Happy Monday!

We’re flying home to Phoenix today after spending the weekend working in Tennessee (and sneaking in some quality time with friends and family too!) We shot an anniversary session for a sweet couple from South Carolina and a wedding on a 100-acre property north of Nashville near the Kentucky border, which will both be coming to the blog later this week! In the meantime, you can keep an eye out for some sneak peeks of each on our Instagram accounts @amy_demos and @jordan_demos!

What’s interesting about our time in Nashville – although not surprising, because this seems to be the case every time we travel – is that the most impactful moments on any trip are always the unscripted ones, the ones we didn’t have on the calendar. Because life happens in the in-between, doesn’t it? Well, one of those moments for us happened this weekend when someone said something so simple, yet something that took our breath away:

“Thank you for making us feel like the most important people in the world.”

Wow. Talk about feeling fulfillment with a capital F! You see, earlier this year, we were challenged at church to pray for opportunities to make a difference and prepare in advance for the chance to impact others’ lives. One person at a time. In fact, our theme for this year: The Power of One. The idea is simple when you think about it: one person has the power to do everything from changing another person’s life to changing the world – and sometimes doing the first is doing the second, or at least leads to it, right?

So, we’ve been working hard to be more conscious than ever about what we choose to bring into the world, more intentional about what we want to be all about, and, for us, it starts with smiling, encouraging and loving on others. As humans, we’re designed for community. We’re meant for it. It’s who we are. Nothing feels better than belonging. In a somewhat cold, disconnected world, we want to help bring the warmth back – and it starts one person at a time.

Who needs a smile from you this week, friends? Or a compliment? Who hasn’t had a hug in a while? It’s the start of the week and we encourage you to start it with others in mind first. Plan to love on someone. Prepare to compliment them. Go out of your way, wherever you are, to spread a little happiness and joy. It’s contagious. It really is. We find the more we focus on others, the more filled up we feel. Let’s get past the point where someone’s surprised that we were more interested in them than ourselves. Let’s make it commonplace, everyplace, to love people’s socks off. You might be the only smile they ever see or hug they ever receive in a day, too. Think about that. It’s powerful stuff. And even if the person you choose to infuse with joy this week never verbalizes it, know that you’re making a difference.

That’s the power of one. Rock it out, friends.

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    Cinnamon Wolfe

    could not agree more. I heard once before that making each client feel like they are your only client is one of the most powerful ways to build a business. It takes WORK, but it pays off. And is just the right thing to do in my opinion!! Thanks you guys!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks, Cinnamon! We're with ya, friend!

    Tim Poole

    You have relentless positivity. That is a good thing.

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! Thanks, Tim! You're awesome!