We were over-the-moon excited. The kind of excited we get when bacon and Blue Bell ice cream go on sale in the same week. That kind of excited. Why? Because photography and marriage go together like salty and sweet, that’s why! And also because anniversary sessions have become a passion of ours, just like watching Gilmore Girls or Mean Girls. We can’t get enough of either! So, when our dear friend and fellow photographer, Denise, contacted us with an idea to surprise the other half of Ryan & Denise with a ten year anniversary session, like a cool pool on a summer day, we jumped in with both feet, because we’ve never set out to be wedding photographers who sit on the sideline. We’re marriage photographers who get in the game, support couples, and document their love not just when it’s fresh, but forever.

Photographs have the power to change the world. So do strong marriages. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the only thing better that showing your children how much you loved each other on your wedding day is showing them how much you love each other every day, because the only thing better than handing your grandchildren an album of wedding photographs is handing them an anthology of anniversary ones, too, so they can see how much Grandpa loved Grandma not just at the altar, but always.

Ryan and Denise, our friends, our sweet friends, thank you for trusting us with summarizing ten years of marriage and more years of love in a few photographs. You might not know it, but your commitment to each other inspires. It encourages. There aren’t enough words in the world to convey how much we love you both, but suffice it to say we’d gladly give up Blue Bell and bacon if it’d do the trick. Okay, okay, giving up cookies ‘n’ cream and hickory smoked goodness might be a stretch — we don’t even love each other that much! —  but the rest is as true as your love. Here’s a little sneak peek at our time together…

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0001

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0002

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0003

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0004

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0005

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0006

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0007

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0008

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0009

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0010

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0011

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0012

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0013

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0014

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0015

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0016

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0017

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0018

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0019

Montelucia Anniversary Photo_0020

the Creative Team

Hair & Makeup: Sara San Marco

the GEAR USED for this SESSION…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 70-200 2.8
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