Harvey Spector. Mike Ross. Lewis Litt. Alicia Florec. Annalise Keating. These are all the people who immediately came to mind when we found out that our bride, Kelli, was a big-city attorney. (Which probably just proves we know way too little about actual the actual law, and way too much about Netflix). Jordan went to law school for an entire eight weeks before discovering it was NOT for him, so other than commiserating about what it’s like taking the LSAT, streaming court room dramas is all we’ve got! Nonetheless, we loved having someone to exchange law show jokes with over Skype and email the last few months. Kelli and Sean both have such a great sense of humor, and we clicked right away during their Skype session this summer.

Kelli and Sean came all the way from their home in Washington DC out here to Arizona, just for the weekend, to sneak in their desert engagement session, so we were extra thankful that we got the most beautiful weather (which can be pretty unusual here in September!) over the short time that they were here. We had so much fun getting to spend time with them in person, and getting them some quintessential
desert shots (making sure to include lots of Kelli’s favorite type of cacti: the prickly pear fruit!) We cannot WAIT for their beautiful wedding at The Royal Palms with the talented Kayla from Some Like it Classic this spring! We always look forward to teaming with her and photographing her gorgeous work, and we know that especially with Kelli and Sean, their day is going to be an amazing celebration.

Kelli and Sean, thanks so much for fitting this session (and a cross-country flight!) into your crazy schedule! We loved every second of our time with you two and will be counting down the days until we get to see you again! Until then, we hope you enjoy a few of our favorites from our time together!

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