Oh, friends! This Annapolis Destination Engagement is special to us for so many reasons!

First, this was our first time ever in Annapolis, and we absolutely fell in love with everything about the city. The historic charm, the beautiful architecture, the water… all of it! Before we photographed our wedding in Baltimore, we got the chance to stay with our sweet friends Krista and Davey, who toured us around their beautiful hometown of Annapolis. We loved seeing their stomping grounds and exploring the city together. We indulged in some of the best breakfast food we’ve ever had at The Iron Rooster (including homemade pop tarts! YUM) in such a cozy little spot, then walked around the city before meeting Rachel and Paul for their engagement. This leads us to the REAL reason this engagement was a special one for us!

It was definitely one of the highlights of our year

Rachel is a wedding photographer herself! She and her sweet mom, Laura, are a talented mother daughter photography team. Yes. Mother, daughter! They’re like the real life Lorelai and Rory! They traveled from their home of Monterey, California to take the AJ Workshop last year, and we’re pretty sure we spent every minute that we weren’t teaching to convince them that they HAD
to start watching Gilmore Girls! Much to our heart’s delight, they’ve since become super fans just like us. They’ve also been working their tails off running the plays from the AJ Workshop, and they’ve seen so much success in their photography business that after Rachel graduated high school, she was able to take this career on full time! We are just so proud of them!

If Rachel and Paul already look familiar to you, you might remember this blog post about the sweetest proposal WE have ever received! Rachel and Paul surprised us in Charleston, and if you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading this and click here right now! It was definitely one of the highlights of our year!

Rachel and Paul, we’ve been looking forward to your engagement session all year, and it was even better than we imagined! We loved exploring Annapolis with you and capturing all the joy the two of you share! It was SO hard to narrow down the images for this post, so be forewarned, this post is a long one! We are SO excited for your wedding!

annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0001 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0002 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0003 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0004 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0005 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0006 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0007 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0008 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0009 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0010 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0011 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0012 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0013 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0014 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0015 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0016 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0017 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0018 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0019 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0020 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0021 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0022 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0023 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0024 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0025 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0026 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0027 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0028 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0029 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0030 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0031 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0032 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0033 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0034 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0035 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0036 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0037 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0038 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0039 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0040 annapolis-wedding-and-engagement-photographer_0041

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    Jennifer Pierce

    They look absolutely stunning! What beautiful locations too :)

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much, Jennifer!!

    Mylah Renae

    I LOVE her red heels! So cute! The beach location is perfect!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you!! Aren't they so cute??

    Jenna McCollum

    Omigoodness just so gorgeous! Love the locations, the light, and those shoes! <3

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! Thanks, Jenna!!!

    Rachel Hernandez

    You guys!!! These are amazing!! Paul and I are in love!! You guys are so talented and we deeply appreciate your friendship! This makes me so much more excited for our wedding!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!!! We love you guys!! Can't wait for June!!

    Alex Crawford

    Ahh so glad you got to go to the iron rooster!!!!!!! LOVE IT THERE

    Amy & Jordan

    Yes!!!! So cool!!

    Laura Hernandez

    Holy moly! Look at my baby! You two truly made her dream come true! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! Thanks, Laura!! That means the world to us!! We love you guys!!