You guys. Are you on the Snapchat train yet? We finally caved!

If you’re anything like us, you were asking yourself, isn’t Snapchat just for young, hip teenagers? Do people still say hip? Honestly, we were really hesitant to commit to another social media platform, but IT. IS. HAPPENING.

The more we get into Snapchat this week, the more we’re really starting to love it! We LOVE how beautiful and fun Instagram is, but we’re finding we’re equally drawn to Snapchat for the less-curated side of life! It’s a great place to keep up with the daily happenings of our friends through quick, unedited photos and videos, and give people a look into our real, raw, day-to-day life. The more everyday moments. No photo editing apps required!

Sooooo…. we’re snapping! It’s official! Sometimes it’ll be snaps of a Chipotle-run, other times it’ll be behind-the-scenes footage at a shoot or workshops. And we’re definitely taking you traveling with us! You’ll just have to follow us to see!


If you’re new to Snapchat or looking to add to your friends list, we have step-by-step instructions for adding new friends! We were confused when we first downloaded it because you can’t search for people as easily as you can on other platforms. So if you’re ready to join us, here are the steps to come along:

Step 1: Open Snapchat and click on the ghost at the top center of your screen.

Step 2: Click “Add Friends”

Step 3: You have four options on how to add friends.


Option 1: Add by Username- If you know someone’s username, you can search for their account in this area. Unfortunately, you can’t just search using someone’s name, but you have to know their username. (Our username is amynjordan)

Option 2: Add from Address Book- Using this feature, you can see Snapchat users from your address book! It allows you to add anyone from your existing contact list that is already using Snapchat.

Option 3: Add by Snapcode- This option has two possibilities. First, if you are with someone in person, you can add them by taking a snap of their Snapchat home screen. It will automatically add them to your friends list. The second option is to save their Snapcode to your camera roll. Right now, you can head to our Instagram accounts, @amy_demos and @jordan_demos, download our Snapcode, and click “Add by Snapcode” in your account. Or, you can just save this photo below to your phone. Then, you can upload the photo from your camera roll and you’ll have a new friend!


Option 4: Add Nearby- The last option to add friends is through people who may be near you. If you want to add a friend who is nearby, you both have to be in this “Add Nearby” area to add each other.

Now you should be able to grow your friends list and keep up with the day-to-day of your favorite people right along with us!

In the next few days, we’ll be taking eight flights, shooting two weddings, speaking at two different conferences and running around in five different cities. This is DEFINITELY the week to join the Snapchat train! Follow us at amynjordan on Snapchat to keep up with the play-by-play of our crazy photographer/educator/speaker lives!


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    Thank you for this! Ahh!! I am new to the Snapchat craze as well. My kiddos are all on it and while they are helping me figure it all out I was clueless on how to add people. So thank you! I am hoping to use this social media "tool" for my photog biz, particularly gearing towards the high school crowd for senior pictures.

    Amy & Jordan

    Yes!! We love Snapchat!!