Growing up in Arizona, we definitely didn’t appreciate the desert like we do now. In a lot of ways, we just didn’t think it was special. We thought every fourth grade kid in America learned about cacti, rattlesnakes and haboobs (look it up, it’s a real thing). As we got older, though, and started traveling more, we realized what Dorothy did: there’s really no place like home. And there really isn’t. The Sonoran Desert only exists in this small pocket of the globe. Because of that, one of our new favorite traditions is welcoming out-of-town friends and giving them something we’ve dubbed the Demos Desert Tour. It’s a few days of nothing but prickly pear margaritas, leisurely desert walks (we’re not exactly the hiking type) and afternoons laying out by the pool — with BUCKETS of sunscreen for Amy’s Irish-on-Irish-on-Irish skin. Jordan doesn’t have that problem. He’s golden brown like Greek God with natural, built-in SPF. Just ask him.

there’s really no place like home

More than the Demos Desert Tour, though, one of the most unexpected blessings of the past few years (for us) has been welcoming married couples to our home state for anniversary sessions. To be able to share something we love so much (the desert) and pair it with something that we’re so passionate about (marriage) has been an honor and a pleasure. So when Stephanie and  
Chris from Ohio emailed us about their trip to visit Sedona and Scottsdale, and inquired to schedule a session, we couldn’t wait to meet them — especially because they’re a husband and wife team, too! That’s always one of the highest compliments we could ever get as photographers: when other photographers trust us with their pictures.

Stephanie and Chris, we absolutely loved our afternoon with you! You’re both so sweet and, in so many ways, embody that famous midwestern kindness and charm. Even though you’re gone — and Arizona misses you already! — we feel excited that, because of our time together, you’ll always have a little piece of the desert in your home.

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    Angela Fields

    Please tell me you asked where she got her green dress in the first set of photos - it's stunning!