We're Amy and Jordan

Husband and wife photographers,
speakers, and educators based
in Scottsdale, Arizona

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It’s that time of year, and Jordan and I currently have EIGHT, count ’em, EIGHT boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in our possession! You’re thinking ah, what suckers, they can’t say no the the uniform patches and the pigtails outside the grocery store, but you’re wrong. Being teachers we’ve had to learn how to muster up the courage of a sweet “no, thank you” to every …
Patrick is a senior at Joy Christian School, and if you ask me, he could be the poster child for their school. This guy belongs on their brochures. Not only does he stop traffic in his letterman jacket, he also happens to be a star athlete, senior class president and homecoming king. Seriously. He’s that good. We met in Downtown Phoenix to take his senior portraits, …
When I was eight years old, I bought a Lisa Frank diary. Girls, you know you remember Lisa Frank. Bright rainbows. Neon dogs, pandas, unicorns and anything else that would make a boy want to throw up. Lisa Frank. I would insert the mini key into the heart shaped lock and open up to a blank page of rainbow colored paper. I didn’t know how to start a …