Happy Memorial Day, friends!

We hope you’re getting a chance to spend the day with the people you love most today! We had a rare weekend off from shooting, and it was so refreshing. We got to hang with some past brides we adore, do some big-time spring cleaning and a little big-time dreaming, too! We’re feeling recharged, revved up and ready to go this week! This morning, we took some time to reflect on the three things we’re most thankful for this holiday.

We’re thankful for freedom. 

We get to wake up every day in the best country in the world. And for that, we are thankful. We’re thankful to sleep peacefully at night. We get to snuggle on the couch in the comfort of our home and never be concerned about our safety. Or when our next meal is coming. Or if we’re going to run out of clean water. Instead, we get to dream big dreams. We get to do what we love in a business we created out of nothing more than two cameras and a dream. We get to barbecue with our families, host game nights with our friends and serve with our church. We get to walk hand-in-hand around our neighborhood at the end of a long day — together.

We’re thankful for sacrifice.

We know that freedom is never free. We’re thankful for the sacrifices of the brave souls before us. We’re thankful for each person who’s ever found out that the one they love the most is never coming home. We’re thankful for the sacrifices made for us daily. We’re thankful for our parents, who sacrificed to provide every opportunity they possibly could for us. We’re thankful for those teachers, pastors and coaches who shaped us into who we are today. The ones who sacrificed their time, their talents and their energy to help us grow. And most of all, we’re thankful for the One who made the ultimate sacrifice, and set us eternally free.

We’re thankful for love. 

We are thankful for each other. Our marriage is the greatest blessing in our life. We’re thankful for every adventure, every late-night ice cream cone, every trip around the country and every secret we’ve only told each other. We’re thankful for our love and for the love we get to capture for other people. We get to preserve a couple’s first moments together as husband and wife and help tell their love story, which will, one day, outlast them and continue to make an impact long after we’re gone. We believe that a legacy of love, generational love, an inheritance of love passed from one family to the next, has the power to transform marriages, and therefore, entire family trees. We are so very thankful for love.

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