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Celebrating 35 Years of Marriage

The Demos Family

Welp, we did it!! A few weeks ago, the entire Demos family gathered in San Diego to celebrate Jordan’s parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. We’ve never taken a full family photo that wasn’t at a wedding, so we knew this was our chance! So naturally, we sent everyone a copy of our Portrait Session Style Guide (shameless plug!) and mandated scheduled family photos for the first full day everyone was in …
We’d been looking forward to this weekend’s McCormick Home Ranch wedding for as long as we can remember; and, for so many reasons, we know it’s one that we’ll never forget. Rachel is the daughter half of a dynamic Gilmore Girls-esque mother-daughter wedding photography team from Monterey, California. She and her mom, Laura, attended one of our first photography workshops two years ago in our hometown of Scottsdale, …

An Open Letter on Our 8th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Amy

Dear Amy, It was one of the hardest years of marriage I can remember. The best. And the hardest. Between all the adventures and fun, it was also one of the most stressful, and straining. One of the most testing, and trying. Not because of anything between us, but because of everything that swirled around us… and came right at us. Sometimes at the exact same time. The …

The Small Things That Colored Our Week

Friday Fun | Edition 18

If you’re new to Friday Fun, click here to read the first one before you get started! And if you’re already familiar with Friday Fun, welcome back! Here’s a recap of some of our favorite moments from the week, the small little things that may or may not matter, but nonetheless colored and flavored our week. –– We took a 24-hour trip to LA this week for Amy’s dad’s …

How to Work Less and Do More

3 Myths About Success

For the past few years, “successful” people on the Internet have told you THREE conflicting myths about success. Today, we’re going to unmask those three myths and tell you the truth about work and rest, so you can know how to sacrifice to win without losing it all. 1. The Hustle Myth * This myth is usually told by people to themselves at the beginning of an exciting …

Aaron and Jen Olmstead | Scottsdale, Arizona

Desert Family Maternity Session

Some people are easy on the eyes. Some people are good for the heart. Jen and Aaron are both. We met Jen for coffee at a Starbucks in Las Vegas (it’s less shady than it sounds) during a photography conference two years ago. We don’t remember exactly what she was wearing. We’re also sure it was black and gray tones with her signature red lipstick. Warm …