Oh, friends, these photos are so special to us! We’re so excited to share them with you! Our annual AJ Bride Party has become a tradition that we look forward to every single year, and every year that goes by, it just gets that much sweeter!

We are so incredibly thankful for each and every couple we’ve had the honor to serve over the years. It’s funny… because, as we’re out and about in our everyday lives, when people find out we’re wedding photographers, one of the most common comments we get is, “Oh man! You work in the wedding industry?! I bet you deal with A LOT of bridezillas! You probably have SO many horror stories!” and we can’t help but laugh every time we hear that because, honestly, we DON’T! People are shocked when we tell them we just don’t get bridezillas! And they’re even more shocked when we tell them that our clients feel less like clients and more like family.

And this beautiful family is GROWING. If you look closely at this year’s picture, we had SEVEN BABIES at this year’s AJ Bride Party –– with two more on the way! And that’s just including the couples who could make it in person this year! 2017 has been a serious EXPLOSION of “AJ Babies” and we keep joking we need to get little onesies made for all of them! Future #ajbride, anyone?!

The reason we say these parties truly get sweeter for us every year is, every year that goes by, we’re catching up with couples who’ve been with us from the start all the way up to some of our newest additions. We even have a few veterans who’ve been able to attend ALL FOUR YEARS (!!) which is just the coolest thing in the world. When we look at these photos, and think about each couple (plus all of our couples who live all over the country and the ones who can’t make it to these little gatherings!) we just feel overwhelmed with gratitude. These guys are the ones who make our job the best one in the world.

Last year, there were TWO babies at the party. This year there were SEVEN. Over three times as many! If the math keeps up at this pace, we’ll be counting on over TWENTY little ones at next year’s party! Haha! We guess we’ll just have to wait and see! Until then, enjoy a few of our favorite shots from the AJ Bride 2017 Party!

We can never seem to squeeze everyone into one shot! But we’ll never stop trying! Squatting for a photo also gets A LOT harder holding a baby. Especially TWO babies. Well played, Dani. We see you, girl.

One of our favorite things to do at the party is grab a few updated photos for each couple as our Christmas gift to them. It’s always SO fun to get them back in front of our cameras, whether it’s been a few months or a few years!

And no AJ Bride Party would be complete without attempting these big group photos! With all these babies (and some pretty strong wind!) it’s a miracle these came out!

Always love seeing our brides from multiple years all coming together in one photo! It makes it feel like our wedding!

The fellas!

Jordan = sandals in December.

And the whole big family! If only you could’ve seen Jordan’s mad dash from the tripod to the back row with a ten second timer for this shot. He looks so calm, right?

We’re so thankful for all of these sweet couples!

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    Renee Weyant

    I've followed you two for so long! I hope to take one of your classes soon. Lovely people, and lovely work!! <3

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much, Renee! We hope to see you in our courses soon! :)