Happy Thursday, friends! We have a HUGE announcement that we’re SO excited to share with you!

A few years ago, we realized something: choosing engagement session outfits was REALLY stressful on our brides! We wanted photography to be the most fun (and least stressful part!) of their entire wedding experience. Something to look forward to, not a source anxiety and second-guessing. We wanted their engagement sessions to be something they could look forward to  with anticipation, excitement and happiness — not insecurity, doubt or stress!

So, we got to work! We sat down and crafted a thoughtful, intentional, almost 3,000 word email, EDUCATING and EMPOWERING our brides about what colors look best on camera, what silhouettes are most flattering on the body and so much more! The Engagement Session Style Guide was born — and our brides LOVED it! Over and over again, they told us the same thing, “Your style guide was a LIFE SAVER!”

The best part? It was a win-win. For us and for them! Because when our clients look their best, they feel confident, and when they feel confident, they look comfortable, and when that happens, it’s MAGIC in front of the camera.

For years, photographers in our workshops and coaching sessions have been asking us how we get our clients to wear what they wear to engagement sessions, and if we would ever make that information available for other photographers to be able to use.

Today, we’re SO excited to announce that we’re opening up ALL of our secrets and now YOU can have access to the exact words we’ve been sending our clients for years to empower and educate them into dressing like this:

Fairytale Desert Engagement_0042

Style Guide_0004

Style Guide_0009

We’ve never made anything like this available before, and we’re SO excited for other photographers to finally have the tools we use to educate and empower our couples to feel confident and beautiful at their engagement sessions. One of our biggest passions is helping other photographers love and serve their own clients better than ever before, and we know this guide is going to be such a game-changer for so many people.

The Engagement Session Style Guide comes with 52 uniquely designed and fully customizable InDesign pages in a magazine layout, packed with over 3,000 words of helpful, specific content, including all the text in Word and Pages so you can start emailing your clients and see an immediate difference at your next session.

Style Guide_0016

1. Our Exact Words
Get access to the never-before-released text we’ve been sending our clients for years.

2. Copy & Paste Text to Email 
We’ve made the text available for you in both Word and Pages, so you can copy, paste and email right to your client for immediate results. This means the very NEXT session on your calendar will look better, and you won’t have to wait until you’ve made all the image swap changes to your own guide to start reaping all the benefits!

3. 52 Pages of Design
We’ve done the hard work for you. Easily swap your images in our InDesign layout, print and enjoy!

4. Customizable Magazine Layout

One of our favorite parts about this guide is your clients will get to feel like they’re reading a magazine made just for them! It makes such an amazing booking gift for clients and really enhances their entire experience.

5. Engagement Session Checklist
The guide also includes an engagement session checklist, so your clients won’t forget anything important, have total peace of mind and feel excited and prepared for their session.

6. Instruction Guide & Design Tips 
We’ve also included a downloadable 5-page PDF instruction manual plus design tips built right in to the Indesign layout to help you get the most out of your guide.

Style Guide_0017

So, how does it work?

Step 1: Email Your Clients

Start today! Seriously. Get access to the never-before-released text we’ve been sending our clients for years. We’ve made the text available for you in Word and Pages, so you can copy, paste and email right to your client for immediate results at your very next session. This way you don’t even have to wait to swap all of our images for yours before you can start reaping all the benefits.

Style Guide 4

Step 2: Shoot Sessions

In the next month, photograph your real sessions and keep a folder of your favorite shots to build your style guide. Or, bless three deserving couples with a free mock engagement session. Help them choose two outfits each (based on the guide) for a total of six different outfits and looks for your own guide.

Style Guide_0012

Step 3: Build Your Guide

Customize our InDesign magazine template with your images from those sessions and print copies for your clients as a booking gift. BOOM! You’re done!

Style Guide_0018Your clients will love it. Trust us.

Style Guide_0003

Style Guide_0006

Style Guide_0002-1

Style Guide_0003-1

Style Guide_0005

Style Guide_0008

Style Guide_0026

Style Guide_0016

We can’t wait to see your brand new photos and your brand new guide!


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