Now before we get started today, don’t get us wrong. There’s nothing more fun than receiving a gift card to one of our favorite stores, like J. Crew, Banana Republic or Anthropologie! It’s such a sweet, thoughtful gift and a super fun treat.

We love high-end, curated beautiful brands with quality-made clothes. What we don’t love is paying $98 for a sweater!

We’ve blogged before about how at the beginning of our marriage, we were living off of one teacher’s salary and living by the principles Dave Ramsey teaches in The Total Money Makeover, which meant we committed to pay our monthly living expenses, save for retirement and
start our business without going into debt. We did everything we could to stay disciplined and educate ourselves about personal finance so that we could start living like no one else, so that later, we could live and give like no one else. Living like no one else meant being intentional about everything, even our shopping.


One of the books we read early on was The Millionaire Mind by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley, in which the author reveals the ways that America’s millionaires think, behave and live, based not on people’s assumptions, but on actual research of this country’s wealthiest, most successful individuals and their spending habits.

The most valuable takeaway we got from this book is the idea that:

The average millionaire doesn’t invest money in things that lose most of their value as soon as they’re purchased.

Items like clothing, shoes, furniture and even cars lose most of their value immediately, which is why so many millionaires buy used cars, get their shoes re-soled and shop consignment. And the way we see it, if it’s good enough for the millionaires, it’s good enough for us!

So here’s our secret. We shop like millionaires. Which means we LOVE shopping curated consignment.

This week, we went to one of our favorite local curated consignment shops (for you Arizona locals out there, My Sister’s Closet) and found twelve amazing staple pieces from her favorite brands (including several awesome dresses and skirts to wear for shooting weddings!) from (wait for it!) J. Crew, Banana Republic and White House Black Market! And the total for all twelve items was $115! Which means we got TWELVE great pieces from high-end brands for less than the retail cost of ONE dress from Banana Republic! Shut the front door. It’s true!

The trick to making consignment worth our time is to look for curated high-end consignment. Instead of shopping at mass thrift stores like Savers or Goodwill, which will accept just about any kind of clothing from any kind of brand, we hunt for shops and online outlets who curate what gets sold. At My Sister’s Closet, they only accept cute brand-name clothing in great condition that would retail for $50 a piece or more, which is how

Amy was able to score a $138 Banana Republic tailored dress for $14.99.

In the picture below, those brown ankle booties are COACH, and retail for $275. Amy paid $24 for them, which is less than a pair of ankle booties from TARGET! That chambray Banana Republic top in the picture retails for $68, and Amy got it for $9.99. So instead of paying $343 for those items, we paid $33.99. We’ve never claimed to like math, but, you guys, that’s TEN PERCENT! Math is getting pretty fun!

We could go on and on with the crazy savings, but just think. It only takes a few trips like that to the consignment shop, and pretty soon, you’ve saved yourself enough to GO ON A CRUISE! And look cute while doing it! Speaking of that, if you remember our cruise photos from last month, we got more comments on Amy’s bathing suit than anything, and, you guessed it, it was $150+ suit that she bought for $11.99.

Even though our favorite shop My Sister’s Closet is local to Arizona, there are curated high end consignment shops all over the nation. We were recently introduced to an online shop, called Thred Up, with a similar business model which we love. They even start you off with ten free dollars! We also hunt around the outlets from time to time, although it’s just hard for those outlet prices to compete with the high end consignment shops. There’s just something so fun about finding something you love at a steal of a deal!


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    I am confused, do you guys know how to read my mind?! You don't even know me! Two days ago when I read the "dress for the client you want" email from you, it just dawned on me. I mean, I've been dressing like that to weddings and client meetings, but I realized that most other days of the week I do not nearly take care of myself or present myself well when I'm out and about with kids! Thank you for this revelation. So for two days I've been wondering how I'm going to afford to dress nice! Ha! Timely post. You guys are the best, and such an encouragement right now to my husband and I. Everyone thinks we are crazy to both be self-employed, we are praying we'll be able to jump on photography together in the future (right now it's just me mostly, and he works away from home for weeks, trying to make ends meet). Thank you for all the valuable information and your honest open heart!

    Amy & Jordan

    Haha! Anastasia! Best comment ever! We'll definitely take the credit for being mind readers :) LOVE that thought process! And good luck with everything you and your husband have ahead!!

    Caitlin Gerres

    Yes! Clothes Mentor is a nationwide consignment store that I discovered last year and I love that they only accept the last two years worth of styles, so everything there is still trendy! And at prices better than the best clearance racks!!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Ooh! So good to know!! We haven't heard of that one yet! We'll have to check it out! Thanks so much Caitlin!


    Love this post! Definitely the way the shop!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks so much, Corianne!! We agree :)

    Jennifer Pierce

    This is awesome! I was wondering what type of shoes you wear for wedding days because I'm struggling to find a good pair that are cute but don't destroy my feet and back by the end of the day! I suppose this question is more for Amy but my husband could always use comfy shoe suggestions as well ;)

    Amy & Jordan

    Amy usually wears dressy flats or low, comfortable heels and Jordan wears dress shoes! Hope that helps! :)

    Kim Lee Schmidt

    Hi Amy and Jordan, I love finding a great deal too. Make sure you check out these online consignment stores too. and Have fun!


    I've got another resource for you...Poshmark. I've purchased some great things on there in addition to ThredUp.


    Hi Amy & Jordan!

    I've been seeing a lot of people post about capsule wardrobes for a simpler route to your closet. Is this an approach that y'all take?

    Amy & Jordan

    Hi Savannah! Capsule wardrobes are super cool but we don't do that! We have a closet :)


    Great post, but I'm wondering how to find these stores. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

    Amy & Jordan

    Hi Sunny! For local ones, we either just do some Internet searching around or keep our eyes peeled every time we're in strip mall type areas. I wish we had a better suggestion, but it's just happened kinda over time :)

    Amy & Jordan

    Hi Sunny! For local ones, we either just do some Internet searching around or keep our eyes peeled every time we're in strip mall type areas. I wish we had a better suggestion, but it's just happened kinda over time :)