We always get asked, “What’s it like to shoot your best friend’s wedding?” Well, today, you’ll get that answer! Instead of just telling you about it, we thought we’d show you a little glimpse of what it looked like when Amy was both a bridesmaid and a photographer this weekend. If you haven’t seen Melissa and Braedon’s real blog post, stop what you’re doing, and catch up here! Trust us, it’s a swoon-fest! And we have to warn you, these photos will NOT be as dreamy as those ones, but WILL probably be some fun. So here’s a little look at life behind the lens this weekend!

When Amy said she was shooting in her jammies, she was NOT exaggerating. It was a very Risky Business kind of morning in the bridal suite.

Behind the Scenes_0001

Luckily, she gave herself plenty of time to shoot all of the details before hopping in the hair and makeup chair, and still enjoy a little hot chocolate with the crew! Melissa made the cutest personalized mugs and gifted all the bridesmaids matching flannel jammies, which was so sweet and perfect for her winter wedding!

Behind the Scenes_0002
Naturally, we had to grab a few cute shots with our jammies and hot chocolate. Jordan is officially a pro at taking girlie photos.

Behind the Scenes_0003 Behind the Scenes_0004

This is one of Amy’s favorite shots of the day. Jordan caught Amy having a “THIS IS IT!” moment with Melissa during final touches.

Behind the Scenes_0005

Bonus fun fact: If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you know that our crazy-talented makeup artist, Arielle, did Amy’s makeup at our wedding, when Melissa was a bridesmaid for us! Full circle moment!

The key to being a bridesmaid in your friend’s wedding is to have another photographer you trust implicitly. Luckily for Amy, she has Jordan, who rocked ALL the girlie photos like a pro.

Behind the Scenes_0006 Behind the Scenes_0007

But Amy couldn’t resist shooting some of the bridals!

Behind the Scenes_0008

Walking to, setting up and capturing the first look was so fun.

Behind the Scenes_0009 Behind the Scenes_0010
And then it was on to posing instruction and some serious dress fluffing.

Behind the Scenes_0012
“Just hold your arms like a ballerina, like this.”

Behind the Scenes_0013 Amy still took lead on the posing throughout the day, and Jordan took all of the bridal party and family portraits, just like normal.

Behind the Scenes_0014

During bridesmaid photos, Amy organized and posed the girls like she aways does, and just left a hole for herself to slide into at the last minute.

Behind the Scenes_0017
Gosh, Amy is so bossy.

Behind the Scenes_0018

There she goes again.

Behind the Scenes_0019

That moment the back of her dress came undone. Now she’s just holding up the show.

Behind the Scenes_0020

But it was all worth it.

Behind the Scenes_0022

The other trick to success on a wedding day is WEAR FLATS. Trust us on that one.

Behind the Scenes_0015One of the coolest moments was getting to stand alongside our VERY FIRST #ajbride EVER, Jackie! Our oldest #ajbride and our newest, in one photo! We’re so thankful she took a chance on us and trusted us with her wedding day back in March of 2011, and while we aren’t going to say too much right now, this might not be the last time you see her cute face on this blog!

Behind the Scenes_0016

We’re so thankful that we had the amazing ladies of Ashley Gain Weddings helping to make sure everything run smoothly. Ashley and Courtney were so helpful all day and jumped in wherever they were needed, including some serious ring bearer wrangling and boutonnière pinning!

Behind the Scenes_0023 Behind the Scenes_0024

Jackie wasn’t the only AJ Bride at Melissa’s day! Remember Ashley’s wedding?! She was a guest too and looking absolutely GORGEOUS! So great to see her again! Amy snuck in a super quick photo before heading down the aisle.

Behind the Scenes_0025 Behind the Scenes_0026

In the rush of the day, we’re so glad we took a second to grab one shot of all four of us!

Behind the Scenes_0027
During the reception, Amy entered as a bridesmaid, shot the rest of the special moments like toasts and dancing with Jordan, and then joined the party for open dancing and photobooth fun.

Behind the Scenes_0028 Behind the Scenes_0029

All three AJ Brides in one photo!

Behind the Scenes_0030

And a really cool test shot pose. Amy Cool Demos right here. And some awesome photo bombers.

Behind the Scenes_0034
Jordan made sure that Amy soaked in time to just be a friend, and she loved every minute of it.

Behind the Scenes_0031

Jordan with Andy and Jackie, our first couple EVER, at the end of the night! Love these two!

Behind the Scenes_0033

And we HAD to grab a photo of these four. If you remember Melissa’s epic proposal on a cliff, then you remember these girls, too. These four ladies spent every day in college together, and this is our cabin weekend crew where it all started. We all got to be in on scheming Melissa’s proposal, and it was so fun to celebrate her marriage together this weekend. If you haven’t seen the proposal story yet, grab some tissues and click here!

Behind the Scenes_0032

So that’s it! Our little glimpse behind the scenes! If you want to see the final product, you can check out Melissa and Braedon’s real wedding day blog post by clicking here! Enjoy!



    Haha so much fun! This wedding is swoon worthy. The light for those portraits!!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Ah! Thanks Nicole! And yes! The sun came out just in time! :)

    Jerren Julien

    This was a great story! I'm going to be in the same situation this upcoming June for my cousin's wedding which I'm the photographer and a groomsman. Reading about your experience made me feel better thinking that IT IS possible to do both. Thank you. Looking forward to more stories.

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks, Jerren! It's definitely possible! Our best advice is to make sure you have a super solid second with you so that you can release certain things and still enjoy the day as a cousin too :) Good luck!!


    This is just the sweetest! I loved how you managed to blend the two worlds while still making your friend feel special. Y'all are too cute!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw, thank you so much Michelle! It was such a special day for us! <3