Happy Monday, friends! We’re actually writing this from the car in Lake Como, Italy as we head to one of the final stops on our European trip: Switzerland! We’ve been pretty quiet on the blog throughout this trip because we wanted to be really intentional about being present while we’re here, and it’s been so fulfilling to have this the time to unplug and soak in this time together. These last few days have been huge bucket list destinations for us as we create new memories with our sweet friends, and we’re just feeling so thankful. This whole trip has really just felt like one big dream.We’re so excited to share SO much more with you about everything we’ve been doing here soon, but for now, we’re so excited to share part two of Ashley and Troy’s anniversary photos in Italy!

Last week we shared Ashley and Troy’s official ten-year anniversary portraits at a seriously breathtaking Tuscan villa (and if you haven’t seen those, you can catch up here). The day before their epic session, we did an “engagement session” of sorts as we toured the small streets and little towns of Italy, and it was so fun exploring all the charming nooks and crannies. The whole thing reminded us of one big movie set!

The highlight was definitely visiting Civita di Bagnoregio, which looked like a castle on top of a huge cliff. Think real-life Hogwarts. And just as magical. Even though from a distance it looks like a castle, it’s actually it’s own little town where people actually live! It can only be explored by foot, so we hiked up a bridge that felt a mile long, and when we reached the top, we all agreed our sore calves were well worth it! We could’ve shot up there all day and never run out of picture-perfect spots!

Ashley and Troy are so cute together and were such great sports. Even though it looks like there was nobody else around when we took these photos, in reality, there were tourists and locals everywhere! There were even sword fighters (Yes, swordfighters!) in the main square. Ashley and Troy were incredibly patient with us as we worked around all the people to make it look like they had these picturesque streets all to themselves. We used lots of the tricks we shared in this blog post about shooting in crowded places, and we just love the result!

Ashley and Troy, thanks for being up for this amazing adventure with us. For hiking uneven cobblestone streets (in heels!) and bringing so much laughter and sweet joy to these photos. Thank you so much for your incredible kindness, hospitality and treating us to two of the dreamiest days of our career! We adore you both and love your love.

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    Melissa Johnson

    Wow!!! So beautiful! I especially love that bridge shot at the end! What an incredible place!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you!! It was amazing!!

    Chris Carey

    Italy is on my bucket list as well. I haven't made it there yet, but it is in the planning stages now. I agree that the small town on a fortified hill looks a bit like Hogwarts. The photos are amazing and so authentically Italian!

    Amy & Jordan

    It is SO worth it!!


    These are amazing! What a fun day this way! We miss you guys and can't wait for November! Which photo is from the part where the stray cat was in Jordan's lap? hahaha! Definitely won't forget that moment! So blessed to have spent time together in Italy! To many more future adventures, hopefully more with kittens eating pasta and tons of gelato! xoxo

    Amy & Jordan

    Aw!! We love you guys!!! Hahaha that cat!!! Thank you for an amazing Italian adventure!!

    Ashley Rehder

    Phenomenal photos! What an amazing way to capture your 10th anniversary and that vacation!!

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much!