Last week, we headed to San Diego to spend time with our sweet friends, Cole and Nicole and it was just what we needed! We had a blast with these two.

They showed us the most incredible hospitality and made us feel right at home for the week. We’ve been trying to be a lot more intentional this year about balancing the crazy amount of hours we work with time to unplug, unwind and spend time with people we love, and this trip allowed us to do all those things! We spent time at the beach every day, spent even more time just floating in the pool, and sat around the fire each night enjoying the gorgeous weather and even better conversation. We shared every meal together, which included an epic shredded pork dish the first night that became a staple ingredient in the breakfast burritos the next morning (#winning).

We quickly decided we couldn’t spend the week with these cuties and not sneak in some fun photos for them! The first night we arrived, they took us on their favorite walking trails right around their house, and we knew right away it’d be the perfect spot to get them new photos in a spot that means a lot to them. It was so fun getting them in front of our cameras, and we’re excited to share a few of our favorites today!

But our favorite part, by far, wasn’t the things we did, it was the table we shared. The literal and figurative one around which great life conversation, community and connection take place. We learned a lot about two hearts this weekend. And, like peeling back layers of an onion, the more we learned, the more we loved.

Cole and Nicole (or Co. & Ni. Co.) Thank you so much for for all the laughs (and for documenting them on Snapchat and a GoPro for backup) and thank you for making us feel like the two most special people in the world for a few days. May everyone have friends who make them feel as warm and welcomed as you made us. And may everyone have friends like US who wear sombreros in the pool and make sure all the leftovers get eaten. Even if it means enchiladas and turkey sandwiches have to share a plate! We love you both.

p.s. Next time, Jordan will wear board shorts, a tank top and a trucker hat so he can avoid looking like a Cape Cod catalog at a Green Day concert all weekend. We’ll keep working on nailing that “San Diego vibe.”


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    Absolutely stunning. What an inspiration all of you have been. Appreciate so much all the lessons and encouragement.

    Lisa Fitts Photo

    This is darling! I live in SD where is this location?

    Lisa Fitts

    This is darling! I live in SD where is this location, I don't recognize it? :)