There’s so much to write about these two, we almost don’t know where to start! Anne came to the AJ Workshop last year and we absolutely fell in love with her quick wit and sweet, soft heart. She’s like a real life Gilmore Girl. We’ll never forget our time at the workshop with her, because she sat in the front row and laughed — or at least pretended to laugh — at all of Jordan’s jokes. She and Amy have that in common. At the time, she was dating Chris, but they weren’t engaged yet. She told us (and all the other workshop attendees), “I think it’s coming soon!” When it did, she said, we’d be her first call. She was going to be the first AJ Workshop alumnus and AJ Bride — and now she is! And let us tell you, friends, it was one of the happiest emails we’ve ever received! Chris is an amazing man who loves Anne the way every woman deserves to be loved. He’s strong, solid and supportive. It was a true pleasure to watch them interact together at their engagement session at the Winshape in Rome, Georia, where we were attending the Connect Marriage Retreat the same week.

Funny story about that…

She’s like a real life Gilmore Girl

Since Anne and Chris live in Baltimore, Maryland (and are getting married there) we needed to do their engagement session either near us, or near them. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any plans to be on the East Coast and they didn’t have any plans to be in Arizona before their wedding this December. But, since we were going to be in one of the most beautiful places in the South, they decided to snag a few plane tickets and come to us! In the weeks leading up to the shoot, up until the night before, in fact, the weather showed heavy thunderstorms and rain during their sunrise session time. And, to make matters worse, since they’d already purchased flights and we had a conference to attend all week, we couldn’t reschedule. So, we did what we do: prepared for the worst and hoped for the best — and these two had the best attitude about it and said, “Whatever happens,
happens! If we get drenched, we get drenched.Let’s do this!” Seriously? How awesome is that? It’s one of the things we love most about AJ Brides. They’re up for anything! Well, we prayed all week, and asked everyone we knew to pray all week. Jordan even caught Amy in prayer saying something to the effect of, God, I know you’re really busy, and you have a lot going on… and I know that in the grand scheme of life this doesn’t matter… but if it doesn’t make a big difference to You, or doesn’t change Your plans in a huge way… could you PLEASE stop the rain for a few hours? And lo and behold, He did! We woke up Tuesday morning and even though there were thick clouds covering the sky, the rain had stopped — and we’re so thankful it did, because we LOVE these two and how their photos turned out!

Anne and Chris, dang. We are so excited to come to Baltimore this winter and shoot your wedding! We can’t wait to laugh with you for a whole day, instead of just a few hours. We love you both and hope you love your pictures as much as we do. It’s fun to see your laugh, Anne, and you look at her, Chris, captured like this — because it’s exactly how you are in real life, too. Let the countdown begin! It’ll be here before we know it! Here are just a few of our many favorites!

Georgia Engagement Winshape_0024
Georgia Engagement Winshape_0002 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0003 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0004 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0005 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0006 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0007 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0008 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0009 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0010 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0011 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0012 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0013 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0014 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0015 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0016 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0017 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0018 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0019 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0020 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0021 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0022 Georgia Engagement Winshape_0023

the GEAR USED for this SESSION…

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 50 1.2
Canon 85 1.2
Canon 100 2.8
Entire Gear List

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    I teared up a little reading this! I'm SO glad it didn't rain you guys out. You two made them look great. Love them, Anne! <3

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! Thank you! We love them!

    Christen Eastman

    These are stunning!! You two are so cute. Such a beautifully written story too

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much!