Happy Wednesday, friends! Yesterday we shared our photos from the first part of our trip in Italy, and today we’re sharing photos from our first three stops in France: Paris, Bordeaux and the tiniest little town out in the French Countryside.

When we booked Ashley and Troy’s ten-year anniversary in Italy, we soon found out that some of our best friends from Virginia, Katelyn and Michael, were going to be shooting an intimate wedding in France JUST A FEW DAYS LATER! What are the chances?! The timing was unbelievable. So the four of us decided we’d meet up in France and then go explore Europe together for a week after their wedding. Since we had a few days in between Ashley and Troy’s anniversary session and Katelyn and Michael’s arrival, we decided to “wait” for them in Paris (which might just be the best spot in the world to “wait!”) We got SO many great recommendations from our friends on what to do in Paris on Instagram and Facebook, and we hit as many as we could! It was so fun! Here are a few of our favorite spots:


Rue Cler – It’s only a ten minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, and it’s become our favorite little street in Paris. One of our sweet grooms who lived in Europe first told us about this gem of a street before our last trip, and since then it’s become a can’t-miss stop for us. You can walk down the street and find everything you need for a perfect Parisian picnic: fresh fruits, baguettes, cheeses, wine and even gelato. There are also really cute cafes with great service that make for cozy afternoons of good conversation and people watching.

Luxomberg Gardens – Even though our “picnic” here ended up being under a bench in the pouring rain, this was one of the prettiest spots that we hit for the first time on this trip.

The Eiffel Tower had been transformed into a “fan zone” for the EuroCup, and since Jordan played soccer all the way through college, he loved getting to experience watching a game with other soccer fans from all over the world. And the surrounding view wasn’t bad either!

Bordeaux – We’d never been to Bordeaux, but we read that it had been nicknamed “Little Paris,” and as soon as we got there we saw why! The architecture is just as beautiful and the side streets are just as charming. We didn’t really have an agenda while we were there, but loved spending the afternoon exploring the heart of the city. The Public Gardens were definitely our favorite part. That evening, the crowds got bigger and louder, and before we knew it, we were following people into a huge fan zone for the EuroCup! A stranger painted our faces with French flags, and for just one night, we pumped our fists in the air and chanted “Viva France!” with all their soccer fans.

French Countryside – Again, just like Italy, one of our favorite experiences ended up being staying at a bed and breakfast. We found this AMAZING 14th century chateau for a STEAL and loved interacting with the kind man who hosted us there. He welcomed us with a glass of wine and made us feel right at home. In the mornings, classical music would play throughout the house while we indulged in fresh croissants, fruit and coffee.

Strolling through France, Amy sang Beauty and the Beast songs often (and even roped Jordan in once or twice) but he paid her back by making her come up with French words to earn her eclairs. Thanks to a perfect recommendation from Michael, we set up Spotify with the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack, and as that music played in the car while we drove through the French countryside, there wasn’t anything in the world we’d rather be doing. It felt like a dream.

Bordeaux_0001Bordeaux_0024 Bordeaux_0003 Bordeaux_0004Bordeaux_0025Bordeaux_0002Bordeaux_0026




Bordeaux_0036 Bordeaux_0020Bordeaux_0011Bordeaux_0037 Bordeaux_0012 Bordeaux_0017 Bordeaux_0014 Bordeaux_0034Bordeaux_0021 Bordeaux_0010Bordeaux_0023 Bordeaux_0038 Bordeaux_0039

For those of you who aren’t on Snapchat yet, here are our snaps from this leg of the trip!

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    Bisou- kiss in French! For your next eclair

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! Thanks, Katie!

    Jessica Mosley

    Europe is amazing and you two are so cute! I really love the snapchat compilation at the end with the singing finale! My favorite Disney princess. ❤️

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! Thank you!!!