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The first time we went to Europe to celebrate our five year anniversary, we thought of it as our “once-in-a-lifetime” trip. We just never could’ve imagined when we first started pursuing photography as a full-time career that it would eventually keep bringing us back across the Atlantic! We feel blessed beyond words to have clients who trust enough to fly us to some of the most beautiful …

Five Tips for Breaking in to Weddings and Breaking Out as a Wedding Photographer

How to Start Shooting Weddings

I’ll carry your bags. I’ll get you water. I’ll work for free. Those are the twelve magic words that landed Amy her first wedding and launched our career — all from inside an elementary school. Now, you might start out as elementary school teachers, like we did, but if you wanna start shooting weddings for the first time, this blog post is for you! …

A letter from Paris (and my heart)

To New Photographers

Seven years ago, I (Jordan) dropped out of law school. We were just 22. Newlyweds. It was the middle of the recession, and I’d just lost $10,000 on credits I’d never complete. Toward a degree I’d never earn. For a career I thought was everything. I burned almost our entire savings. My heart was as bitter as the taste in my mouth. I was broken. So sorry. But mostly scared.
One time, a client put an Instagram filter on one of our professional photos. And shared it. On Facebook. You know what we did? We commented. Wanna know what we said? I can’t believe you would destroy and disregard my art in this way! It says explicitly in the contract YOU signed that you do not have the …
You guys. The desert has been in rare form this month. Showing off, really. Strutting around like a proud peacock whose feathers have never been fuller. Seriously, we’ve lived here (almost) our entire life, and we’ve never — ever — seen it this green. Or lush. Or overgrown. And it’s fantastic. We know that the summer sun will scorch what the winter rains produced in just a short …

Our Course Students' Before & After Photos

Makeover Monday | No. 1

One of our favorite parts of every week this year is Monday. Why? In our Shooting & Editing Course private Facebook group, we do a little something called Makeover Monday, where over two thousand of our course students share their favorite before and after photos. It’s so exciting to see how much they’ve grown in such a short period of time. And it’s …