Oh goodness, guys! Where do we even begin?! You are in for such a treat today! After a nice summer break, we officially kicked off our fall wedding season last week, and we could NOT have picked a more perfect way to start! Lindsay and Casey’s L’Auberge Sedona wedding was a total dream.

Fair warning before you keep reading any further: prepare for photo overload!

We had SUCH a hard time narrowing down the images for this post that we needed extra time just to get it ready. And even when we narrowed things down with a fine tooth comb, we STILL ended up with one of the biggest blog posts we’ve probably ever put together! But when you see these photos, we think you’ll understand.

Lindsay and Casey are two of the sweetest, most joyful people we’ve ever met. They both radiate love and warmth. From the moment we sat down to meet them, we knew they were going to be a special couple, and after their engagement session, all our suspicions were confirmed. Lindsay’s laughter is infectious, and when you combine it with Casey’s kind spirit and the way these two love each other, it’s all we could ever ask for!

They both radiate love and warmth

As soon as we met their families on their wedding day, Lindsay and Casey quickly made so much sense. Their family and friends were so unbelievably warm and kind. They welcomed us with open arms and even made Amy tear up a few times as they went out of their way to express their gratitude and make us feel like part of their family. We’d been looking forward to their wedding for quite some time, especially because it was our very first wedding at L’Auberge Sedona, which is a gorgeous resort nestled in the red rocks of northern Arizona. Even though we love  
photographing weddings in our usual desert home venues, it was a fun change to trade our cacti for tall trees, red rock and a creek. Lindsay and Casey were such amazing sports about hiking over big boulders (and mud!) to get to a photo spot we fell in love with, and didn’t even flinch when we asked them if they’d be up for the challenge. On a day that was supposed to be all about them, they spent their day caring about everyone else, making us and everyone around them feel so loved and appreciated, while enjoying every. single. second. of. it.

Lindsay and Casey, thank you for reminding us why we feel so blessed to get to do what we do. It’s couples like you that make this the best job in the world.

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the creative team

event design: Simply Elegant Events- Kim McFate

venue: L’Auberge

Band: Satyr Entertainment Tucson • bride’s gown: Gigi’s Bridal • bride’s shoes: Kate Spade • bridesmaids’ dresses: Joanna August • cake and catering: L’Auberge • floral design: Events By Showstoppers • furniture rental: Classic Party Rentals • groom’s ring: Stagehand Designs • groom and groomsmens’ tuxedos: The Groomsman Suit – New York • hair and makeup: Sedona Beauty Team • invitations: Brie Dumais Designs • photo booth: Crazy Shotz • photographers: amy and jordan • videography: Serendipity Cinematography • additional decor: Modern Aquarian

OUR GEAR: CANON 5D MARK III • CANON 50 1.2 • CANON 85 1.2 • CANON 70-200 2.8 • CANON 100 2.8 • CANON 24-70 2.8 • CANON SPEEDLITE 600 EX-RT • ENTIRE GEAR LIST

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    Angela Fields

    My goodness, she is positively radiant! Her smile and laugh (and of course the blonde hair) reminds me of Kate Hudson. There is so much joy and love emanating from these photos, you guys are incredible! :)

    GiGi Bridal

    No words! Amazing!!!! Gorgeousness all over!

    Mylah Renae

    What a joyful couple!!

    Jaclyn Hamric

    WOW! looks like a fairytale! Pinterest Perfect!

    Sarah D

    Stunning photos! One of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen! Great work

    Wow - Congratulations Casey & Lindsay! You both look amazing, your celebration is stunning, and the smiles are you faces tell an amazing story about your love for each other.

    Amy & Jordan - I can't even put into words how beautifully you have captured this day. I really need a 'pin all' button for this one because there isn't a single image I wouldn't love to add to my pinterest inspiration boards.
    I truly admire how you bring out the best in your clients & their big day. I can't wait to learn more from you at a workshop soon.

    Tatyana Lee

    The bride is model status! So gorgeous!!!

    Amy & Jordan

    She really is! Thank you!