Happy Friday, friends!

We’re back in Arizona from our trip to Nashville and now we’re home for three whole weeks! Wahoo! Although we might still have a not-so-small crush on The Volunteer State’s lush green landscape, for us, there’s nothing like driving home from the Phoenix airport, seeing the mountains in the distance, and feeling the warm desert sunshine on our faces. It’s home.

Here’s a quick recap of our time in the place Davy Crockett called the greenest state in the land of the free:

Behind the scenes

We visited our awesome friends and mentors, Zach and Jody, for a few days in Franklin. We ate way too much — way too much — played LOTS of ping pong, walked through the quaint downtown Franklin, cuddled with one of the sweetest six-month-old snugglers on the planet, did a family photo session for them, and talked about business, marriage, and life with two people we couldn’t admire more.




After a few days with Zach and Jody, we stayed with our Tennessee aunt and uncle in a quintessential southern suburb called Old Hickory. We loved slowing down long enough to connect and share about life with two people whom we love dearly — and we did. It felt almost like a country song, too! We strolled along a nearby lake at sunset. We sat on the back porch, looked at the stars, and took in the cool, southern, spring night. And we explored the magnificent architecture and immaculate grounds of The Opryland Hotel, the most beautiful resort we’ve ever seen in our life. Ever. It really should be renamed The Opulentland Hotel. It’s that good.


We photographed our first engagement session south of the Mason-Dixon line on a sprawling 100-acre ranch near the Kentucky border. More on that at the bottom…



And, of course, we paid a visit to Financial Peace Plaza to visit Dave Ramsey. On Monday, we’ll have a full explanation of how we got to meet Dave and be interviewed for The Dave Ramsey Show’s online channel. It was super cool!


For now, though, we thought we’d leave you with something fun for the weekend. The groom for our September wedding in Tennessee is the insanely talented videographer who created both videos on our website, and he also happens to be Amy’s cousin, Dave Altizer. During our engagement session with him and his sweet fiancé, Laura, he carried around what we thought was a toy/antique-y camera, something he was just playing around with, but he was actually taking small bits of footage the entire time!

He surprised us with this video that shows little pieces of our time together from his perspective. We love the vintage, film-like, 1970s qualities to it, and we also love laughing at our goofy selves. There are two giveaways in the video where you can TOTALLY tell that we had NO idea he was even filming or planning to use the footage for something like this: Amy’s ridiculous faces right into the camera and Jordan’s stern, “Gimme that! Give it to me!” Since we didn’t know what Dave was doing, all we saw was a “toy” camera ruining our shot! Jordan snatched the camera from him at the tail end of the session when the light was running out and every second counted. Ha! As you will see, we are SERIOUS about taking advantage of gorgeous light.

It was such an awesome surprise when he sent it to us just hours after the session! We absolutely LOVE it and feel so thankful that he captured such a special memory with two people we love a lot. So, of course, we want to share it with all of you, too! We hope you enjoy this little slice of what it’s like to be on location for a session in the middle of nowhere with us!

If you can’t see the video below, click here to view it.

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    Annamarie Akins

    You have got to be KIDDING me with that gorgeous field of purple flowers! SO lovely!!! Also you guys are pretty cute:).

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! Thanks, friend! YES! That field was AMAZING. We can't wait to share the photos! Also, we miss you and Ryan, so get back to Connect next year :-)

    Caroline Logan

    Sounds like the most fun trip!! Love that you two can share such fun adventures together!! :) And that videoooo! P.S. You rock the statement necklace ;)

    Amy & Jordan

    Ahhh! It was SO much fun! Ha ha! Amy LOVES statement necklaces! You're so sweet, Caroline! We hope we get to see you at United next year!


    That video is awesome!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks, Darcy!!!

    Shannon Cronin

    ahaha i love this!! you guys are the best!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! You're sweet! Thanks, Shannon!