We’ll never forget the first time we sat down with these two over coffee to hear all about their engagement story and future wedding plans. She had the biggest, giggliest, most joyful smile. It was infectious. He was quiet, sweet and so supportive. It was clear she was an #ajbride (and that together they were an #ajcouple!) Best friends. Inseparable. Just like us. Over that next year, we followed them online. Instagram, to be exact. To concerts. On boating trips. And everywhere in between. Nothing had changed since our first meeting. If anything, they’d grown closer together. More in love, if that was even possible. So it didn’t surprise us — not one bit — when we showed up on the wedding day, and the biggest, giggliest smile greeted us again from the makeup chair, in a cute robe with a big hug. Do you know what else didn’t surprise us? That her mom, her mother-in-law-to-be and bridesmaids were the same — because birds of a feather fly together. And we loved this flock.

Hillary and Chad, we have a lot of things to thank you for. So let’s work backwards. First, thank you for having a donut bar as your dessert table. Our drive home from a wedding has never been so much tasty. Second, thank you for all of your love and support of us over the past year. Your encouragement and excitement about having us at your wedding made us feel like the most important people in the world even though it was the most important day in yours. We’ll never forget that. Third, thank you for trusting us with this milestone and these memories. Here are just a few of our many favorites. We hope you love reliving them through our eyes as much as you loved experiencing them through your own.

Lastly, keep being you, okay? The world needs more of it.

colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0046 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0003 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0004 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0005 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0006 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0007 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0008 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0009 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0010 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0011 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0012 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0013 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0014 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0015 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0016 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0017 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0018 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0019 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0020 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0021 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0022 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0023 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0024 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0025 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0026 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0027 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0028 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0029 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0030 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0031 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0032 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0033 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0035 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0036 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0037 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0038 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0039 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0040 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0041 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0042 colorful-omni-montelucia-wedding_0043

the creative team

wedding planner: a day to cherish 

venue: omni montelucia

band: desert breeze strings • bride’s dress: maggie sottero • bride’s shoes: audrey brooke • bridesmaids’ dresses: david’s bridal • cake: la dolce pesca • floral design: fabulous floral designs • groom’s ring: shane co • groom’s tuxedo/suit: men’s wearhouse • groomsmens’ tuxedos/suits: mens wearhouse • hair and makeup: hair by kaylee kauffman • invitations: minted • officiant: patrick iachetta

filed in: Weddings


    This is oh so pretty! Love the pops of color!
    Do you edit your photos in Lr or Ps?

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much!! We use light room!

    Lisa King

    Beautiful pictures! Everything looks so pretty! I may be biased because I'm the mother of the groom!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much!! Aw! We love him!