When we think back on our life before photography, we just never could’ve imagined what a blessing it would be to us. And we’re not talking about the business. We’re not talking about the clicking of the shutter, the capturing of memories, the living out of our dreams (even though all those things are great). In fact, the most unexpected blessing that came from us picking up the camera has nothing to do with photography. Nothing to do with business. And everything to do with people.

If we never would’ve picked up these cameras, we would’ve missed out on some of the most life-giving, cherished relationships of our life. Because it was through the photography world that we were introduced to friends we now can’t imagine doing life without.

everything to do with people

One of those people for us is Annamarie Akins. We met her (and her stud of a husband Ryan!) at the Connect Marriage Retreat three years ago, and since then, they’ve been a continual blessing in our life. Even though they live on the other side of the country, we find lots of excuses to see each other, and spend all the time in between exchanging text audio messages (yes, that’s a  
thing!) and late-night Face-timing. Lucky for us west-coasters, Anna is a major night owl, so the time difference doesn’t even make us flinch! Anna brings us so much joy and has been such a trusted friend and prayer warrior over the years. She’s been an incredible example of faith, strength and grace and we feel so thankful to have her in our lives.

You might remember that Anna photographed our five year anniversary in Venice. (That was the trip we saved and saved for the first five years of our marriage for and the first time we ever went to Europe together, so those photos are such a gift and our memories there together are some of our most cherished!) The next year, she photographed year six in Charleston, and now, year seven in the English countryside. So you can imagine we were so exited to finally be able to return the favor and get THEM in front of OUR camera! I think we’re going to have to make this just as much as a tradition!


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    Tori Watson

    awww, i LOVE these! such perfect photos of one of the sweetest couples.

    Amy & Jordan

    Thank you so much!! They really are the sweetest!

    Britta Reed

    Amazing!!!! Just wow! These are jaw dropping gorgeous, Amy and Jordan, you are both amazing! And AnnaMarie and Ryan are just perfect in general :)

    Amazing!!!! Just wow! These are jaw dropping gorgeous, Amy and Jordan, you are both amazing! And AnnaMarie and Ryan are just perfect in general :)