When we started our business, we knew that we wanted to serve joyful brides. The unexpected bonus that (in hindsight) should’ve been expected — because you rarely have one without the other — is their kind grooms and sweet families. From the moment we arrived to Kelli and Jon Anthony’s Paradise Valley Country Club wedding right here in Arizona this weekend, we were greeted with the most welcoming eyes and warmest hugs. From our bride, but also from her groom and their mothers.

we knew that we wanted to serve joyful brides

The wedding industry and cable TV are filled with reality shows about brides that couldn’t paint a more distorted picture of the clients we have the chance to love every year — and this September has been such a good reminder of that, and we’re more than grateful. Because the coolness, calmness and collectedness that Kelli showed from her getting room to the ballroom isn’t what Lifetime tells you brides are like. And the tears the streamed down Jon Anthony’s face when he saw her for the first time (and again at the altar) isn’t what Family Guy says husbands are. And the tight-knittedness of their families after only knowing each other a short 
while isn’t the competition over community the world expects will happen when two groups are blended for such a big occasion. Yet, we didn’t expect any different, because from the moment we met Kelli and John Anthony together for their engagement session, we knew they’d not only been cut from some of the best genetic cloth out there, but it was obvious and apparent that the fabric had been well-knit and tended to over time. In light of all that, Jordan still argues that since Jon Anthony’s Italian and not Greek, and therefore his people didn’t invent philosophy or mathematics, he’s lacking a little bit — but other than that, we couldn’t love these two more.

Kelli and Jon Anthony, it’ll be hard to ever forget the kindness and joyfulness we felt between you and from you at your wedding, because it was palpable. We love you both and hope you love seeing your story through our eyes as much as we loved telling it.

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the creative team

Day of coordinator: Andrea from ARH Design & Events

Venue: Paradise Valley Country Club

Band: The JJs • Bride’s Dress: Mariee Bridal • Bridesmaids’ dresses: Jenny Yoo • Catering/Cake: Paradise Valley Country Club • Donut table: Shine Events • Floral Design: Flower Studio • Groom’s Ring: Hamra Jewelers • Groom’s Suit/Tuxedo: Hugo Boss • Groomsmens’ Suits/Tuxedos: Mens Wearhouse • Hair and makeup: Amanda Victoria Beauty • Invitations: Beacon Lane • Linen: La Tavola Fine Linen • Officiant: Liz O’Brien • Paper Products: Freed Hands • Photographers: Amy & Jordan

OUR GEAR: CANON 5D MARK III • CANON 50 1.2 • CANON 85 1.2 • CANON 70-200 2.8 • CANON 100 2.8 • CANON 24-70 2.8 • CANON SPEEDLITE 600 EX-RT • ENTIRE GEAR LIST

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    These are absolutely incredible! Thank you for everything you did to capture all of these sweet memories.