We’ve had the privilege of spending this week in Nashville with this sweet family we cherish, and as we were looking back at previous blogs from past mini-sessions with The Grays, and read what we wrote, we realize what we’ve been saying about Zach and Jody for years only becomes more and more true to us the more time we spend with them. We’ve been so incredibly blessed by their friendship, and really, what we wrote last year, we want to share again today because with every year that goes by, we just feel more and more thankful.

The Grays were the ones who taught us how to use our gifts to truly love and serve others

The Grays were the ones who taught us how to use our gifts to truly love and serve others in this industry. They showed us through their words, but more importantly, their actions, that putting others first should always be our first instinct. No matter who. No matter what. That we should find out and focus on what we can do for other people, not what they can do for us. That we should make it our goal to build so many other people’s businesses that we put ourselves out of business. And to never
forget to be proud of where we come from and point to the God we love. Everything they encourage us to do for everyone else, they have also done for us. Selflessly. Without reservation, hesitation, any kind of quid pro quo or question asked. They’re constantly encouraging us, teaching us, challenging us and cheering us on. It’s discipleship at its purest. At its best. They continually pour into us, and it’s because of people like them that we’re able to pour into others with all our hearts.

They were really the ones who made us believe that there was room for two more photographers in Phoenix when we didn’t think there was; and then they were the ones who encouraged us that there was room for two more educators on a national level when we thought that level just didn’t need us; and our life has been changed forever, in large part, thanks to them, because they’ve never believed that success was for the chosen few. They’ve always believed that’s it for those who choose.

And without them and others who lit lanterns along our road or stoked the fire within us along the way, we might still be working a day job instead of living our dream.

How do you even begin to thank someone for that?

We’ve realized the best way we can is by paying it forward. By being a latern-lighter and a fire-stoker, too. So that, together, we can change more lives for the better.

The most special part about this year’s session that we shot alongside another one of our cherished friends, Katelyn James, is that last year, Miss London was still in Jody’s belly! So it was beyond special for us to get to finally meet her and see that precious smile! It’s been such a joy to document this sweet family as they grow. Their family is bursting at the seams with more laughter, more joy and more personality than ever, and we had a blast with them. We made total fools of ourselves, (think ridiculous voices, candy bribes, animal noises, the works), and while we don’t usually do family sessions, but we’ll always make fools of ourselves for Z&J! Here are just a few of our favorites.




Zach and Jody Gray Family_0001 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0002 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0003 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0004 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0005 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0006 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0007 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0008 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0009 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0010 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0011 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0012 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0013 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0015 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0016 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0017 Zach and Jody Gray Family_0018


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    First off, you two and the Greys are my favorite married photographers to follow. Second, your work inspires me.
    This family session is beautiful. I love the light and genuine interaction the Grey family has together in every shot.

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! Thank you so much!

    Oh where to begin.

    First up, the Grays...how adorable of a family are they. I mean seriously! They are such beautiful people inside with hearts of gold and then you put them in front of the camera and you see the beauty of their family (inside and out) and their love shining through. Thank you so much for sharing them Amy & Jordan!

    And Jordan & the croc hunter, thank you for the very animated behind the scenes on snapchat. You killed me!

    I can't wait for my own upcoming visit to the Gray's this summer and hopefully a trip to AZ in the near future too.

    Amy & Jordan

    They really are!! We just love them!!

    Ha!! So glad to have you following along!!

    Jodie Brennan

    Wow, these are amazing, you have captured such love! The one of their little boy standing by himself and laughing made me smile so much! Beautiful photography, beautiful subjects.

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much!! They really are that beautiful inside and out!