to show them something they never otherwise would’ve seen  — and, on a wedding day, in our profession, there’s nothing more special to us than that.

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