Christina and Jason are two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. The epitome of good, old-fashioned, midwestern manners and kindness. We’d never met in person before their engagement session — because they live in Omaha, Nebraska full time — but when Christina emailed us a few months ago to inquire about a desert engagement shoot while they were out visiting family in Scottsdale (our hometown just outside Phoenix!), we jumped at the chance.

When we were little, we didn’t appreciate the desert as much as we should’ve. We thought we lived in a pile of brown dirt filled with land you couldn’t explore or play games in, tress you couldn’t climb (cacti) and dangerous animals with fangs (rattlesnakes). As we’ve gotten older, though, and more mature, we have a different perspective: Arizona is one of the most unique and special places on the planet. It’s the greenest desert in the world. It has beautiful hiking trails, breathtaking mountaintop views, pastel-colored plants and golden sunsets. There’s no place like it. We love it. And we wouldn’t rather live (or photograph) anywhere else in the world.

It’s really different from the plains of Nebraska, as you know, which is what made getting these two in front of our cameras so much fun. The desert decided to gust forty-five-mile-per-hour winds during most of our time together, but Christina and Jason stayed calm, cool, collected and patient. As a result, we were able to get some stunning shots with the Beyonce windblown look when the winds were light and treat it like a typical session when the winds were in-between whooshes. The result? A session we’re really proud of, because we got to send two sweet people home with sweet photos together — and there’s not much sweeter than that.

Christina and Jason, thank you for spending the afternoon with us, for braving the wind and (at times) wild weather. We loved meeting you, hope you took our brunch recommendation and went to Snooze and wish you all the best for your wedding this October.

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    Always breathtaking!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you!!

    Katelyn James

    loving this red rock! You have to unearth the ground to find that here!!!!!! Beautiful you guys!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you!! Love you!!


    You both are adorable! You look so happy! The photos are fantastic!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much!


    Your work is always so stunning!!! Beautiful beautiful photos!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you! :)