Even though we taught elementary school and spoke publicly six hours a day, every day, for years, each time we get up to teach fellow photographers, we still feel those nervous jitters in our stomachs in the moments leading up to any talk. Of course, as the natural extrovert, Jordan’s a lot more comfortable in front of big crowds. He always has been, ever since he hosted the elementary school talent shows as a first grader dressed up to impersonate Steve Urkel. Seriously. That actually happened. If we can ever find that glorious footage, you’ll be the first to see it. Amy, on the other hand, is a natural introvert who can function and appear like an extrovert because of her competitive dance background, her love for people and her teaching experience, so even though she’s grown into a confident public speaker, that doesn’t mean she’ll ever shed the butterflies that keep her company every time we head to another event where we’re expected to be in the front.

we still feel those nervous jitters in our stomachs in the moments leading up to any talk

What’s funny, is that over our years of teaching in the traditional classroom, we (thankfully!) never knew what we actually looked like while speaking or teaching. There was no one documenting our every move, so we got to happily skip through life without thinking twice about our speaking habits. But now, that has all changed! Everywhere we go, we’ve got professional photographers freezing milliseconds of time for all the world to see, and we’ve started to notice patterns. Habits. Idiosyncrasies. Unique quirks that make us, well, us. A little secret about photographing us when we’re speaking: the majority of the photos are the most unflattering,
awful things you’ve ever seen in your life. Part of the time we look like we’ve bitten into Warheads, the oh-so-sour candies that we’d buy from the creepy not creepy at all ice cream truck that waited around the corner from our school as kids. The other part of the time, we look like slow motion movie villains. It’s not a pretty sight. But, occasionally, when we’re caught doing something as it’s happening and not in-between blinks or syllables, we look semi-normal, which are the photos we share most of the time so that we don’t scare your children if they happen to walk past your computer while you’re scrolling through the blog.

The most embarrassing pattern we’ve found? Our serial jazz hands and habitual spell casting. It’s impossible for us to get through a talk without multiple episodes of each of these chronic conditions making an appearance. They’re never planned, of course. We never realize that we’re doing it, but Amy’s become notorious for forming jazz hands when she speaks enthusiastically and Jordan’s guilty of raising his hands and curling his fingers in a way that looks like he’s putting the audience in a trance. When friends pointed this out, we joked with our last audience that we should make a drinking game out of it. Okay, everyone, when you see jazz hands or spell casting, throw one back! It was a funny idea at the time, but, looking back on photos from our past events, we realized that our audiences would be drunk in the first five minutes. Not good.

This week, we had the pleasure of helping launch the Phoenix Showiteers group in our hometown and speak about publication. Here are some highlights from the evening with mostly semi-normal, photos, but you just might also spot some of our trademark hands that seem to have a mind of their own…

Amy and Jordan Speaking_0001

We gathered in our friend Elizabeth Langford’s new studio called Studio East, a beautiful space where local creatives can pay a small monthly fee and use it for client meetings and indoor photo shoots. We absolutely love this idea, love her heart and love this space! It’s such a great idea and fills a huge need in our city. If you’re a Phoenix-area photographer, definitely check it out! It’s such a cool place!

Amy and Jordan Speaking_0003

We’re pretty sure this is the part where someone in the audience suggested we create a drinking game for every time we threw up jazz or spell casting hands.

Amy and Jordan Speaking_0004

We loved sharing our five steps for getting published more. Publication has been such a blessing to our business, but it’s intimidating to get started, which is why we’re so passionate about sharing our step-by-step blueprint with our peers. And also why we can’t control the excitement in our hands…

Amy and Jordan Speaking_0005

Amy and Jordan Speaking_0006


Amy and Jordan Speaking_0007

Here’s Jordan talking about how to communicate effectively with your client to make sure you have enough time to shoot all of the details on a wedding day — and shoot them well.

Amy and Jordan Speaking_0008

SPELL CASTING!! YES!! You can see Jordan laughing in the front row as we discovered that wizard hands are clearly contagious. Before and after our talk, Field Denny, Showit’s Commnity Lead, and Todd Watson, Showit’s CEO, talked to our fellow Showiteers about all the exciting changes and updates happening at Showit. They showed us all some pretty awesome stuff, and we can’t wait to create a better browsing experience for our clients!

Amy and Jordan Speaking_0009

This is what we look like when we get called out for our jazz hands and spell casting. If we were to sum up our introverted and extroverted personalities in one photo, this would be it. Our reactions tell it all.

Amy and Jordan Speaking_0010

Umm… amazing. Our friend brought our favorite flavor of BLUE BELL as a “thank you” for teaching. We’re considering creating our own backstage rider and making this the only item on the list. You know how some rappers require speciality champagnes chilled in their rooms when they arrive in a new city or how Mariah Carey demands fresh flowers in her dressing room? All we want is a little Blue Bell!!

Amy and Jordan Speaking_0011

It was so fun hanging out with our Phoenix clan! We had such a great time hanging out with people we love in this awesome community! We’re so blessed to be part of such an amazing local crew!

Amy and Jordan Speaking_0012

A special thank you to Field Denny of Ace & Whim (and JT, too!)  for snapping all of the photos of us.

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