One of our favorite things about being desert dwellers is showing other people around our beautiful state. Allison and Aaron moved from Texas to Arizona last year but are getting married in the Lone Star State next spring. So even though we won’t be able to go to Dallas to shoot their wedding, when she contacted us for an engagement session in their new home state, we jumped at the chance!

Guys, we loved laughing with you two for a few hours. Allison, your giggles are infectious. Aaron, you couldn’t be more of a Texas gentleman. To top it all off, you had plans to go two-stepping after our time together — and, unlike us, you’re actually GOOD at it. We can’t even imagine the way you’ll burn up that barn at your reception in just a few short months! If there’s a videographer, please send us the tape. Until then, here are a few highlights from our time with you and the glowing sunset. You might not be from around here, but you should consider sticking around a while — because the desert looks pretty awesome on you two.
phoenix-desert-engagement_0001 phoenix-desert-engagement_0002 phoenix-desert-engagement_0003 phoenix-desert-engagement_0004 phoenix-desert-engagement_0005 phoenix-desert-engagement_0006 phoenix-desert-engagement_0007 phoenix-desert-engagement_0008 phoenix-desert-engagement_0009 phoenix-desert-engagement_0010 phoenix-desert-engagement_0011 phoenix-desert-engagement_0012 phoenix-desert-engagement_0013 phoenix-desert-engagement_0014 phoenix-desert-engagement_0015 phoenix-desert-engagement_0016 phoenix-desert-engagement_0017 phoenix-desert-engagement_0018 phoenix-desert-engagement_0019 phoenix-desert-engagement_0020

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