Happy Wednesday, friends!

We’ll be honest, sometimes it’s hard to think of Wednesday blog topics for photographers! Not because we don’t have a lot to share — we do! — but because we always to want to make sure that what we’re sharing is helpful and applicable. So you can implement it as fast as possible and see more success in your business. We know that you’re busy. You’re working a full-time job. You’ve got kids. You volunteer at church and serve in your community. You have family dinners, baby showers and birthday parties to attend. And you’re pursuing your dream on nights and weekends.

What’s ordinary to you is extraordinary to others

Because of that, we always — always — want this blog to do at least two things: First, to inspire you. To show you that ditching the day-to-day and diving into your dream is worth it. We’re living proof. Second, to show you how to get there. We’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a ton in over five years of business, and we want to help you avoid some of potholes we’ve hit and give you a straighter, less rocky path. With that in mind, we heard a quote recently that really made an impression on us: What’s ordinary to you is extraordinary to others.
 We realize that so much of what we do at every wedding and at home behind-the-scenes in business is normal to us. We just, well, do it. But it wasn’t always that way. Each little thing is something we picked up along the way, sometimes through trial and error, other times from someone else who came before us. In that spirit, we started making a running list — at weddings and at home — of the little things we do that might be ordinary to us, but might help take someone else to the next level.

Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned in five years, it’s this: Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you can just learn one new thing every day for the next five years, you’ll have learned 1,825 things. That’s a lot!

So, without further ado, here’s something small that we were reminded of at this weekend’s wedding that, whether you’re a wedding photographer or just someone who wants to take better iPhone pictures with the person you love,  will take those shots to the next level.

Here it is:

Whenever you’re taking a photo of the bride and groom, a mother and daughter, it’s important that their bodies are close together.

Now, that might seem like an obvious point, since, most of the time, people put their arms around each other. But a lot of people keep just a little awkward space between each other, especially when a big white dress is involved. That’s why we have to be proactive about getting them closer to each other so that there’s no space left.

Another trick: close the space between their heads and touch them together. Most people do the opposite: they leave space between their heads.

As photographers, and just a humans in general, we recognize that the closer two people are in a photograph, the more intimate it is. Right? So, when we’re taking portraits of people (not for every single one, but at least for one or a few), we’ll ask them to touch the side of their heads together, so when they’re looking at us, there’s no space between their temples.

Here’s an example of a shot from this weekend’s wedding where the bride and groom aren’t doing that. It’s a nice portrait, but it’s lacking that extra layer of warmth.

McCormick Ranch Wedding_0093

Here’s one where we instructed them to touch their heads together instead.

McCormick Ranch Wedding_0094

See the difference? It’s a small trick, but it make a big difference. W just love how much warmer it feels. So, the next time you’re taking someone else’s picture — or someone is taking a picture of you — whether it’s a professional camera or an iPhone, use this quick tip to get an even more intimate image between two people who love each other.

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    Hannah Thorne

    Love these tips and the example shots of the difference it makes. Thank you! I'm learning so much from your blog. You guys are super generous with all the help you offer. Thank you, Hannah (a new-to-being-a-professional-photographer from New Zealand)

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much! We're cheering you on from the states!


    This is a great tip! I've taken lots of people photos and this this works ALL THE TIME!!! Can't go wrong with this tip! You are a blessing to a lot who thinks this is extraordinary! Be blessed a hundredfold back!! Rafael

    Thank you for your emails and tips! We are big fans of your work and look forward to growing at our own pace ... you guys rock!!

    Renee Hensley

    Great Tip! I'll be using this trick this weekend for an upcoming engagement session! Thanks!

    Amy & Jordan

    We're so glad this was helpful, Renee! Hugs!


    Hi Amy and Jordan!! I just started following you guys and I already absolutely adore your personalities. I too was an elementary teacher for seven years until I called it quits. I've been running a children's clothing boutique out of my home for three years now and have found I adore photography!! My husband bought me a nice beginner camera and now I am ready to dabble some more!! Just did my first informal shoot this past weekend. I have a lot of learning to do but I absolutely adore some shots I got! Your life hacks video came in handy as well as some of your simple little angle tips Thank you so much for helping us little guys get started!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Hi, Sarah!! Wow! That sounds great! Keep working hard!! We're cheering for you!

    BettyAnn Whitten

    What a simple yet very powerful tip! I've been dabbling in this photography thing for a few years mainly for capturing moments of our kids and grandkids. Your tips, course, and encouragement are so helpful as I get the courage to venture further.

    Amy & Jordan

    Thanks, BettyAnn! We're so glad this was helpful for you!


    LOVE this simple tip so much and it's so true that little space left between two people can just look awkward.

    Amy & Jordan

    We're so glad you found it useful! Thanks, Jeanne! :)


    Thank you for all of the great work you do. I purchased the posing and shooting/editing courses and have added a lot of new tricks to my arsenal. Thanks for sharing!

    Ashley Ziegler

    This is really helpful! I love the examples you shared!

    Amy & Jordan

    We're so glad this was helpful, Ashley! :)

    Amanda Ellen Shuck

    I love the tips I am getting every week. I started with your free 1 hour video, and it was great! I am not yet professional, but love photography and hope to one day expand to doing it! Thank you guys for what you do. You really are an inspiration!

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw! Thank you so much, Amanda! We're SO glad this was helpful!! We're cheering for you!