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Kelli and Sean | Scottsdale, Arizona

Desert Engagement

Harvey Spector. Mike Ross. Lewis Litt. Alicia Florec. Annalise Keating. These are all the people who immediately came to mind when we found out that our bride, Kelli, was a big-city attorney. (Which probably just proves we know way too little about actual the actual law, and way too much about Netflix). Jordan went to law school for an entire eight weeks before discovering it was NOT for him, so …

Morgan and Ryan | Expecting | Horseshoe Bend

Antelope Canyon Session

Oh, friends! We’ve got a treat for you today!! This Antelope Canyon maternity session barely felt real! Morgan and Ryan are such a special couple to us. We photographed their wedding a few years ago (You might recognize them as some our favorite comedic relief in The AJ Bride video! Especially at minute 1:38!) and even hosted one of our summer AJ Bride parties, so when we …

Amy & Jordan • Published

Our Vow Renewal on Inspired By This

This summer, we experienced one of the most surreal moments of our entire life. In the midst of the french lavender fields, in the presence of God and of two of our best friends, we renewed our vows. The same vows we pledged to each other just seven years before, in front of our family and friends. But as we recited these vows again, they held an entirely different …

Kelli and Jon Anthony • Arizona

Paradise Valley Country Club Wedding

When we started our business, we knew that we wanted to serve joyful brides. The unexpected bonus that (in hindsight) should’ve been expected — because you rarely have one without the other — is their kind grooms and sweet families. From the moment we arrived to Kelli and Jon Anthony’s Paradise Valley Country Club wedding right here in Arizona this weekend, we were greeted with the most welcoming eyes …

Stephanie and Chris | Married

Arizona Desert Anniversary Session

Growing up in Arizona, we definitely didn’t appreciate the desert like we do now. In a lot of ways, we just didn’t think it was special. We thought every fourth grade kid in America learned about cacti, rattlesnakes and haboobs (look it up, it’s a real thing). As we got older, though, and started traveling more, we realized what Dorothy did: there’s really no place like home. And there really isn’t. The …

Annamarie and Ryan | Destination Photographer | The Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds Anniversary Session

When we think back on our life before photography, we just never could’ve imagined what a blessing it would be to us. And we’re not talking about the business. We’re not talking about the clicking of the shutter, the capturing of memories, the living out of our dreams (even though all those things are great). In fact, the most unexpected blessing that came from us picking up the camera has nothing …