Dear birthday boy,

This is the 13th time I get to celebrate your birthday with you. The thirteenth time I’m going to sing you an out-of-key birthday song, insist that calories don’t count today and remind you that I’ll always be nine months younger than you.

Speaking of singing…

1. I remember one of the first times we were ever in a car together. I was seventeen. The radio was on. And it was then I discovered you CAN’T SING. Not even a little bit. Not even one high note on key. After having the world’s biggest crush on you, I was really relieved to discover you weren’t entirely perfect 🙂

2. Now my favorite thing to do is drive around with you and sing Hamilton at the top of our lungs. The fact that you take the sappy Eliza ballads (and belt them), then let me take the hardcore Lafayette raps, reminds me daily why we’re best friends.

3. There is one place, however, where your singing voice sounds 100% PERFECT to me. And that’s in church. Your heart for Jesus, and your desire to love and serve people like Him, makes me fall a little more in love with you every day.

4. My other favorite thing about you singing around the house is hearing your *creative* interpretation of popular song lyrics. You sing what you hear, which means Taylor Swift doesn’t have a long list of ex-lovers. She an “only Starbucks lover.” Michael Jackson isn’t a slave to the rhythm. He just spotted a snake… in the river. (I think life would be a lot more boring without you).

5. I know people will think this is cheesy. But you are really the one who makes my heart sing. Thank you for always taking care of us. For making me laugh. For letting me be Lafayette. Thank you for managing our calendar and scheduling the oil changes and heating up my lattes when they get cold. Thanks for being the first one to suggest ice cream. The first one to make dinner. And the first one to believe in us. Thank you for affirming me daily and making me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Even when my hair is full of dry shampoo. You are my best friend on the planet, and I thank God every day that I get to be your wife.

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