One of the things that we love about photography is this: no two shoots are ever the same — and Kendra and Will’s desert engagement session was no exception! So much so that we’re calling it the “Palm Tree Engagement Session” because we were able to do an entire set in something that didn’t resemble Arizona at all. In fact, we all joked that it looked more like Dubai or some Middle East oasis more than the desert southwest. Mostly because of the water. It’s PRETTY rare out here to get desert mountains, palm trees AND water in the same shot, but we’re glad we did, because Will grew up in the south; and he loves water, so it’s personal for him. We love his accent and listening to him talk — (Kendra, be honest, is that partly how he nabbed you?) — so, the way we see it, we all came out winners.

We’ll never forget sitting down with these two over coffee earlier this spring to talk all things wedding plans. One detail in particular stood out though, that had nothing to do with weddings: we share a mutual love for Disney. We probably spent the first half of our time together swapping our top childhood movies and characters, and debating and discussing our favorite rides at the park. For the record, Amy’s is “Peter Pan” (on the classic side) and Jordan’s is “Soaring Over California.” I think we all agreed that the food is crazy over-priced, but the Mickey Mouse ice cream bars are ALWAYS worth the price. But beyond the rides, the food and the movies, when we think of Disney, we think of happiness; and we couldn’t be happier when we’re around these two.

Kendra and Will, we’ve been looking forward to this for months and months, and we’re so glad we finally were able to make it happen. You two look absolutely stunning in every frame. We were already so excited for your wedding early next year, but this put it over the top for us. The next time we see each other, you’ll be in a white dress and he’ll be nervous to see you for the first time, and we can’t wait. Because if you’re half as joyful on your wedding day as you are in everyday life, you could pass it out as a party favor and you’d still have more to go around. Until then, have the best time in Anaheim this week. Have a Mickey Bar for us!
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    Ashley Ziegler

    Umm... how gorgeous is that pink dress on her!?!? :)

    Amy & Jordan

    It really is!!!


    Oh my!!! These are stunning images and want an awesome looking couple! As I live in Florida of course I love this palm tree session!! Amy and Jordan you guys rock! I love your work!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much, Robin!! You're the sweetest!


    Oh my!!! These are stunning images and what an awesome looking couple! As I live in Florida of course I love this palm tree session!! Amy and Jordan you guys rock! I love your work!