I’ll never forget being crammed into the tiniest, messiest bathroom together on the last day of our family vacation this summer. Surrounded by a pile of damp towels and bathing suits and a week’s worth of sandy clothes crumpled up on the floor, I handed you the test. Your eyes welled up with tears and mine got wide when those two little pink lines changed our entire world in the matter of seconds. We gasped (quietly, so nobody else in the rental house would hear) and laughed and cried and held onto each other so tight.

The rest of the summer didn’t go quite how we expected, but you handmade me electrolyte drinks, and kept a never-ending supply of crackers by my bedside. You instinctively held my hair when we had to pull over, spent hours upon hours researching the best prenatal vitamins and you were even willing to watch two full seasons of Project Runway with me when I couldn’t get out of bed. You ran out for late night tater tots when it was the only thing I could eat and held my hand during every doctor’s appointment.

And now? You talk to my belly every night and want to take a new picture of me every day (even the days that I don’t feel very picture-worthy) because you tell me I’ve never looked more beautiful. You hand me granola bars every two hours on wedding days and carry all the bags, and then the next day in church, you rest your hand on my stomach throughout the whole service just in case he decides to kick.

You’re already planning the things you want to teach him and the kind of man you want to grow him into, and I get teary-eyed just thinking about how lucky our son’s future wife will be one day. Because he gets YOU as a dad. And today, as we celebrate your birthday together for the fourteenth time, I want to wish a very happy birthday to the man who makes me so excited to raise one. I’ve never loved you more.

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    Amber Dickson

    Aww how sweet.. Happy birthday Jordan..


    Happy happy birthday Jordan. Love your message Amy. Love you guys. God bless you both xx

    Alyssa Cortez

    I am in tears. You have such a beautiful love and I just know that you two will be wonderful parents. I like to think my husband would have done those same things had he been able to and I start crying all over again wishing he could have been with me for everything... but duty called. From my family to yours, all the best, Amy and Jordan and Baby Demos 💕 Happy Birthday Jordan 🎂


    I am so basing my future relationship/marriage on you guys. I love your relationship, and how much you respect and cherish each other. And Amy, you're the prettiest mama!
    You're both going to be amazing parents. God Bless you both!
    And happy birthday, Jordan!!!

    Anjanette Baskin

    You guys are beautiful in every way... Happy belated birthday Jordan!