They walked hand in hand. The Connecticut air was crisp and their dreams had never felt bigger. She looked up at the house as they walked towards it and began to picture all of the memories they’d be creating there together. Because, to her, this wasn’t just a house. It was the house they’d be calling home. These were the four walls they’d raise their sweet family in. She could almost see their kids running through the halls. Filling each room with laughter. The new house was full of so much promise. She was so focused on the excitement of all that was to come that she never even suspected that there might be some extra special waiting for her just beyond their new front door.

As she slowly swung open their new front door, she stopped. Took a breath. Her eyes opened wide as she took in the sight in front of her. Balloons. Everywhere. Every corner of the room was filled with balloons. Flowers, too. He’d planned the perfect way to welcome her to their new home. She smiled her infectious Megan smile, the one he’d fallen in love with, as he set up a photograph to remember this moment. He handed her the keys to their new house, and when she looked down at her new house key, she didn’t even notice that her key was sparkling a little more than a key could ever sparkle. He prompted her to look a little closer. It was then that she noticed a breathtaking diamond ring attached to the key. Tears filled her eyes as he asked her to be his wife in the place where they would start a brand new chapter of their story.

We fell in love with Megan and James the second we “met” them over Skype. Megan is so full of joy and James couldn’t be a more kind, loving guy. We started talking about their destination Four Seasons Scottsdale Wedding with the talented Whitney of Some Like it Classic, and we knew right away we’d be counting down the days to get them in front of our camera. Megan has the best taste, and we were basically in photographer heaven as she showed us her fresh bouquet of flowers, floral crown and furniture from Prim Rentals. We had so much fun showing off their gorgeous desert venue and capturing all the love between these two! We have SO many new favorites and cannot WAIT until their wedding day!

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    Oh wow, these are gorge. <3 As always!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you!! <3

    Nilo Burke

    OMG!!!! I've died and gone to heaven!!!! These are gorgeous, and what a beautiful bride to be! That's one lucky groom!!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you, Nilo!! They're both amazing!


    These two are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside! A&J captured their amazing relationship! Awesome pics!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! Thank you so much!! They really are!!

    Tatyana Lee

    Such a gorgeous couple!


    Such a gorgeous couple!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! Thank you!