Oh my goodness, you guys!! We can’t believe it!

Our first ever online shooting and editing course that we just released last week has just been featured on THE HUFFINGTON POST!!! The Huff Post compiled their “Ultimate Gift Guide for Photographers.” and among the top gifts like camera bags, camera straps and photography books, they named our course as one of the best gifts for photographers this season!


Here’s what they said:

“While some photographers closely guard their secrets, some create their own e-workshops to spill it all. Amy & Jordan feel like instant friends who want you to succeed in both their free and paid classes. Their newest class, Shooting and Editing with Amy & Jordan, goes in-depth into their entire process of getting drool-worthy light and airy photos.”

We are so honored and humbled and blown away to see our course on Huff Post! The photographers who are currently enrolled in the course are inspiring US with their before and afters, their post-shoot success stories and the way they’re loving and serving their clients and fellow students. It’s been absolutely incredible to watch photographers from all over the world connect and interact through our online course, and seeing all of their growth and excitement has just made all the hard work to create this course feel SO worth it! Here’s just a small look at what photographers are saying:

“I have been doing photography for ten years, and I feel like I FINALLY am wrapping my head around concepts I barely understood thanks to Amy and Jordan. What an amazing class!!” – Jess

“LOVING the consistency of having a style that works for any and every shoot!” – Malorie

“Seriously, the lighting and depth of field module are worth the price of the course itself… I have gotten SO much of this course already and I haven’t even gotten all the way through!” – Melanie

We couldn’t be more excited to see photographers falling in love with their new photos! If you’re interested in enrolling in the course, you can find out more information here! We’re so honored and excited to help you and your photography business grow this year!

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    Ashley Ziegler

    That is so exciting!! :)

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you!! :)

    Congratulations thats amazing. I could not do it without you guys❤❤❤

    Congratulations that is amazing! Thk you so much for this awesome course. I absolutely love it❤❤❤

    Brenda Morgan

    Congratulations that is amazing! Thk you so much for this awesome course. I absolutely love it❤❤❤

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks so much, Brenda! We love having you in the course! <3

    Rony Wilson

    Please LMK what programs I will need to get the most out of the instruction in your shooting and editing course. I would like to purchase during the Black Friday sales, but I need to know this information before my purchase. Thanks, Rony

    Amy & Jordan

    Hi, Rony! We recommend our students use a DSLR camera that has the ability to shoot on manual mode! We also recommend having Adobe Lightroom since we have a whole module dedicated to our editing system! We hope to see you in the course soon! :)