Happy Friday, friends!

Is it just us, or did this week fly by? Or on second thought, did this entire year fly by?! We can’t believe there are only twenty more days until Christmas! Ah! We still have so much peppermint bark left to consume!

We wanted to share some big news with you…

We’re days away from closing on our first home!

Cue confetti! We are so excited about purchasing our very first home, and even though it’s become like another full-time job making it all come together, we know it will all be worth it. We’re buying the condo we’ve been renting (and loving!) for the last five years, which means we get to avoid the time-consuming hassle of attempting to squeeze our entire life into tiny little cardboard boxes, and instead focus on making this space feel like our own! We’re changing almost everything. It’s been so fun to dream up a new look for a space that we already know so well, and we can’t wait to make the transformation happen!

Our first big box was delivered this week, with new packages trickling in every day. We should really be on a first-name-basis with the delivery man by now. We just need to make up a secret-code, best-friend-style-knock and a daily high-five for him when gets to the door. Soon, we might even tell him him that Demos is pronounced “DEE-mose” and not “DEH-mos” and then tell him that plain ol’ “Amy & Jordan” would be even better. Earlier this week, we excitedly opened our first cardboard box that was bigger than both of us, but what we found was about 3,742 pieces (give or take!) that, if perfectly pieced together, might just magically turn into the dreamy piece of furniture we saw in the picture. Jordan organized every piece of wood, followed every instruction and FIVE HOURS LATER, we had a beautiful piece of furniture! Seriously, it took five hours. Amy timed it. That. is. dedication. We can’t wait to share photos when it’s all done!

We’re spending this weekend picking out paint, which is quickly becoming one of the most overwhelming decisions of our life. Burnished Clay or Crushed Ice? Old Soul or Revere Pewter? Quiet Splendor or Silver Dollar? Who knew there were so many ways to say GREY? We’ve been presented with a whole lot of #firstworldproblems in this process! We have to keep laughing at ourselves every time we have a mini-dilema over which shade of grey to choose.

If nothing else, we’re walking away from this experience feeling most impressed by the people who name paint colors. Can we get an amen? Happy weekend, friends!

Amy and Jordan_0001

Thanks to Jody Gray for grabbing this one for us!

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    Julie Wilmes

    YAY!!!!! I'm so excited for y'all, you're going to love (and sometimes hate) the whole process of owning and decorating your home. It's wonderful though and I so stinking excited for you both! :)

    Amy & Jordan

    Julie!!! Thanks, friend!!! We're so excited to share the remodel when it's done :-)