Where do we even begin with these two?

One of the best parts about this job is getting to meet awesome couples from all over the country. Alyssa and Ryan are an adorable husband and wife photography team from Greenville, South Carolina, and when Ryan emailed us a few months ago to plan a surprise anniversary session for Alyssa, we couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of it. Since we were already going to be on their side of the country for our wedding in Tennessee, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make it happen. With a five hour trek all the way from South Carolina and outfits to coordinate, Ryan couldn’t keep his secret a surprise for long, so he told her ahead of time, which we think was wise! It was so fun to hear about her reaction, and we couldn’t wait to meet them in person.

After hoping and praying that the rain wouldn’t hit at just the wrong time, we dodged the thunderstorm and had a beautifully overcast day with a thin veil of clouds draped over the sun. As for Alyssa and Ryan, they couldn’t be more perfect in front of the camera or more perfect together. They’re as adorable when the shutter’s firing as when it’s not. It’s inspiring the way they laugh together and hold each other, really. They’ve been married for two years but still have that look in their eyes, the one we all wish we had more. And can we talk about how cute Alyssa’s outfit is? Her navy dress paired with her thin belt, and statement necklace totally popped! The best part about our time with these two is that it didn’t end with the sunset. We grabbed dinner together after the session and just spent a few hours getting to know each other more and talking about business, love, life, and faith, sharing our hearts with each other and encouraging each other to keep at it.

Alyssa and Ryan, we’re so thankful that we crossed paths in person. We’re thankful that you made such a long trip and trusted us with your anniversary photos. We’re thankful for the memories we made together. But most of all, we’re thankful for your new friendship. Know that as you venture down this road in the months and years to come, you’ll have two Arizonans cheering you on every step of the way.

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    Ryan Nichols

    We have been watching all week for this! These are awesome! Thank you guys so much.

    Amy & Jordan

    Ah! How cute you are guys?! We love them, too, and you both! Hugs, friends :-)