When we think back to the start of this crazy adventure, seeing one of our images printed on a full-page in Martha Stewart Weddings was never something we could’ve imagined.

It wouldn’t have even been on our radar.

We didn’t even know that “white balance” was a thing.

All we knew was we loved what we were doing, and we wanted to keep doing it, together. There were, and are, so many days in this business where we work as hard as we possibly can and feel like we’re no further along than we were the day before. Days where we feel nothing but exhausted and depleted. Where we’re just digging and digging and barely look up from the overwhelming pile of work in front of us.

But there are also so many days full of joy. And fulfillment. And every once in a while, there are moments that cause us to look up. And stop. And just soak it all in. Moments that remind us that we’ve come along way from that time in our life when we didn’t know the difference between aperture and shutter speed. And that while seeing our work in print has never been the goal or the mission, and we don’t believe that industry awards and accolades are the benchmark of true success, we also think it’s important to stop and celebrate the moments that we couldn’t have even dreamed of when we first got started.

So today we just want to encourage anyone else with a dream that feels big and scary, and completely out of reach. Whether it’s running a photography business, or something else entirely, we’re living proof that we’re all capable of doing things we never thought possible.

So keep going. Keep digging. Keep pushing. And most of all, just keep dreaming, friends.

We’re so honored to see this gorgeous cake designed by our friends at Ruze Cake House for our AJ Workshop, in collaboration with the talented team at Outstanding Occasions and a custom cake topper created by Idieh Design featured in Martha Stewart Weddings this season.

martha weddings_0001

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