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A Cabin Weekend in Flagstaff, Arizona

Our First Time in the Snow

We always have to explain to people who don’t live in the southwest that since we live in the desert, the snow never comes to us. We have to go TO the snow. Which, up until a few weekends ago, we’d never done together. In over twelve years of our relationship, we’ve never been in snow! The more we thought about this, the more ridiculous it seemed. Because… 1. Just two hours …

5 Tips for Photographers

How to Rock a Windy Session

When you’re an outdoor, on-location photographer, weather can just get in the way sometimes. Whether (pun intended) it’s rain on a wedding day, extreme temperatures or another curve ball from mother nature, the weather can really put a literal and figurative damper on your session — and you can’t always just cancel and reschedule. Sometimes you gotta have a Tim Gunn “Make it work!” moment. But it’s easier if you …
One of the goals we made this year — that want to make a permanent habit going forward — is to continue to read more business books. We’ve shared our recommended list before, but that list is constantly growing for us. Because what we’ve found is that reading sparks creativity in us. It gives us inspiration. Practical takeaways and motivation to take proactive steps toward growth right when …

Lindsay & Casey • Published

L’Auberge Sedona Wedding on Wedding Chicks

Last fall, our wedding season kicked off with Lindsay & Casey’s L’Auberge Sedona wedding, and boy, was that a way to begin! Have you ever met someone that you’re convinced was a Disney princess in disguise? That’s exactly how we felt from the moment we met Lindsay. It was like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White all combined to be one super princess. We wouldn’t have been surprised to see …

Education for Photographers

7 Tips for Shooting Weddings in the Rain

One of the reasons we love Arizona? Sunshine. Vitamin D, baby! It’s good for the skin, the soul and shooting too — and we get lots of it. In fact, when people ask us how we deal with the summer heat (which basically feels like living in an oven), we tell them, “Some places get blizzards of snow. We get blizzards of sunshine. You just have to pick you poison.” We …

Photographed by Annamarie Akins | St. Simons Island, Georgia

Our Spanish Moss and Driftwood Beach Portraits

This month, we got to start the new year with a little retreat with two of our most cherished friends on St. Simons Island, Georgia. We already blogged all about our trip: the marathons of Settlers of Catan, the picnic on the beach, golf carting around the island, late night conversations in our PJs (you can catch up here!) and we already blogged the portraits we snagged …