Oh, friends, we have a HUGE announcement! One we’ve been DYING to share with you, and today’s the day we can finally say…

We’re launching an all-new brand, website and blog… next week! Eeeeek!

Cue confetti! And dancing emojis. And maybe a marching band. Or at least a trumpet. There’s gotta be a trumpet.

This has been a huge project that we’ve poured our hearts and souls into (hence our sudden need to learn how to play a trumpet) and a process that we can’t wait to share with YOU!

We built our current brand while we were still teaching elementary school, and while it’s served us well over the years, we’ve been craving a site that reflects where we are in our business and life now. So much has changed since we were Mr. and Mrs. Demos, building our dream of becoming full-time wedding photographers on nights and weekends (in-between grading papers!) and we knew it was time to bring our website (and especially our blog!) to a whole new level.

We’ve been working with the insanely talented Jen Olmstead, a designer who has stolen our hearts in every way imaginable. She’s one half of the brilliant Tonic Site Shop team, and also creates the most gorgeous custom design work we’ve ever seen. We still can’t believe this new site will be ours! We’re also so excited to have our brand new site powered by the all-new Showit 5 — and we’re doing a jig that that the awesome team at Showit is going to help celebrate with us!

So mark your calendars for less than a week!

Because on Tuesday, November 10 at 10AM PST, the new brand will be live! We want to officially invite you to set your alarms to be the first to see it! Also, at 10AM PST, we’ll be on Showit Live to talk about it, and we can’t wait of you to join us!

During Showit Live, we’re going to:

1. Officially reveal the new brand (and some of our favorite parts) for the very first time! This is where the confetti comes in!

2. Give you a behind-the-scenes inside look at our design process. The choices we made. Why we made them. And how YOU can use the same strategies RIGHT NOW to take your brand to the next level and attract and book the clients of your dreams. This isn’t stuff we’ve shared ANYWHERE else!

3. See the never-before-seen features of the not-yet-released Showit 5 and learn how it’s going to change the way photographers build websites forever — or at least for a long time!

Click here to sign up for the live event right now before all the spots are gone! Until then, we’ll be counting down the days! And learning how to play a trumpet.

See you Tuesday, friends!

Amy & Jordan

Amy and Jordan

(Photo credit: Melissa Jill)

Did you forget to reserve a spot to join us on Showit Live? Do that here!

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    Sara O'Hara

    YAYYYY!!!!! I can't wait to see it!! Brandon is putting the finishing touches on our new site over the next few weeks, launch month all around!!!