There’s only one woman in this world who makes every woman (and Jordan) wish she (and he) owned a pant suit: Olivia Pope.

There’s only one man we’d ever consider betting on in a fight to the death against Jack Bauer: Huck.

And there’s only one president who, despite doing everything wrong all the time, we’d vote for again and again: Fitzgerald Grant III.

We don’t watch a lot of TV, but when we do, we watch Scandal. It’s that guilty pleasure that’s got everything we love wrapped into one, like the burrito place in Phoenix that also sells Chinese food (in the burrito, if you want). She’s a high-powered, fast-paced woman who takes Washington D.C. by storm every week and sweeps us up with her. It’s one of those shows that keeps us perched, like birds, on the edge of our seat the entire time. Think knees tucked to the chest, arms wrapped around, and head cocked back just waiting for the next thing to happen.

And that time with the wrists, Internet, that time with the wrists… Need we say more? If you’re a Scandal fan, you know exactly what we’re talking about, because you just felt sick again. Non-Scandal fans, call us when you see it. Oh, those wrists…

Scandal has become an almost full-blown obsession at our house, like cookies ‘n’ cream or goat cheese (not together, of course, though it might be worth trying). We’re addicts, and since one hit’s not enough, we save up a few episodes so we don’t have to say goodbye to Olivia Pope, the Gladiators, and their white hats after only 43 minutes (plus commercials). We’ve got Olivia Pope fever, but we don’t wanna get better! So, while it’s still  in season, we’ve declared Thursdays “Scandal Night” at the Demos residence and made ourselves honorary members of B613.

We also have a new goal in life: to move to Vermont and make jam. JAM!!! 

Last week, we had Danielle, amazing lead planner for Outstanding Occasions (and fellow Scandal-fanatic), over to our place to indulge in “Scandal Night,” Olivia Pope style.

Olivia Pope doesn’t eat meals. She’s too hardcore for that. But, at the end of a long, stressful day, we can always count on her to indulge in a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of red wine. So, in her honor, we had both.

Gloria and Josh_0002

Gloria and Josh_0006

Since we had to cancel TWICE on poor Danielle before this night actually happened, and that put us in friend purgatory for a little while, Jordan made TWO homemade bruschetta boards as a peace offering, one for each missed date to make up for it. She took one bite and forgave us.

Gloria and Josh_0004

If you know anything about us, you know that no night is complete without ice cream… and if you’re going to have ice cream, you better have waffle cones. Amy’s even been known to bring HER OWN cones to friends’ houses if she knows they don’t stock them. With the amount of ice cream we’ve eaten in the past five years of marriage, Jordan’s become a world-class scooper!

Gloria and Josh_0005

Like every Scandal night, this one was full of gasps,  squeals,  wide eyes, and exchanged “that-did-NOT-just-happen!” looks. As we look through these pictures, we’re just so glad that it’s already Thursday again! To our sweet friend Danielle, thank you for being so awesome and for making “Scandal Night” one we’ll never forget! (We even blogged about it so you couldn’t!) We love you. You’re welcome.

Happy Thursday, everyone! Olivia Pope is waiting for you!

Gloria and Josh_0003

UPDATE: Jordan woke up in the middle of the night and realized that we forgot to include a few VERY important things in this post, so we’re adding them here (and we just might continue to update this every Thursday, too!

1. Where’s the Cytron card, Billy?! 

2. Whenever we’re having a bad day around here, we don’t say, “I’m having a bad day.” Instead, we say, “I’m having a David Rosen.”


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    Sabrina Nohling

    Another reason why I love you guys!! Scandal is soooo good!

    Sabrina Nohling

    Another reason why I love you guys!! Scandal is soooo good!

    Amy & Jordan

    SO good! Love you, too!

    Amy & Jordan

    SO good! Love you, too!

    Chloe Austin

    I have such a big crush on you guys now. You understand me!!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Ha ha! All we want to do is move to Vermont and make jam. JAM!