Happy Thursday, friends! Since we had a double-header wedding last weekend, it’s a double wedding blog week for us — and we’re so excited to share Meghan and Chris’s Four Seasons Scottsdale Troon North wedding photos with you! Ever since their fairytale desert engagement session (one of our all-time favorites!) we’ve been looking forward to getting these two back in front of our cameras. They are full of JOY and the desert glow just loves them!

We felt extra spoiled this weekend, too, because we had a dream design team in Whitney Lewis of Some Like It Classic and Randi Eshelman of Carte Blanche Floral. They’re some of the best in the business, and make our job so much fun! The Four Seasons looked like it was straight out of a DREAM. We were in photographer heaven.

Meghan and Chris, we started smiling before we even arrived at your wedding on Saturday, because we knew we were going to get to see you. We didn’t stop smiling. All day long. Because your happiness and joyfulness is the best kind of contagious. Luckily, for everyone who spends time with you, it’s impossible not to catch it. That was evident in the eyes and attitude of everyone we met at your wedding. They were, in so many ways, reflections of you. Thank you for your overwhelming kindness ( your bridal party to your families, too!) for making us feel like friends and not just photographers. You are the kinds of people that make this job a dream job.

As you look at some of our favorite highlights from your wedding today, tomorrow and fifty years from now, we hope that you always remember the spark that lights a fire between you, brightens every room you enter together and helps everyone around you shine brighter, too. We love you both!

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the creative team

wedding design: whitney lewis • some like it classic

floral design: carte blanche

venue: four seasons scottsdale

band: sapphire sky • bride’s dress: luv bridal • bridesmaids’ dresses: lulu’s • cake and catering: four seasons scottsdale • ceremony church: St Bernard of Clairvaux • furniture rentals: classic party rentals • groom’s ring: kay jewelers • groom’s tuxedo/suit: menguin • groomsmens’ tuxedos/suits • menguin • hair: kasie spilman • invitations: sheri gruver at minted • linen: la tavola fine linen • makeup: leiah scheibel, the sparkle bar • transportation: Dunn transportation and aries limo • videographer: produco films 


    Oh my goodness! This is lovely! That color palette is amazing — and what a joyful, beautiful bride!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much! :)

    Hiliary Stewart

    So inspired once again!!! This was a stunning wedding! I can't wait for the workshop in January!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! Thank you so much!! We can't wait to have you!!

    Hiliary Stewart

    So inspired once again!!! This was a stunning wedding! You are a light in the photography world! I can't wait for the workshop in January!